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Resorts in Maryland All inclusive resorts, temperature in, treehouse, romantic restaurants, babymoon, destinations, adventure. As Barry talked her out of killing Eiling, the general shot her killing her. The food at the restaurants was very good and the guacamole at the pool was excellent. When Barry was unsure what to do, Eobard guided him to use his arms like a vacuum by rotating them fast enough.

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Labs, Barry was told on the increased security, where they were interrupted by Jay Garrick who warned them on an oncoming danger in the form of the evil Speed Demon named Zoom. Retrieved May 16, The set up for the Oscar party was amazing. Barry asked how much longer until he should be recovered and Caitlin told him he was almost completely healed. No charter school bills have been introduced this session, but Linehan and Sen.

We were surprised they have Bud Lite beer we are from st louis. As for the room we had a ocean front room lower level north building and the 4th day somthing went wrong we returned to the room after day at pool to find it flooded water was running out on patio and they couldnt tell us why ,they did move us to different room and the last night gave us the Presidential room OMG it was great Customer Rating: Jan 19 We had a fantastic time at Secrets Capri, it is absolutely beautiful.

However, mattresses were too "firm", didn't sleep well. Also, the room was advertised as having Queen sized beds, we really didn't think they were Queen.

Seemed smaller like Full. Our room was missing the hairdryer, we asked 3 times for one as we didn't pack one. We upgraded our room a few days later and that room had one. Bad hairdo for a few days. Otherwise, loved the elegance and decor of the resort. It is absolutely spotless. The staff was plentiful, always smiling and saying Hola! The food was excellent although drinks were weak, even the predinner martinis, having 2, I felt absolutely nothing from them.

I still would highly recommend Secrets Capri Riviera and would definitely go back again. Our first trip to Mexico and an all-inclusive. We were blown away with how beautiful the facilities are and how friendly the staff is.

The room was a bit musty smelling but I have heard that is common in tropical climates. The service at the pool was the best. By the time our drink was gone, he was handing us another. I was a bit bummed with the service in our room. We only had incense 2 nights because he never replenished it. He didn't leave chocolates. We even tipped him morning and night. It was disappointing that we didn't get those cool towel sculptures either.

The pool is way too cold. I understand it's cheaper not to heat it but it is uncomfortably cold. The bartender at the swim up bar was so awesome and entertaining. Speaking of entertaining, wow, the entertainment crew was so much fun! The service at the beach side restaurant seemed to hate their jobs. It was unfortunate because the view is great but the service is definitely lacking personality.

The hotel is older so it is a bit dated and needing some repair but I will still recommend it and return ASAP. Had a great time, very relaxing. Dec 12 Great room and the service was excellent everywhere we went. Dec 07 This is a great place for adult trip if you want a restful - lowkey va ca. The entertainment staff is friendly but not pushy.

Entertainment was much improved since our last trip 5 years ago. Beach is a gorgeous couple mile stretch of white sand. Lobby bar was great with Cesar doing some magic tricks, and very nice muscial entertainment each night. DO NOT buy upgrade to dinner shows, just do buffet. Not worth the extra money and service was slow for those who did upgrade the two nights of outdoor entertainment. Easy cab ride to town and golf. Spa was really nice!! Bit overpriced but they have daily specials so use one of those.

My room was first floor beachfront, well worth the extra money. I have never seen such a meticulously kept beach. Palapas go quick so get up early and throw a towel on a chair to reserve. We love this place and will certainly return! Nov 30 This was our 2nd visit to Secrets Capri.

We loved our Ocean View room , the food was amazing, and the staff were top notch! Smaller resort which I liked. Food was good in the restaurants and it was great you didn't need to make reservations except for the Hibachi. Buffet restaurant was ok but I liked the others better. All the staff and the service they gave was just outstanding. The whole hotel was spotlessly clean.

There was a good verity of food and drink. Great entertainment everyday and there was plenty of day trips to choose from. This is our honest take on this resort: Not sure if this resort is a training center for new employees but it has that feel BAD: Who cares what the resort response is if they never fix 2 and 3 year old problems.

It is just lip service. Maybe offer free hydrotherapy so they can at least get some business at the spa. Do you take your guests as idiots? Every other resort we have been to these are FREE! I asked the front desk and they said that all the rooms were Preferred. Glad we forked over 5 figures for the UVC membership. What a bunch of BS. My wife and I booked Capri for our friends and my mother for her birthday.

We used a total of 21 Premier Nights. If we knew this place was like it is we would have went somewhere else. Feel like we wasted at least half of our Premier Nights on this trip. Of course, their eConcierge will reply to this and ask us to give them another try. We will never stay here again and in 2 years, things at Capri will be the same as they are now. Intimate and Cozy Resort lukegt3, rye, ny usa Wed Mar 14 In the the end, they were spot on except for a major glitch that I'll discuss later.

The resort is very pretty and well maintained. Exterior has barrel tile roofs and is "hacienda-like" in appearance - timeless. Room decor is similar to Maroma, but a bit smaller. Although an older property and a bit shopworn, the resort is absolutely spotless. We had a room above the lobby, not necessarily our favorite, since we prefer to be closer to the water, but we did have a good ocean view and the resort is very compact.

The location did make going to shows, listening to music in the lobby or relaxing at the bar convenient. Our big concern going in was the beach. Photos indicate that the beach is very narrow, and it is as you walk north. To the south toward Playa del Carmen , the beach widened and there were plenty of chairs, shade and sand.

We love to walk the beach and you could go a long distance on soft sand. Bonus was finding loads of shells. Seaweed was an issue, but as noted elsewhere crews work tirelessly. The small size of the resort meant fewer restaurant choices - no Bordeaux French or El Patio Mexican found at other Secrets, and a family food allergy left us with Portofino, the Seaside Grill and the buffet along with the Cactus Club on the beach.

Portofino was excellent, the Grill was nice and the outdoor Cactus Club was terrific for breakfast a la carte and lunch, as you sat alongside the beach. Buffet was average or a bit below. We were never bothered for VIP membership or wine upsells! Our recommendation is if approached and you are uninterested is to just say no, firmly. So, nice ambience, friendly Secrets people and good food overall. What could be wrong? When we checked in, reception swiped a credit card for incidental charges.

Within three hours, i received a notice from the credit card company that my card had been hacked. I had to cancel it. Spoke to reception, the concierge and reception again about the issue. No one seemed to take the problem seriously, and I cannot believe that my card was the only one that was hacked. The incident left a bad taste in my mouth and I was disappointed by the resort's response, particularly as a multi-Secrets guest.

Overall, a decent experience, marred by the credit card issue that could happen anywhere. However, Capri Riviera just didn't seem that special. Secrets Maroma Beach is still our favorite. Somehow, the level of service at Maroma remains a cut above. Fun times jmerlo, Justice, Illinois Tue Mar 13 The entertainment group did a great job, there was always something fun to do.

The set up for the Oscar party was amazing. Every night there was a entertaining show to watch. The comments and opinions on this Ratings and Reviews section of our website are the views and opinions of TripAdvisor members and AppleVacations. Barry saved a couple from a burning car, Cisco told Barry he couldn't be mad for dirtying his suit, to which Barry asked when he could start calling it "his" suit.

While Barry was investigating Clay Parker , he was greeted by his father. Labs, they realized Shawna Baez was also involved. Barry and Caitlin discuss how they both don't have much of a social life where they were interrupted with a sighting of Shawna Baez and Clay Parker. Barry rushed to the scene and was shocked when he learned Shawna can teleport. He was shot at in the neck by Clay Parker but managed to stop the bullet, though the two escaped. Barry stopped by to help Iris with a report, though she already had plans with Eddie.

Barry then decided to drop by a south-side dive bar with Caitlin to check if Shawna and Clay returned to old habits. After Caitlin had a few drinks, she walked up to the stage drunk and called Barry out to join her.

The two then sang "Summer Nights" where Caitlin was shocked Barry could sing well. After their duet, Barry was greeted by Linda Park , who offered him her phone number.

Barry then took Caitlin back to her apartment and put her to bed. The following day, Barry teased at Caitlin for what happened the night before. Barry was called and told that his father was beaten by Julius. Barry asked who attacked him and went after Julius. Barry broke Julius out and told him he wouldn't return him to prison, causing him to face more time if he didn't give him Clay and Shawna's next heist. After Barry was told they were in St. Louis, Barry decided to leave Julius out for beating his father.

While chasing Clay and Shawna, Barry busts out all the lights in the tunnel they were in, disabling Shawna's teleportation abilities and locking her in a one way glass. Later, Barry decided to call Linda Park and asked her to go on a date. He then picked Linda up and the two go for a date. That night, Barry went back to Iron Heights to check on his dad. When Henry began putting the pieces together that Barry was the Flash, Barry claimed he would've told his dad if he was the Flash.

Barry was then told that the world is dangerous and told to be careful and that his father was proud of him for saving many lives. Barry took Linda on a dinner date at a Mexican restaurant. While Linda went to wash her hands, Barry was notified of a robbery at a convenient store and quickly settled the robbery. The following day, Barry had another date with Linda but had to end the date early after Wells and Caitlin spotted Firestorm. Barry tried to stop Firestorm and told him they could help but Firestorm attacked Barry and flew off.

Barry and Caitlin then tried a different approach, bring Martin Stein's wife along this time, which Martin finally agreed to get help. Linda called Barry to break up with him as she felt he didn't care enough in the relationship as he often ran off and made excuses. Linda told Barry that it's hard to date someone new when you aren't over someone and understood. Barry went to ask Iris why she told Linda she had feelings for her still and told Iris he no longer had feelings for her.

Labs, the team learn that Ronnie and Martin could go nuclear and level the entire city, unless the host body was killed.

Barry went to Central City Picture News and told Linda he was going to eat a ghost pepper if she didn't agree on another date.

Barry took a bite after she believed he was bluffing and Linda agreed to go on another date and offered him some milk. Barry returned to S. Labs and the team decide to use a quantum splicer on them two separate but learn Martin had left already.

Barry and Caitlin rush over to Martin and the two told Martin that they have a way to separate them. After they got to safety, Caitlin worried they were exposed to radiation, though Cisco informed them there were none. They went back and were pleased when they learned they successfully separated and took them back to S. Barry was contacted by Joe and was informed what he learned with Cisco the previous day. They brought the news to Wells who told them time travel is indeed possible.

Barry then went to ask more about time travel with Martin Stein who suddenly had a panic attack when General Eiling attacked CC Jitters. Barry rushed over to stop Eiling but the latter used kinetic needles to stop Barry. They later learn that Martin and Ronnie are still connected. At his home, Barry asked how Joe knew whose blood sample to match and was told that Joe asked Cisco to match the sample with everyone who worked at S. Barry then told Joe to not worry as he was sure Wells had nothing to do with his mother's murder.

After Martin was captured, the team track him down and Barry, along with Ronnie go to rescue Martin. Barry was hit with a weaponized phosphorous and began running in circles to burn it off. After Eiling had the upper hand, he prepared to kill Firestorm though Barry stopped Eiling in time and Barry returned to S. Later, Barry told Joe that when the time came, he wouldn't fail like he believed he had in the past and he would save his mother.

After Barry loses a USB drive containing information on various crime scenes and searches for it at S. However Cisco also informs Barry that Mari was currently living in Detroit and not knowing what to expect Barry went to Oliver for help and the two headed to Detroit to confirm whether or not she is a threat.

Flash gave chase to Mari whose speed was just as fast as his and asked her to stop but she refused and displayed incredible strength caused Flash to fly back several blocks, but eventually resumed the chase with Arrow. Mari then displayed the ability to run up a building forcing Flash and Arrow to take the fight to the rooftops.

Mari also displayed the ability to camouflage but Arrow attempted to restrain her with a jettisoning arrow but she outran it, only to slip off the side of the building but then displayed the ability of flight which highly impressed Flash.

As Mari attempted to fly away Arrow convinced her to come back as they just wanted to talk, though Flash wanted to handle the talking claiming to be better at it but Arrow simply reminded him he just puts meta-humans in the pipeline.

Ignoring Mari's warning Flash and Arrow returned later to her house, where they discovered she'd become a vigilante herself, and Arrow questioned her intentions to take on Detroit's criminals without training.

However Mari convinced them to let her try things her way for a while and Arrow agreed and wished her luck as Flash reminded her they could still help if she needed them to. After Mari asked if they had an idea of a name for her Flash told her that Cisco had been calling her Vixen, and he quickly tried to cover up mentioning Cisco causing Arrow to ask if Barry and Felicity were separated at birth. Arrow also learned that Flash kissed her causing him to speed off in worry.

Barry took Linda bowling where they bumped into Iris and Eddie. The two join them but later, Eddie and Barry were called after a silent alarm went off at the Central City Morgue.

Barry ran ahead and investigated the crime scene prior to returning as his CSI job and on his way, he noticed another Flash running beside him.

After listening to a recording, they learned that it was Mark Mardon who attacked the Morgue. The following day, while Barry and Joe were discussing over a drive, they were attacked by Mark Mardon, though Barry got Joe to safety in time. Barry told Iris that Wells is a great man and she won't find such a story.

Barry later told Cisco and Caitlin from what he heard from Iris but still denied the fact that Wells had involvement in Stagg's disappearance. Barry asked Mason what evidence he had on Wells and was told to read about it like everyone else. After Joe was kidnapped and held hostage by Mark Mardon, the latter called Iris to meet him at the waterfront. Barry went to help Iris. Linda stopped by the precinct to talk to Barry, though Barry told Linda there was something more important, though not what she thought was going on.

At the waterfront, realizing the danger, Barry told Iris to get out and get to safety, though Iris confessed her love for Barry. The two share a kiss before Barry revealed his alter-ego to Iris. To stop Mark Mardon's wave from destroying the city, Barry ran back and forth the seawall to create a barrier of wind and doing so, he accidentally traveled back in time as he watched his past self run towards the morgue.

At the morgue, Barry was confused at what was going on, quickly solving everything. Labs, Barry finished off everyone's sentences and Wells quickly realized that Barry had traveled back in time. Wells then warned Barry to not alter any events, big or small as it could cause a cataclysm.

Labs particle accelerator prison. Wells told Barry that even though he may have saved many lives, time would find a way to repair itself. Barry ran as fast as he did previously in an attempt to go back once again, though to no success. Barry then told Mason he knew he suspected something wrong with Wells. Later that night, Barry and Cisco grab a drink but Barry ended up leaving Cisco with Lisa , unknown to him who she really is.

The following day, Barry confessed his feelings to Iris, though to his surprise, she didn't feel the same way. After a report of Snart and the Santini crime family casino , Barry rushed over and held Lisa hostage. Snart told Barry to let her go as he told Barry he has Cisco hostage. After the two left, Barry returned to the labs as a CSI where he was punched by Eddie for trying to win Iris over earlier.

The following day, Cisco showed up at S. Labs and quit, feeling guilt for revealing Barry's identity. Barry told Cisco that he shouldn't feel sorry but Cisco still felt the guilt.

Barry and Caitlin later realize the casino wasn't the target but a way to trigger a money transfer. Barry chased after Leonard, Lisa, and Mick and captured Leonard. Barry told Leonard he could lock him up for good but Leonard told him then there would be no way of stopping his broadcast of him revealing Barry's identity. Barry told Leonard that if he was good as he claimed he is, he shouldn't need to kill. Barry then told Leonard if he hurt anyone close to him, he would go after him, no matter who Leonard told his secret to.

At Jitters, Eddie apologized to Barry for hitting him and learned that Caitlin told Iris and Eddie about his "lightning psychosis". Barry later went to ask Wells about Stagg but before he could ask, he saw a report of Mason Bridge missing. He later called Joe and admitted that he was right about Wells.

Barry and Joe discuss over Wells and while Barry believed he could be the Reverse-Flash, Joe told Barry that the blood at the house didn't match his. Barry then rushed over to a terrorist attack by Axel Walker , who claimed himself as the Trickster. They learn that Axel is a copycat of James Jesse , who had killed 10 civilians and 2 cops prior and now facing life sentences at Iron Heights. On their way out, Barry stopped by his father's cell and told him he has gotten closer than he had before in investigating his mother's mother.

Iris later called the Flash to ask for help for the investigation on Mason Bridge's disappearance. Axel then made an address that he had planted a bomb somewhere in Central City. When Barry couldn't find the bomb, Wells told him it was a trick but Barry refused to listen. Upset his father is held hostage and possibly killed, Joe was comforted by Barry and while the latter no longer trusted Wells, Joe told Barry it didn't matter why Wells was helping and the only thing that mattered was that he did.

After they tracked down the Tricksters, Barry ran over but Axel planted a kinetic bomb so if Barry didn't run over mph, the bomb would go off. Barry was told by Wells to phase through a wall but Barry refused to listen. Wells told Barry to feel the power and electricity and that he was now part of a speed force.

Barry ran through a truck, getting the kinetic bomb off and returned to City Hall to give everyone an antidote. Barry then went to rescue his father before knives could drop on him. Barry then confirmed his father's prediction that he is indeed the Flash. Labs, Henry thanked Wells for taking care of Barry, though Barry didn't seem to happy. The two share a hug before Henry was brought back to Iron Heights.

Barry then described Wells' speech and deduced that he is indeed the Reverse-Flash. Barry, Eddie, and Joe quickly took down a group of robbers and apprehended them. The following day, they went to Hudson University where Lindsay Kang was stung to death. Barry brought a sample back to S. Labs and they were soon joined by Felicity and Ray Palmer , though Barry told Felicity it wasn't the best time for a visit. Soon after, Bill Carlisle was attacked at Folston Tech but Barry was too late by the time he got there.

He was then attacked by Brie Larvan 's bee's and went unconscious. With a defibrillator Cisco built in, the team regained Barry's consciousness. Later that night at the dinner, Barry informed Felicity who Wells really is after Ray discussed how Wells was his personal hero.

After things at dinner went downhill with Eddie and Iris, Barry was called back to S. Labs where they learned the bee's were all robotic. Barry later told Iris to trust Eddie and that Eddie only wants to keep her in the light. Brie sent bee's to attack Barry but Felicity hacked into the software and shut the bee's down and restrained Brie. Barry rushed over to Cisco after he was stung by a bee and vibrated his hand to use as a defibrillator. Information about "Harrison Wells" Barry gathered, later shown to Joe and the team.

After Tina thanked Barry for the help, Barry asked what happened between her and Wells and learned one day Wells became a completely different person. Barry later called Caitlin and Cisco over and told them about why he and Joe had learned about Wells. When Caitlin was hesitant to believe them, Cisco told them he has had dreams of Wells murdering him. Barry ran over to Coast City and returned to Central City with pizza.

Later, Eddie called Barry when there was a report of a male who was trying to sell jewelry which was stolen the night before. Barry rushed over but learned the man was a shape-shifting meta-human. When the team feared the meta-human could copy Barry's powers, they told him to keep his hands off him.

When Caitlin went to Wells' mansion, Barry rushed over and took her away and told her not to tell Wells anything. Eddie and Barry went to contact Mrs. Bates though soon realize it was actually Hannibal Bates. Labs could keep him off the grid until they cleared his name but Eddie told him to do it the right way and Barry returned him to the precinct. Barry later got a visit from Eddie and was told Captain Singh called in a favor.

As Barry turned his back, Eddie, who actually was Hannibal, hit Barry and hid him. Barry was later found by Caitlin and they return to S. Caitlin presented Barry with a serum which could disable his shape-shifting abilities. They then got a ping from Barry's phone at the airport and Barry ran over. Barry quickly spotted Hannibal and the two quickly fought before Hannibal was shot with the serum. Barry later gave DA Cecil a full list of everyone Hannibal had impersonated.

Upon seeing this Barry realized that Tina's words about Wells being a different person were true as the "Wells" they knew was an impostor. While Cisco was looking through the schematics of S. Labs, they spotted a hidden room. As they entered the room, they saw the Reverse-Flash suit as well as an article from reporting the disappearance of the Flash.

They realized that "Wells" was from the future. Barry, Caitlin and Cisco were then greeted by Gideon who told Barry of his future. Barry, hoping to get some information out of it asked why Wells came to this timeline. Gideon revealed the grim, cold-hard truth; he came here to kill Barry. When they learn Wells was on his way, Barry quickly asked why he killed Nora Allen that night, where Gideon revealed that he did so out of anger after Barry escaped from him. When Wells was heading to the Time Vault, they quickly left.

The team then help Cisco see his "dream" properly by constructing glasses that allowed lucid dreaming. At the precinct, Eddie asked Barry to ask Joe why he did not give his blessing for his proposal to Iris.

Later, while Cisco was in his lucid dream, the team learned Wells' true identity, Eobard Thawne, who called them shortly after Cisco woke up. Eobard told him of a fire that just broke out and Barry rushed over. When Barry was unsure what to do, Eobard guided him to use his arms like a vacuum by rotating them fast enough. Later, Eobard told Barry that the only thing stopping him from achieving his goals, 9s himself. Barry later told Joe that they need to recreate the events that happened in Cisco's dream.

Labs, Cisco had rigged the force field so instead of keeping a speedster in, it kept them out, which Barry had tested. Later, when Eobard returned from his lecture, Eobard managed to enter the force-field. As he prepared to kill Cisco, Joe fired three bullets at him, though Barry stopped most of them.

The final one Barry was unable to reach and Eobard was shot and killed. Barry was upset that Eobard would never be able to confess however, it turned out to be Hannibal Bates. They were then reminded by Eobard that he was always one step ahead. Barry told Eobard he could kill him if he'd just let his father out but Eobard told Barry he needed Barry alive. Cisco got a ping from Eobard's time vault and Barry ran over. Barry warned the team before running over to save Eddie and Iris.

Eobard captured Eddie as Barry arrived. Barry told Iris everything was going to be ok and swore that he would bring Eddie home. As he ran off, Barry sent a static shock, much like he had when he was in a coma as Iris realized who the Flash really is.

Barry looked everywhere for Eddie but to no success. When the gold reserve was being attacked by Grodd, who had controlled Eiling, Barry ran over but was quickly stopped as Grodd "whammied" both Eiling and Barry.

Labs, the team was greeted by Iris, much to the team's shock. Barry explained to Iris that there had been many times he wanted to tell Iris his secret but learned that Joe was right.

They locked him in the meta-human prison and learn he was controlled by Grodd. With the help of Iris, they learn of sewer workers going missing and Barry, Joe, and Cisco headed down to look for Grodd. Barry was whammied and knocked unconscious and Joe was kidnapped by Grodd. Later, Barry had Cisco build a tech so Grodd couldn't get into his head again.

When Iris told Barry that he had been lying to her on the things that mattered most, Barry told Iris she had been lying about her feelings for him also. Barry cut himself off when he realized he couldn't have told Iris about the other timeline. Grodd threw Barry on a train track and as Barry's tech broke, Grodd had gotten into Barry's mind once again. Inspired by Iris' words, Barry got out of the tracks on time and as the train passed, challenged Grodd.

As Grodd jumped toward him, Barry got out of the way and another train passed and hit Grodd. Barry saved Joe and freed Eiling from the meta-human prison. Barry later told Iris that it's the thought of her that always kept him going. Iris then told Barry that she did have feelings for Barry but Eddie is her boyfriend and missing. Barry then told Iris that he would do the best he could to bring him back.

After continuously searching, Barry told Iris he has yet to still find Eddie but promised he was trying his best. Barry was then called by Cisco who had learned Eobard had been using his wheelchair to absorb Barry's speed.

When they learned the particle accelerator was turned on, they realize the reason they couldn't find Eddie and Eobard was because Eobard was holding Eddie hostage at S. When they opened the particle accelerator, Eobard escaped and Barry chased after him, though Eobard had gotten away. Later Barry apologized to Eddie for not finding him sooner.

Barry said they needed to get the meta-humans out as even though they are dangerous, they don't deserve to die. Barry suggested they transfer them to the super-max on Lian Yu. Desperate, Barry looked to Leonard Snart to help transfer the meta-humans, under one condition, Barry erase all criminal records of him, though Joe was very disappointed Barry looked to such lengths.

They had the meta-humans placed in a truck owned by Cisco's family and used the device from Eobard's wheelchair to disable the meta-humans powers temporarily. Once they reached the hangar, the meta-humans had escaped and began attacking Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Joe.

They then learned it was Leonard who had sabotaged the truck and let the meta-humans escape. Leonard told Barry he had done so as they all now owe him and could be useful as a part of his Rogues Gallery. When Barry asked why he had spared him, Leonard told him he now owes him as well. Labs, Barry felt guilt having his plan failed and wondered how Oliver could do whatever it took to get what he needed. The particle accelerator then was fully charged and online.

Labs and Barry ran out to face him. Eobard told Barry he couldn't stop him if he had tried as Eobard was always faster. Barry was then joined by Firestorm and Oliver. Barry and Eobard faced off as Oliver tried to get a clear shot at Eobard. Barry was thrown towards a S. Labs sign and as Eobard used his hands as a vacuum to blow Firestorm away, Barry ran over to grab Firestorm.

Barry ran back and stopped Eobard before he could kill Oliver. Barry and Eobard fought on the roof of S. Labs and Eobard was thrown off S.

Eobard was then shot by Oliver with another nanite arrow, disabling Eobard's speed and making him unconscious. Barry thanked Oliver and Firestorm for their help and looked over Eobard, finally taking down the man who murdered his mother. When Felicity asked to help save Starling City, Barry said he had a long overdue conversation with Eobard.

Barry asked why Eobard he murdered his mother, Eobard told him he hates him for something future Barry had done. He reveals that killing Nora was not his original intention, as he really went back 15 years to kill Barry when he was still a child. When Barry got his past self to safety, Thawne was so angry that he took it out on Nora by killing her.

Eobard then told both of them could get what they want, Barry return to save his mother which would allow Eobard to return to his time. Barry presented this information to the team who all agreed he should do so.

Barry asked Joe why he was so supportive and Joe told him though he had been a great son, he wants Barry growing up with his mother and his real father. Barry told his father he could save his mother but Henry told him it was to dangerous due to the repercussions of time travel. Iris told Barry she knew of a possible future of them being married in the future and joked she was never a fan of hyphenated names.

Eobard explained how Barry was going to go back to the night his mother was murdered, he warned Barry that he could die if he didn't reach the right velocity. Later, Barry was informed that as well as dying, Barry could cause a singularity which could destroy earth and continue even after the earth is gone.

Barry along with the rest of the team attended Ronnie and Caitlin's wedding before Barry prepared to save his mother. Barry said his goodbye's to his friends and foster family.

Barry was then told he had 1: Eobard told Barry he holds both of their futures and then told him to run. As Barry ran, he saw the past, present, and future before traveling back to the night his mother was murdered. When Barry arrived to the night, Barry looked on as his future self battled Eobard. His future self then signaled him to stay back and Barry looked away as his future self rescued his younger self and Eobard murdered his mother.

When Eobard had left, he went and told his mother that he and his father turned out to be ok. His mother looked at him, proud of her son, and Barry tells her goodbye, before she dies in front of him, her last words being "Goodbye, Barry".

Barry returned and broke Eobard's time machine. Eobard asked why he didn't save his mother and have everything he had wanted and Barry told Eobard he already has. Barry and Eobard battled though Eobard quickly has the upper hand. When Eobard told he was going to kill as his friends and family, Eddie shot himself and Eobard fell back. Cisco quickly realized that Eobard was being erased from existence and before Eobard vanished, Eobard told Barry he controlled his life all his life and wondered how he would go on without him.

A singularity formed in the particle accelerator and the team rushed out. As they watched the singularity eat Central City, Barry told the team he had to try and stop it, even with little chance of success.

Barry ran through Central City and jumped towards the singularity. As Martin Stein plummeted to the ground, Barry caught him. When Caitlin arrived at their location and learned Ronnie didn't make it, Barry hugged Caitlin and looked toward the sky.

For the next six months, Barry lived in solitude, blaming Eddie and Ronnie's deaths on himself. Eobard Thawne, as Harrison Wells left S. Labs to Barry in his will, yet six months after the issue with the singularity, Barry had still not dealt with the mail he'd been getting regarding the property.

Barry investigated the crime scene involving the death of Al Rothstein. Barry identified that Rothstein was strangled by someone large, though assured Joe that it wasn't Grodd. That night, Barry cleaned up Jitters from the destruction caused by the singularity. Iris arrived and joked Barry should be a contractor, as she noticed night after night, buildings had been rebuilt. Barry told Iris he wasn't going to his rally, though Iris told him he should just go as the citizens of Central City deserve to see the man who saved the city.

Barry then told Iris that he wasn't the man who saved the city. After Iris left, Barry remembered it was Firestorm who closed the singularity, causing the death of Ronnie Raymond.

The following day during his rally, Barry decided to show and accept the key to the city, much to the cities joy. As the key was handed over, Atom-Smasher threw a grill toward the mayor, though Barry got the mayor away in time.

After Atom-Smasher grew, the Flash picked up and threw two propane tanks for Joe to shoot. After the tanks exploded, Atom-Smasher shrank and his mask unfolded. Barry then had an alert of unauthorized entry in S. Labs, only to learn it was his team in the building. Barry told his team he didn't want them there, though he was told by Joe that he needed his friends.

After Atom-Smasher was tracker, Barry ran out with his Flash suit, leaving the communication system behind. After landing a few hits on Atom-Smasher, the latter grew and strangled Barry with ease. After Cisco caused a distraction setting off the alarms, Barry managed to escape and run back to S.

Labs, though he passed on soon after. When he woke up, Joe told Barry that he can't blame himself on the death of Eddie and Ronnie and that it was on the entire team. Barry then went to Caitlin to apologize for not saving Ronnie, though Caitlin told Barry it was her fault as at one point, Ronnie asked her to get away from Central City, though she refused. Barry and Caitlin then watched Eobard's last will, where he confessed to murdering Nora.

Barry and Caitlin return to S. Labs and the former told the team he realized that the only way to stop Atom-Smasher was as a team. Barry attracted Atom-Smasher with a Flash signal. Barry had Atom-Smasher chase him to a local plant, where the former trapped the latter in an enclosed room, forcing Atom-Smasher to absorb more radiation than he could.

Barry asked Atom-Smasher why he wanted to kill him and Atom-Smasher told Barry a man named Zoom would've brought him home if he killed him. Later, Barry then greeted his father at Iron Heights and brought him to Joe West's home, where Henry was greeted with a surprise party. Barry pulled his father aside to discuss future plans, though his father told him they can't live a life together as he didn't want to get in the way of his son being a hero.

Labs, Barry was told on the increased security, where they were interrupted by Jay Garrick who warned them on an oncoming danger in the form of the evil Speed Demon named Zoom. Barry was then told by Jay that he was the Flash of his world. Jay told the team that he lost his powers and Barry quickly asked Jay how he lost them. Barry then told the team to do tests on Jay, warning the latter if he could have more enemies if they learn what he said was false. Barry later discussed with the team that nothing Jay said added up.

Martin Stein then presented the team with the multiverse theory, telling them they need to find the breach and close it. Barry was later told by Caitlin that she ran a lie detector test while testing Jay and he passed it. Barry still reluctant to believe Jay, told Caitlin to continue running tests.

Barry locked "Jay" in the meta-human prison and was told by the latter that he only wants to help, not harm.

Barry was then told by Cisco about a fire and Barry ran off to extinguish it. Soon after he extinguished the fire, he was attacked by Eddie Slick. Barry went to tackle Eddie but Slick got away with his powers. The following day, Barry returned the scene as part of his job. Barry deduced that the fire was from an arsonist and was then greeted by Patty Spivot , who claimed to be a big fan of his due to his forensic reports.

Patty told Barry she'd been trying to crack Joe's "no-code" and asked for any advice as she knew Barry grew up with Joe as his father. Barry told that it was unfortunate as he'd been trying to pick that since he was Later, Barry told Patty he would try to put in a good word for her. Joe told Barry that the Eddie Slick they have in custody is proven innocent. Joe asked if it was possible if the Slick that started the fire was from Earth Two.

Despite evidence piecing together, Barry told the team he still refused to trust Jay. After Barry told the team they need to be extra careful, Iris pulled him aside.

Iris told Barry she knew he's only being extra-cautious was because of Eobard Thawne. Iris reminded Barry that not everyone is the same and he only was able to beat him because he trusted in others. Jay told the only way he could stop Slick was by hurling lightning at him, as lightning and sand creates glass. For an hour, Barry ran in circles and hurled lightning at a dummy, with Jay continuously telling him to go slower so he could direct the lightning accurately.

Cisco and Martin Stein then reported the two on Slick's whereabouts. Barry then told Jay that they could distract Slick, with Jay, as Slick is unaware Jay lost his powers.

The team return Jay Garrick's helmet and the two Flash's join hands before leaving to rescue Patty. While Jay distracted Slick, Barry saved Patty from a concussion bomb.

When Slick grabbed "Jay" by the throat, Barry ran in circles around Slick and successfully hurled lightning toward Slick, turning him into glass and shattering. Later, Barry apologized to Jay for not trusting him because of a former mentor.

Later, Martin Stein told the team that the most significant breach was in S. Labs but shortly after, Martin collapsed. Barry told Iris to jump out the window as Barry ran over to catch her. As Barry got Iris to safety, Barry ran back to the tower and subdued the two men. Labs, Barry and the team investigated the wormhole in the basement. Barry was told that they've tried sending objects in but they've all jumped back. Barry told the team Zoom may have been able to cross worlds due to him being a speedster and Barry may attempt to cross the breach.

Unfortunately, Barry bounced back like the objects. The team deduced there's a hallway between the portals which continuously moves, therefore they need to create a " Speed cannon ".

Martin then told the team that they should all rest for the day. The following day at the grand-reopening of CC Jitters, Barry was shocked when he learned a beverage was named after him.

Barry ran into Patty and they briefly conversed. Lisa Snart then bumped into the team, asking Cisco for the Flash's help as her brother was kidnapped. Labs, the Flash asked Lisa why they should trust her due to them previously double-crossing them.

When Cisco tracked Snart, the Flash told Lisa that they would see if she was lying and ran off. When Barry arrived, he found Snart, though he seemed fine. When Barry told Snart that his sister thinks he's kidnapped, Snart froze him. Barry was then introduced to Snart's father, as the two left.

Cisco then used the thermal-threading he used on Barry's new suit to melt the ice. Labs and told Lisa that Leonard wasn't kidnapped and was doing work with their father. When the team asked why they should trust her for a final time, Lisa showed them a scar that was given to her by her father.

Barry approached Leonard at a bar and asked why he was working with a man he despised. Barry was told things were complicated but Barry asked what was wrong so he could help. Barry told Snart that he may have a code of honor now but his father doesn't, leaving no choice but to stop the two.

Snart reminded Barry that he could still reveal his secret and left Barry to pay for his bill. Later, Barry was told by Joe that lied about his wife as she never died. Barry assured Joe that it was for the best as Iris may have gone down the wrong path with Francine West , giving Leonard Snart as an example.

Barry then told Joe that he should still tell Iris the truth. The following day, Barry, Joe, and Patty investigate a body that was decapitated. Patty asked if it could've been by a meta-human but Barry told her it wasn't. Barry then quickly discovered that Leonard is only working for his father as Lewis had planted thermite in Lisa. Barry contacted the team, who discover Lisa was indeed injected with thermite.

When Barry and Caitlin search for the thermite with a magnet, Cisco told them to stop as the magnet cut set off the thermite. While Cisco told the team he would search for a way to extract the thermite, Barry told the team he should volunteer to replace Lewis Snart's new tech guy. Barry met with Leonard and told him of his plan. When their father arrived, Barry introduced himself as "Sam" and volunteered to join the team.

To prove himself, Barry told Lewis that he helped his son steal the Khandaq Dynasty Diamond the previous year. Barry, Lewis, and Leonard arrive for a heist. When their ID's were failing, Barry told the security guards they should let them go before the managers start making complaints about the clogged toilets. When they arrived at the twenty-seventh floor, they find two security guards and Barry ran to subdue them as Leonard and Lewis argued. After Barry hacked into the security lock, Lewis fired a bullet at Barry, though Barry caught the bullet and faked being shot.

Before Lewis and Leonard could get away, Barry intervened. Lewis told Leonard to fire his cold gun at him or Lisa dies. Barry told Lewis that the bomb was extracted by Lisa and Barry was then shocked when Leonard killed his father. As Leonard looked over his father, Barry took Leonard's cold gun, leaving him to be arrested. Barry payed a visit to Leonard at Iron Heights, telling him that he has good inside of him.

At Jitters, Barry ran into Patty yet again and was given her number. Labs, the team learn Jay Garrick had completed the "speed cannon". Before he left, the team managed to convince him to stay until they defeat Zoom. Barry and the S. Labs team aided Martin Stein who had yet another reaction. After Cisco used the stabilizer Eobard used on his wheelchair, Barry was told the stabilizer would be transferred over to a power cane.

Barry was then told by Caitlin that the latter found potential candidates that could be compatible with Stein. Barry then ran over to the two, quickly snatching blood samples from them for Caitlin to further examine if they are indeed compatible with Stein. Barry was then called back to S. Labs, where the debated with Caitlin who was more compatible for Stein. Barry pointed out Jefferson Jackson had the physical attributes and his alleles matched more than Henry Hewitt.

Caitlin told Barry that Hewitt is a scientist and someone who was trying to make something for his life. Barry and Stein went to Jackson, telling him they're an agency collecting data on everyone affected by the particle accelerator. They were told that he doesn't like talking about the night as his life fell apart because of it. Barry gave him their number and asked him to think on it.

When Barry and Stein returned to S. Labs, they found Hewitt. When Stein and Hewitt made an attempt to merge, they were unsuccessful. Jax later accepted his offer and arrived at S.

Barry was later told by Joe that he was aware of his feelings for Patty. Barry told Joe that she's great but not Iris. After Henry Hewitt went on a rampage, the team found his police record. They managed to evade his attacks until he became unstable and blew his fuse. Barry and Firestorm then brought Hewitt to the pipeline. The following day, the team said their goodbyes to Stein and Jax as the two left for Pittsburgh.

Later that night, Barry ran off and watched Patty from a distance. When he was caught off guard, the man-shark grabbed him and told him Zoom wanted him dead. As Patty walked out, she shot the man-shark several times and the man-shark dropped Barry. The man-shark was suddenly shot by a hooded man. Barry chased after the man, who unveiled his hood and Barry was shocked seeing the face of Harrison Wells.

Barry asked if he had any evidence if he was from Earth Two and Wells presented the team with Caitlin's bag which Martin Stein threw into the portal.

Cisco asked if he could be trusted and Barry told him that Wells saved his life. Barry proceeded to ask why and Wells told him it was to help him stop Zoom.

Joe arrived and fired multiple bullets at Wells, though Barry caught them all. Joe asked how Barry could even look at him and Barry told Joe that he had to resist the urge to kill him.

Later, Barry took Cisco to Jitters, though the latter expected alcohol rather than coffee. The two were interrupted by Patty, who told the two she was right about King Shark. Barry was asked if he could help Patty with a police report but told her he was busy. After Patty left, Cisco asked why Barry hadn't asked her out yet. Barry asked Cisco when was the last time Cisco asked a girl for their number.

Cisco made an attempt to ask Kendra Saunders out but was shut down. Cisco then had a vision of Dr. Light robbing Central City Bank and immediately reported to Barry. Barry asked how Cisco knew but Cisco told him to just hurry. When Barry arrived, Dr. Light used a blast of energy to escape. Barry managed to get a few civilians to safety, though Dr.

Labs, Wells told Barry that she was a small time thief on Earth Two. He suggested they capture her and use her as bait against Zoom. Jay barged in and told him that Wells is insane. He told Barry that though Dr. Light is a thief, she isn't a killer and can be reasoned with. Later, the team tracked down Dr. When Barry went to confront her, he told her they could protect her from Zoom. Light told him that no one could protect her from Zoom, she flashed a light at Barry.

Barry told her for just a normal conversation and Dr. Light unmasked herself and Barry hesitated seeing Linda Park. After saying her name, a confused Dr. Light blinded Barry and fled.

After crashing into Caitlin and multiple objects, Jay and Caitlin told Barry to stay behind as they volunteered to look after Linda. Later, Barry went on with his date with Patty, wearing sunglasses with built in cameras for Cisco to guide him. Though he went on with the date smoothly, Patty eventually told Barry she knew he was blind. Barry told Patty that he had his pupils dilated prior and didn't want to cancel. After the date, the two kiss and Barry regained his sight, complimenting Patty's dress.

Labs, Jay apologized to Barry as he never thought Dr. Light would ever kill. After Wells argued with Jay, the two fought, though Barry stopped the two. After Barry told Wells he had retrieved Dr. Light's mask, Wells revealed to the team Cisco is indeed a meta-human, using his Next gen watch to prove so. Barry asked why Cisco never told them and Cisco told the team he was going to eventually.

After failed attempts at using his powers to locate Dr. Light, Wells forced it on Cisco. Cisco told Barry Dr. Light was trying to leave town at the South Plaza Train Station. Barry left and confronted Dr. After evacuating the train station, he asked how he is supposed to stop Dr. Wells told him to confused Dr. Light by creating speed mirages.

Barry told Wells he isn't able to but was told if he was able to travel through time, he should have no problem creating the after images. Barry went on and created speed mirages but Dr. Light sent a blast of light around her, knocking Barry away. Barry told him he couldn't do it but Jay told him he could. Barry went on to create the after images once more and knocked Dr. Light up in the pipeline, Barry told them they should listen to Wells and use Linda as bait.

A frustrated Jay told them once more they can't trust Wells as he has as many secrets as the one they knew. Light for help to stop Zoom, though Light urged him not to, though she eventually agreed. Barry told the team of the trap while Harrison Wells told them he developed a serum that could dampen Zoom's speed.

At the CCPD, Barry was told by Patty that Joe shut her down on a case and asked if it was because of their kiss, though Barry told her he never told him. Light escaped, Barry rushed over to S.

Labs but was too late. In fear of Dr. Barry and Joe then had an argument that they shouldn't go after Zoom just yet. Barry reminded Joe that he always said it's good to play offense rather than defense at times but Joe told him that was for football tryouts.

At Iris' house, Barry suggested they use Linda to lure Zoom, though realizing what he was saying was wrong, Iris told him it was a good idea.

Labs, Barry greeted Linda. Labs team took Linda on a practice run. After a few attempts, Linda eventually succeeded. When he went to hi-five Linda, the latter accidentally fired a blast of light to the former, though he managed to evade it.

Later, Joe told Barry that Linda wasn't ready but Barry told him otherwise. Later that night, the Flash went to visit Linda. When Linda said she wasn't ready, the Flash told her she's one of the strongest woman he knew.

When she asked what he based that on, he revealed his identity. The following day, Barry was asked by Patty if he could go out for dinner but Barry told her he had something else to take care of that night.

At night, Barry and Linda faked a battle where the latter came victorious, though Zoom never showed. Later when Zoom eventually arrived and kidnapped Linda, Barry ran over. Zoom told him that he isn't the only one who fished with bait and proceeded to drop Linda off the roof of S.

Barry ran down and slowed her fall down and caught her. Barry then ran around S. Labs in circles and hurled lightning at Zoom, though the latter caught the lightning and hurled it back at him. Barry then made an attempt a free fall fight for equal velocity though Zoom still came on top. Zoom proceeded to beat Barry and broke his spine. When Wells tried shooting Zoom with the speed dampening serum, Zoom caught it and used it against Barry.

Barry was dragged back to S. Labs where Zoom shoved his claw like hands into Barry's abdomen, rendering Barry unconscious. When Barry woke up, he was told Linda left for Coast City. Barry then told the team he couldn't feel his legs. Barry began walking around with a cane. At one point, he made an attempt to walk without it but to no success. Barry asked how much longer until he should be recovered and Caitlin told him he was almost completely healed.

When Wells told the team he was returning to his earth, Caitlin tried to stop him but Barry told her to let him be. When Cisco had a reminder of his date, Barry teased him. Barry then had a call from Patty, who offered to make him chicken soup for his "sickness". Barry went to test his speed on the treadmill. When he tried to push himself, he had flashbacks of being defeated by Zoom and soon collapsed. When Joe asked what was up, Barry told Joe that he couldn't get over being destroyed by Zoom.

Barry then told Joe he felt as if the city no longer see's him as the man strong enough to protect them. Later, Joe alerted Barry and Cisco that Grodd had returned. The three chased after Caitlin but were too late.

Barry felt guilty he couldn't do anything about it but Joe told him there was nothing he could do to help Caitlin. Later, when Barry ran on the treadmill again, he was greeted by his father, who was called by Iris.

Barry caught up with his father and was told that it's good to slow down to get back where he wanted to be. They were then interrupted by Cisco, who had found where Grodd was hiding.

Cisco quickly rushed over and reminded Barry that was a different person and Barry quickly apologized. Barry introduced Wells to his father and told him he would explain "Earth-2" to him later. He told him that though the city may not believe in him, he would get through it as he had himself when he was framed for Nora's murder.

Barry was told that he needed to accept it and believe in himself to get through anything. Barry was also told that him believing his innocence when he was just a kid gave him all the hope he needed. When Wells and Caitlin returned to S. Labs, Wells suggested that they should send Grodd through a breach which would bring him the closest to home he could be. The team had Caitlin lure Grodd and as soon as Grodd caught her attention, Barry got her out of the way. Barry told Grodd that if he wanted Caitlin, he would have to catch him first and Barry ran toward the area of the breach.

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speed dating lawton ok

A look at some of the Nebraska legislation that has made headlines so far in Later that night at the dinner, Barry informed Felicity who Wells really is after Ray discussed how Wells was his personal hero. R Labs, Barry passed out on the floor.

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Jay told the team that he lost his powers and Barry quickly asked Jay how he lost them. Deb Portz said she had long contributed to a NEST plan for college, but would have used it to pay for tuition at private schools here in Lincoln for her children if given the choice.

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And property spees the ultimate economic tool. After Mari datin if they had an speed dating lawton ok of speer name for her Flash told her that Speed dating lawton ok had been calling her Black dating events in london, and he quickly tried to cover up mentioning Cisco causing Arrow to ask if Barry and Felicity were separated at birth. For lunch and dinner, guests can travel a short distance to the nearby town and enjoy a variety of restaurants and shopping. Barry was called and told that his father was beaten by Julius. Barry rushed to the scene and was shocked when he learned Shawna can teleport. Later, Barry then greeted his father at Iron Heights and brought him to Joe West's home, where Henry was greeted with a surprise party. Barry and Eobard fought on the roof of S.