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I have also been told that I am liable for a fine by my hire car company Goldstar … thay have already passed details on to the Spanish police. Heavy thunderstorm on 17th February. In large yellow rectangular box on right click on first option — Pago de multas en internet 3.


See also 2. Featuring major works by Walter Sickert, Stanley Spencer, Frank Auerbach, Paula Rego and many others, this exhibition makes poignant connections across generations of artists and tells the story of figurative painting in the 20th century. The decade from was the coldest in England since the 's. Now you got to buy everyone drinks then! Thanks Sarah Hi Sarah, Thanks for the input. This was a severe winter: Seems like a scam to screw as much money from the unwary foreign motorist as possible.

By that he causes fierce controversies about the legitimacy and the art-status of such works. Titles for your presentations very welcome — you have 25 minutes to present — there will be LOTS of discussion time. Rough first draft of schedule — I have left quite a bit out so far — please advise asap;.

Monday 22nd March 12 noon—3pm and Introduction: Swine flu and the paraphernalia of sterility. After a failed attempt last summer to squat the recently closed down Tempelhof airport in Berlin, Reclaim Tempelhof is once again calling for action.

Unlike other public parks in Berlin, Tempelhof will have closing hours, surveillance, security guards, barbed wire, border fences, etc. Creativity Beyond Borders network plus anyone who wants to chip in: In each case there will be the usual workshop people with some bigger public lectures and a link up with another event.

Vivek Bald, filmmaker; Eyal Wiezman, Goldsmiths; Angela Mitropoulos, writer — plus artists, activists, reprobates, border dodgers. The usual cross border excursions will apply. We are not sure of the theme for the Gothenburg June meeting as yet.

One suggestion is to call it Border Reverb. This does engage with the end of our Beyond Text series theme this will be the last meeting in the Beyond Text series , but it does not and cannot just be a return to text back to school! We need to provoke and challenge the idea of the border as an end. Shall we also propose some relevant topics? John- First of all, your kind words about my presentation are too kind. See you all in London enis Like Like.

Dear all presenters — schedule draft underway. Details mostly in German and the call for action can be found at: Hiya Rachel is also on topic there, but sure. The dumbest thing about all this is that the car companies who give your information to the police authories by the way have no idea how to do this. I did find this site on my own after about 2 hours of searching but this post finally explained what values to put in each field.

Thank you so much. The speeding offence was committed by my dad when we hired a car 2 months ago in southern Spain, on a country road near Malaga. I actually saw the speed camera flash at us too and wondered if anything would come of it.

As I was the one who hired the car and subsequently gave all my details to the car rental company I was the one who received the penalty notice through a few days ago. Then I read your post and voila, fine paid no problem. This seems to be the direct link at the minute: They did us twice within 2 minutes for some minor infringement.

They claim we failed to do what some guy in a roundabout told us, but neither of us saw him. Seems like a scam to screw as much money from the unwary foreign motorist as possible. The main DGT site has changed. I was then able to get to the page where you can enter your document and ticket detail, however it told me I could not pay This sanction cannot be paid. Of course being in Canada I cannot call and expect anything to happen. I guess I will have to call with whatever extra numbers I need to get this sorted out — unless someone has a suggestion on how to get around this.

BTW, I am now way past any discount period it having taken me quite a while to just get to this point. Oh I see — It has changed indeed.

I have to wait till someone helps me to find out the way of paying fine in this newly designed site. Thank you so much! This is a great post, very informative! You saved me a call to Spain. I tried to figure this with Google Translate but still could not make a payment until I found your article.

Hi all, I just spent almost two days trying to figure this out. I have called the embassy in Chicago no one picked up I called the Minsitry of Industry, Energy and Tourism in Spain no one spoke English I tried calling the number on the ticket, it was disconnected, finally I called the police station, their number was also disconnected. I do have a European Polish credit card which I tried using. And viola- it worked no problem: I guess I am fortunate enough to have one.

For those of you who do not have those, perhaps it is a good idea to look into one. I hope this helps some of you in the future: Sitting here is Australia is was not looking easy but your instruction were spot on.

Everything worked including the reciepts. I have 2 tickets in Madrid , Euro car charge me the fees and i didnt receive the ticket hard copy in the post. OK, I tried everything as suggested but received this message: This sanction cannot be paid. I tried the Consulate in Boston and the only help was no help.

When I told them that I do not speak or read spanish, I was told bluntly that they do not translate. Nice one — I almost had it — was just the removing of dashes and full stops I needed. Thanks for the info. As with other people below I have been unable to get past the Record Number when attempting to pay online.

I am using the Numero de Expediente that appears at the top of the fine notice but there are only 10 digits not 12 as required. The fine needs to be paid within the next few days otherwise it will go from 50 Euro to Euro.

The clue is that it says Servei Catala de Transit on the summons. You can pay online using following link: Hi, My husband and I travelled to Spain in June. We got a letter today saying I need to pay a fine for Euro for speeding. Looks like the notice has been redirected from somewhere as the address is again rewritten on the post by hand in English.

That explains the delay. Which means now that I have passes the date for discount penalty fee, I need to pay full amount.

As this was not my fault and I received the letter only today is there anyway I can talk to the traffic officials to check if I can still get the discount. You can ring to DGT office in Spain. Hi Mamun Thanks for a fantastic blog on paying the fine. So I tried the number that you have given and it seems the number is not there any more! Any body has got any update on this. And also what will happen if I ignore the fine? I have a speeding fine from Granada. I cannot pay it using the DGT site as I think it needs to be paid locally to the Granada municipality.

However I have been on the Granada site and cannot figure out how to pay it? I only have a 10 digit record number. Thank you very much for your clear instruction on how to pay the fine. I received a fine today, found your blog, followed the instruction and succseeded in paying the fine.

I received a fine through post from when we were in Mallorca, total fine euros reduced to euros. Worked it out that it is for not respecting a continuous longitudinal line! We were never stopped or had any idea up until last week when I received the fine. Now I have no doubt that it probably happened, but they have sent no info through on it, other than the fine which was in Spanish. I have just paid the fine as I do not want any issues when we return next year.

That is not the end of it though, I shall be complaining to them and asking for the fine to be reimbursed, due to various issues surrounding it. The fact that all details are sent in Spanish with no assistance being the main reason look at article 6 human rights act , I may be successful, who knows, worth a try.

Great site though, good info. Luckily I have installed Google chrome and it translates it all for you so made it easier. Thanks very much — after spending a frustrating time on my own and with my mother who speaks spanish we finally came accross your blog and followed the clear and concise instructions and now we are all paid.

Car hire firm charged credit card for providing my details to the police for an offence I continue to know nothing about! I am back out in Murcia in October and a little concerned that if I have an outstanding fine it will flag up at Passport Control. Do you think it advisable to do nothing as I am worrying over nothing or try and make contact with the authorities to identify if an offence was committed?

Thanks a lot for your help. It is all in Spanish but after searching the web I came across your page. Thanks for the helpful info unfortunately the record number I have is only 10 digits and it says on help section that it should be 12? I Have found the following web page http: Many thanks — it turned out that my fine was from Catalonia therefore I had to pay via gencat.

This in itself was not straightforward and I had to telephone and email before eventually being able to pay online. Thanks very much for a helpful blog — it seems there are many of us out there in a similar predicament!

Could you please tell me how did you learn your fine was from Catalonia? If possible could you pass me their phone number too? The fine is from April It could be the reason that the fine is too old and got expired. However, have you filled up the form correctly? I just updated the section 8 the last step of paying fine with the instruction from Ian Ellis.

You can try paying the fine again, if fails, you can contact to Spanish tourist office for advice at http: Hi, Many thanks for this it was really useful. Thank you great help. I got a 35euro charge off Hertz for giving my details. I knew I had been flashed it was 5. I also got a 35 euro charge from Hertz but refused to pay it and I heard no more about it, this was in October , I think we pay the car hire companies enough, especially Hertz as they ripped me off for 2 wheel trims to the tune of euro.

Hi Mamun, Thank you for your website as it enab;ed me to pay my fine. However upon opening the invoice, I was unable to print at that time and have now lost the invoice page. Is there anyway to get it back. Just found your comment on the spam box. Not sure if you are still looking for the answer of your question. Hi, Finally came across your website and thought we had it sussed, unfortunately the record number we have is only 10 digits and it says on help section that it should be 12?

Let me know if you are still looking for the answer of your question. Thanks for the great write up. Thought I really had a problem to pay this fine until I opened this site. Does perfectly what it says on the tin. Just wish the Spanish justice web site had a recognisable web certificate. Many thanks have sent small donation CT. Good to see you paid the fine successfully. Infact, when you have to fill the form with details of the credit card, the page is not https but bonly http and Chrome show a security advice.

Thank you very much, Lorenzo. It is entirely up to you. However, if I were at your position, I would have paid using a credit card with very low credit limit and probably which is expiring very soon and keep an eye on the statement to see if there is any suspicious transactions in it.

Even if your credit card details are stolen and misused by someone else, you should be able to claim that money back from your credit card provider. Thanks for this very informative description of how to pay. I have tried all sorts of combinations but get stuck after having inserted the credit card number — I just get the response Invalid information.

Hello — are you able to help at all. Can anyone suggest another number? My partner has received a fine through the post after hiring a car in Malaga however it was my brother-in-law driving.

We would like to discuss it with someone and have the fine transfered to the correct person. You need to contact them explaining that the post was late and you should receive the reduction. Usually they are helpful with this. Regarding the number — I am not sure why are you not getting through.

I just rang them to test and it works fine. There is no way in the world that a non-Spanish speaker could work any of this out. Well done you for putting this on the web. I have also been caught speeding in Spain but i was a second driver on the car and the letters were sent to my co worker who hired the car. I tried to compete the form as you described with my passport details but it did not work. Could this be because the fines are against his passport? Hi there, thank you for the instructions to pay a spanish speeding fine.

Just wanted to say thanks for this info, Got caught speeding last Oct and just paid today, even got half price knocked off, which was a relief.

Your help and instructions were much appreciated. I paid the fine with ease and everything was clear and concise. Hi, your instructions are very clear for paying the fine online, thank you, but my problem is ive got as far as credit card details and when i enter them it comes up incorrect data, could this be because the credit card im using is in my name and the fine is in my daughters name? Can anyone confirm if there is a time limit from the date of offence until something is sent out in the post?

I was in Spain in October and was unaware of committing a traffic violation until the car hire company charged me an administration fee early January. As yet nothing arrived on my doormat in the UK confirming the misdemeanour and the expected fine.

But if you want — you can give DGT a call and ask the same question to them. As, Spanish authorities are well known for messing up things. Your detailed help made things so much easier, I was tempted to ignore and not to pay, but the worry of being pulled at customs or on a stop by the plod was a worry, but hey I got the discount, and bearing in mind I ignored the first letter to arrive, but the second needed a signature by the postman, so I thought I was stuffed!

I am trying to pay my spanish fine from Catala de Transit following your steps but cant get record number accepted. Any ideas can this be paid online. Hi i received a letter from Hertz sept stating they were charging me 35 euros for providing my details for a driving offence dated 10 july in Granada.

To date i have not received any official paperwork from anyone. The fine was for 40 euros but i only have a copy of the paper work from Hertz. Any suggestions as i was wanting to return to Spain this year? The speeding fine letter could be lost in the post. Followed all instructions but kept getting an Invalid number. Rang the DGT as advised and were told that as the fine was given in Catalunya Barcelona area I had to deal directly with them.

I was given a phone no. The process was handled very quickly and efficiently. I was given a Control number as a receipt. Hope this is helpful. Used this number to pay my speeding fine. Great site and very clear helpful instructions. I only received the fine notice today, 4 months after the offence in October! I made enquiries with the agents, http: Apart from eventually sending me a copy invoice showing I had paid that penalty they have not answered my questions about what it was for.

Many thanks Mamum for the site. I successfully paid the 50 euros with the discount and now wondering if the car rental company would charge me for the kindness to share my data with the police, like some other commenters experienced. There is a probability that you car hire company may charge you for that.

It seems for last couple of years they started doing this. Speed limit put in place not for the size of a country, it is more like the probability of risk of accident associated with the part of the road.

Hi, Jozsef I also was fined for speeding which came through the post first and with mamuns help I paid this and got the discount. I have also been told that I am liable for a fine by my hire car company Goldstar … thay have already passed details on to the Spanish police. However the alleged offence happened around 16th September , and there appears to be a cut-off point of 60 days after which the issue of the fine is invalid.

Do you know if this is true? Any thoughts would be appreciated. My offense was the 20th October and I received a fine on the 24th November which I managed to pay online with the help of Mamun. Hopefully yours is time barred. Thanks Mamun for your really helpful website, without you I would still be trying to pay my speeding fine. I tried for 2 days before i came across your website. I am really grateful as i was worried about being arrested on my return to Spain next year if I had not paid.

Thanks a lot for those kind words. Glad to see you paid the fine at the end. Enjoy your trip to sunny Spain next year: Sorry to bother you but after paying the fine I now have a letter from the hire company asking me to pay them Do you know if i have to pay that too and what might happen if I dont.

Thanks in advance for your help. Sorry to trouble you again but I was wondering if you knew anything about car hire companies charging you for providing your details to the spanish traffic dept when you have been caught speeding. After paying my fine with your hel I have now recieved a letter from Gesthispania asking me to deposit 36 euros into a bank account.

I dont think I should pay. Maybe I should holiday at home. Many thanks in advance for your help. Thanks Mamun for your reply, I will wait and see what happens. I will let you know how it goes incase it helps somebody else. Sorry about the misunderstanding with the letter we sent you.

Actually, the letter wants to inform you that Hertz will debit your credit card for management costs by providing your information to the traffic department. If the charge on the credit card could not be done, then I would request that Hertz will enter the amount. Hi, Paid successfully the penalty. I do have the number that was issued. Is there a way to re-enter this number I got or my email in order to get the receipt?

The reference number on the bottom of the demand is the same number preceded ny 00 and ending in a 2. Making up 12 numbers from all these combinations still wont get it accepted. In this case you can try this link http: Yes, you are right, I managed to pay the fine in the end same link as you posted, although i slogged through the government website vis traffic and make a payment to get there and using Chrome translate managed to sort it out.

It accepted my 10 digit reference number and the passport number being the identification number on the summons my birth date and not the actual passport number. If you ignored it all providing you have a british licence and reside not in spain, you would have saved a euros. There is no sharing of data between the dvla and the equivalents in Spain.

Once the hire company has passed on your details their involvement ends, though a lot will just pay it and deduct it from your card. If you are driving your own car. All they would have is gone to a debt collector who is a member of the BPA AOS scheme and got you registered keeper details from them then sent you a series of unenforceable invoices that you ignore. They give up you live your life.

Mamun, thanks so much! I was tearing my hair out! Great posting — used it with ease — need to make sure I slow down next time I visit Spain!

Just used this website — very useful and easy to follow, made the actual transaction very straight forward so thanks! Would not have had a clue how to respond otherwise and may well have left just to see what would have happened. May have found out the hard way when I next appeared at passport control at Malaga airport!

Thanks a lot, we managed to get to the right page without your guide but were then stumped. So the step by step help was great. Received a fine in the post this week dating back to June for euros. Not quite sure what he did — possibly drove in a wrong lane. The form came up in English without having to select the option. After having spent hours trying to translate the speeding ticket — i thankfully came across this post. Thank you for the very useful information and the detailed pics of the website.

I had to pay the care hire firm a fee of 25euros for them to pass on my details! My boss received a fine which I had to pay today. I could not get through by phone so put the phone number in google and your blog came up first. It saved me hours. I have a rather complicated situation. I own a rental property in coastal spain, and my car is registered there. My property manager usually handles these things for me, but when I received a speeding ticket notice in September, she was unable to retrieve it from the post office, even with a copy of my passport, and now it has been sent back.

How would I go about retrieving this? Even my Spanish friends are stumped! You can ring to and ask them to send you an English version of the letter at your UK address. I found this link elsewhere, which did the trick for me: Gt the discount automatically — despite being late mail to whe I live took a month, and I paid 2 weeks after receipt.

Thank you for this helpful site. Spain is a bureaucratic nightmare at best, you saved me hours! It once took me 5 hours to get admitted to hospital when I was gravely sick, they made me go and get a load of forms from all sorts of different government buildings on a Sunday, even though I had holiday insurance! Had 2 fines on one day near Badajoz last month even though I was only 10kph over the limit both times. Thanks for relevant info,just received speeding fine,without your Knowledge would not have clue how to pay this.

All the best Kind regards Ken. Today I received a letter from Gesthispania S. I hold my hands up it was me! I would like to pay this and I will use your directions to which people have used sucessfully. Paid 50 euros using your instructions, brilliant. Stoped any further payments to car hire company. Today original fine paperwork turned up in the post. Suggest you pay the fine using this link as they will more than likely catch up with you.

Thanks again for such a great site. Indeed, the letter wants to inform you that Hertz will debit your credit card for management costs by providing your information to the traffic department of Spain. This information is included in the rental agreement that you signed when making the rental vehicle must not think that is a fraud.

Have just paid my speeding fine using your wonderful clear instructions. Thank you do much! My sister in law was expecting the worst and you made it super simple. Do you mean if someone is driving on 51mph on a 50mph road, they will consider this as within legal speed limit?

Thank you so much for posting these instructions. I had spent lots of time trying to pay and so glad I found your post. Thank you very much Indeed. Truly simple and clear instruction that even I could understand. Thank you very much. Let us hope my next entry into Spain does not cause a problem. John, I hope you sorted this? Although a bit late now, I found the following site useful, as I had the same problem as you:.

As Nic Heald mentioned, you can use your passport no. I do not live in spain but have a house there and a spanish plated car. I picked up a speeding fine after I lent a friend my car I was fined 50euros. Does spain have a penalty points system in place like the U. K If so what do I now do about getting my friend to acknowledge and accept the points on to his license. Thanks a lot for the help in connection with the payment. I speak spanish fairly good — come from Denmark — but could not manage to pay the bill.

Only with the help from your page here I suceeded. Thanks to all for posting this information. For any North Americans out there: I followed the link and instructions from Darren, posted 6 Sep Rest of the instructions worked like a charm. Fine was reduced to 50 EUR, and printed my receipt three minutes later. Hi All, Same story as everyone else, in that I received a fine after my holiday.

Anyway you saved me so much time. Thanks to Nic and especially Mamun for setting up the site. But, I follwowed the instructions above and managed to pay the fine within 5 minutes and got a 50 Euro reduction as well!

Followed your instructions and paid fine, had been trying to pay for days found this site and got 50e reduction thanks again. Having spoken to the dgt office on 00 34 the procedure for payment has now been made much easier as follows although it is rather long winded so step by step: In large yellow rectangular box on right click on first option — Pago de multas en internet 3. On next screen click on option a in bottom half of screen — Pago de multas sin certificado digital ni DNTe 7.

Fill in rest of form. Suggest that for those in N. It sounds like their SSL certificate is expired and your anti-virus software is warning you about this. Please make sure you are at http: Probably you can speak to the lady again informing this. I spoke to a lady called Loa and I have tried to follow your instructions but she told me that I have to pay by credit card via the internet. No other payment method is available? When I tried to follow her instructions my computer would not allow me into there system — recommending that it was not a trusted site.

I was literally stressing to the max over paying this silly speeding fine as im quite a frequent visitor to Spain and thanks to your info I managed to sort within a matter of minutes. I was in the similar position as you when I first received the speeding fine letter. It was kinda scary as I go to Spain quite often as well.

I heard so many horrible stories from people i. EU wide arrest warrant, making pay Euro on the airport etc that I was more keen to pay the fine than the Spanish authority was expecting. Thanks for the comment. Good to know you saved 50 Euro too! Now you got to buy everyone drinks then!

Speed fine from August family holiday, received recorded letter in Nov. E fine tried for an hour to pay, until I found this blog, all notes and link very helpful, managed to pay within 5 mins and rduced it to E50, thanks to everyone,. I had a quite difficult time to pay the fine that is why I posted this information here, so no one will have hard time to pay the fine as long as they Google a bit: Phoned number as you suggested, waited, spoke in englsih and was immediately put through to a very helpful english speaking lady.

Have managed to pay my fine online without having to make phone call. Thanks for the input. If they are allowing to pay non residents using the DGT site then it is a very good news for others!

I received a fine by post following a holiday in Mallorca. I found it fairly straightforward to pay on the dgt. Select passport from the id options, provide your passport number, surname then first name, and input the reference number N.

Type in the digits only 12 in my case ignoring the dashes and dots, and the total fine before discount. Mine was discounted automatically to 50 euros on the payment page where I was able to input credit card details and obtain a receipt. One word of warning to all those who get their landline supplied by Virgin Media. If you think you were caught on the speed camera, just wait for the letter. Thanks very much, Mamun.

Was the flash obvious for people who were caught speeding? Did people get points on their driving licence? Do you have to declare it to insurance companies, and criminal records? Sorry to badger you with so many questions. Thanks so much for you useful post! Good to hear that you paid the fine without any hassle. Also it is new to me that you can pay the fine using their site.

They were not allowing before if you were outside of Spain. In regards to the Italian fine, I would suggest to pay that too, or they may issue an EU wide warrant against you. Also received a fine from Italy but have ignored it so far and have received 2 reminders tried to pay but it was too complicated.

Ah well will not go to Italy for a while Mark Watson. Thanks a lot for the information!

Iamges: speed dating london 24th august

speed dating london 24th august

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speed dating london 24th august

We were shown our seats that were behind a massive mirror and enjoyed two hours of burlesque madness. Mamun…I dont know how to thank you enough for this blog.

speed dating london 24th august

Thanks for leaving a comment: The last time that the 'tidal' River Thames froze over sufficiently to hold 'frost fairs' etc. But if you want — speed dating london 24th august can give DGT a call and ask the same question to them. Home to the Isis Education Centre, I did get romantic dating places in kathmandu have a look behind the mirror and the space is cool and can imagine it being amazing on a busy weekend More than 90 works 24tn the Canadian painter, from New York to war-torn France.