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You can see now why Bones gets to hang out with all the big boys. He won his qualifying race. I knew it was over and I was just plain sick to my stomach. Rindt died on impact. Jochen Rindt, Sally Mrs. In the fifties it won widely — Thompson, CT; Mt.

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Things seemed a tad less regulated, too. Lesenko, driving his Canadian-based Dodge Charger Funny Car, dispatched the body during the second round of qualifying for the recent 14th Annual SummitRacing. How we will miss him. That was the hot setup. Wimble swears even today that, when he removed it, Rene intentionally bit his fingers. Meanwhile, a bit to the east at Sportsman Park in Bedford, Ohio, the nicknames went to the cars.

But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here's an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change? Has there been too much? Meanwhile, many Americans continue to face change in their homes, bank accounts and jobs. Only time will tell if the latest wave of change Americans voted for in the midterm elections will result in a negative or positive outcome.

This rare word was chosen to represent because it described so much of the world around us. Tergiversate means "to change repeatedly one's attitude or opinions with respect to a cause, subject, etc. And so, we named tergiversate the Word of the Year. In a year known for the Occupy movement and what became known as the Arab Spring, our lexicographers chose bluster as their Word of the Year for Here's an excerpt from our release that year that gives a pretty good explanation for our choice:.

We got serious in Here's an excerpt from our announcement in Things don't get less serious in Our Word of the Year was exposure , which highlighted the year's Ebola virus outbreak, shocking acts of violence both abroad and in the US, and widespread theft of personal information. Here's what we had to say about exposure in From the pervading sense of vulnerability surrounding Ebola to the visibility into acts of crime or misconduct that ignited critical conversations about race, gender, and violence, various senses of exposure were out in the open this year.

Fluidity of identity was a huge theme in Racial identity also held a lot of debate in , after Rachel Dolezal, a white woman presenting herself as a black woman, said she identified as biracial or transracial. Our Word of the Year in reflected the many facets of identity that surfaced that year. In , we selected xenophobia as our Word of the Year. A wave of crew guys from a bunch of teams jumped on the case and began welding and installing a new rear end. They were able to get Benny back out there for more laps, and he was able to stave off Cale Yarborough for the title.

Should they go ahead and put dirt on the track across the street to attract this kind of crowd? It would be a serious understatement to say that a wide range of subject matter is covered. It you have not seen the movie, you absolutely must. You should get the book, too! Some cars just seem to have an ill wind blowing about them, and this is certainly one of them.

On February 28 of , he flashed down the Southeastern Dragway in Dallas, GA, lost a wheel, and the car plunged into the crowd. An eight-year-old boy was killed and seven others injured.

Harold reports that after many years sitting in some woods, the car was recovered and restored. In practice at over mph on the ultra-steep banks, Jimmy Bryan had the money in his racing suit pocket sucked out by the wind. Here he was, scrambling around to retrieve it. He did miss a few bucks, but on race day it seemed less of an issue. Few of the Europeans could believe his speed and bravery, especially when they watched him smoke three cigars during the mile run.

Photo by Publifoto aaaaaa How cool is this? Check out racer Helen Summersby. The event was run 96 years ago next February. They were Corky Cookman, Denny Soltis, and our motley little coupe crew.

Likeable Denny became quite the star on the dirt. He is shown here a decade later at Middletown, NY. I have no money, no crew — I do it all myself, including the motors. I had a bad stuck-throttle crash a year back and hurt my neck.

Now I have to wedge it against the seat to keep it unmovable. I guess the brains must have rattled out a long time ago! All four wheels are driving straight as he power-slides through. World Rally Champion though Kankkunen may have been, those folks on the snow bank look pretty daring. When I went on to the pitch in a game, for instance, I was sometimes more nervous than when I got into my Formula 1 car.

I also had to concentrate harder if I wanted to control the ball well than when I was approaching a corner, even if I was going very quickly. On Saturday night last August 10, one of those random situations went down that was completely out of the blue and unspeakably horrible.

Popular, mild-mannered, year-old Dave Buanno went down to Fonda Speedway to see some of his old buddies. He has a bunch of them. While chatting it up in the pit area, a wheel and tire flew off a race car, over the fences. David never saw it coming, and it hit him squarely and ferociously.

He was med-flighted to Albany Medical Center and declared permanently paralyzed neck down. It has been an awful ordeal. But David is a determined guy with a strong family behind him.

Doctors have been beyond amazed that he has begun to get some movement in his shoulders and right arm. There have been all the predictable insurance battles, and David has now been transferred to a spinal rehabilitation facility near Boston. Though the future is unclear, he just keeps digging, his wife Linda at his side fulltime. How about taking ten minutes and dropping a real good guy a card: It was the beautiful Connecticut-based Garuti coupe that made sweet music with the speediest kit of the day.

That lasted until when aluminum big blocks were outlawed, and the car was retired. But Texans have never seemed big on conventions imposed on them from the outside. Here he is at Knoxville in , dicing with Dave Blaney. By all reports the 22 was pretty racy, if a tad temperamental. As you can see, he was pretty attached to that stogie. One night, though, he was hit so hard by Ron Strmiska Sr. Wimble swears even today that, when he removed it, Rene intentionally bit his fingers.

Bugsy was widely known for his passion as a competitor and his Olympian command behind the wheel. Some things never change. Here a young lady has come over for an autograph.

Note the attentiveness and firm grip Bugsy gives to anything he signs. I did a couple of You know, I think if we had actually time trialed, we could have been in the 15s. There was something about the way the Argentine sat so seamlessly with a race car, upright, head slightly cocked, implying extreme calm and confidence. No question he was one of the greatest Formula One competitors ever.

In the s, he won the World Championship of Drivers five times. The team was red hot. In they won 22 of the 28 shows they entered. By he was at Indy. Rene's gone, a sad day for sure. Let me just say it was a privilege and an honor to call Rene a friend. During the "Bandit Days" we raced together, traveled together, helped each other when one of us crashed and cheered when one of us won, and of course Rene was always the prankster.

We made a lot of friends and we made some money too. Because I was there and, while I still remember, let me tell you a Rene story. Rene sez, "I'm gonna win the Pace Car," and he did. Remember we were racing four and five nights a week. Every night or afternoon during the intermission before the feature Rene would go up into the grandstands and sell new NASCAR memberships to the fans or anyone else he could talk into it.

He sold a bunch of them and won that Pace Car. But that's not the end of the story Daytona was in February, and now it was April and our racing reason was beginning. Rene has the "Daytona Pace Car" and he starts making a "Deal" with all of the promoters at the race tracks that we were running.

Remember, it was four and five nights a week. Rene would "loan" the Pace Car to the track for the night for a small fee. That year he may have made as much money from the Pace Car as he did racing.

Rene was a Racer, a Showman, a Promoter and a friend, he will be missed O yeah, a prankster too. When the Victory Circle celebration was completed and efforts were made to conduct the lap of honor in the pace car, there was a holdup of many minutes as the south end of the pits was blocked by several hundred well-wishers. Team member after team member came up to the vehicle to greet the new champion, including three generations of the Andretti family.

Extremely moving was when the still-uniformed Ryan Hunter-Reay, who had come so close — leading as late as lap only to end up third — worked his way through the crowd and went up to warmly hug the man who had just beaten him. The smiling, unflappable Rusty had never driven anything other than some mild drag cars and the occasional kart before jumping into a supermodified for the show.

He won his qualifying race. He is sharp as a tack, a brilliant story teller, and builder of some of the best old-time stock cars in the region. They are restoring that coupe, which won widely. When Marty wandered into the garage area at NHMS, he bumped into Parnelli Jones, who was there trying out a modified built by Jimmy Dilamarter, his former crew chief and current business manager.

One great big tumble followed. They turn out beyond masterful restorations of classic Cadillacs and Packards, but are known especially for their hot rods, often flathead-powered.

Jim is a fastidious guy with a laid-back — almost placid — karma, but you should see him in a supermodified, a dirt modified, or a sprinter. He has won in all three. They are good people. That race was for breast cancer awareness, and everyone had a good time. No question Lonnie did. Photo by Donna Gellenbeck, speedshots hotmail. And did he ever have his super late model amped up. Photo by Nelson Leonard, www.

The wreck resulted in both injury — and safety. Wallace was the one who was hurt, with a badly busted wrist. Penske South majordomo, Don Miller, however, leveraged the experience in a most beneficial way.

First, noticing that the welds had held but the tubing cracked, he subsequently insisted that all material be bought from an OEM supplier and made to order, such that car builders would know what they were actually getting, vs. Second, having taken in the frightening airborne nature of the crash, Miller sat down with Bill France Jr, suggesting that there had to be a way to keep the cars closer to the ground in such incidents. Behind him, the Allard of Fred Wacker has, moments before this picture was taken, brushed the crowd on his approach to the corner.

The accident resulted in a spectator fatality. The race was halted immediately; racing through the village of Watkins Glen had ended forever. Tristan, only 15 at the time, comes from a serious racing family from Moultrie, GA. When Nuvolari was at his peak, the cars were brutes, the most dangerous they had ever been and, compared with today's cars, very hard to handle.

So I worked out my own methods. I let the car go, I let it slide. I found I knew where it was, always. That evil illness also took his two sons. As you could guess by a peek at his passenger, Billy James, who was gripping any nearby object, John Boy was on the hammer big time, waving people out of the way. He was pretty gutsy, considering the center of gravity, the roll cage, and the seatbelts McGee and Sonya A.

He was red hot, but his career was cut short by a savage sprint car crash at Eldora on September 25th of that year. Just how good was Page in the cockpit? In the background, Chitwood was himself unendingly focused on safety. Like his own racing back in the day, however, the auto daredevil business was not for the faint of heart.

Here are some of his original performers, L-R: He performed three consecutive rollovers over a ramp in front of a packed grandstand. Wentzel never came out. On October 5, the huge annual Pines Reunion will be held at the original site of the track, attended by thousands of fans and an enormous lineup of old race cars. Who might remember that grizzly night some 61 years ago? Based on extraordinary images from the last few decades, the book includes sprinters, Silver Crown, and midgets.

As you can see, sometimes the track has mega-bite. But sometimes, the dust is rolling. I appreciate it every time I hit the track, especially in a big block supermodified, the ultimate oval-track race car. Too Tough to Tame by Cathy Elliott. The race was called by Ernie Saxton, his final night in the announcer's booth after an astounding 45 seasons.

Much of Ernie's attention was on gasser Jeff Strunk who started fourth in the 33 car field. The nine-time track champ motored on to his fifth Freedom 76 victory.

That may be humiliating for Karl, but he deserves it. A week or so ago, he took off for the races at Bethel, NY, with his modified and his comely wife Christine. The neat little track there is right near the infamous field where the Woodstock music festival took place some 44 years ago. We were quite clear with Matty that next time he wins, he will owe Coastal a commission. Here's what he says: Bethany won her heat, after losing the power steering on the 2nd lap, no less, with her Dad 2nd.

She then went out and led the first 18 laps of the feature before Seth Carlson got by for the win. Bethany hung on to 2nd, with Greg 3rd. Check this out from Salinas, CA, in Hunt, the Englishman, was all over the news for his tirelessly provocative life style, while the shy and calculating Austrian suffered a fiery near-death accident during the season and, incredibly, returned for the final two events.

Fuji secured the title. From H UNT vs. It was also packed with some very cool and unusual cars. Outfitted with a Ford flathead with an Ardun overhead valve conversion, the car has an incredible resume.

In the fifties it won widely — Thompson, CT; Mt. That fall, two of the best turned out to be as equal as you can get at Martinsville. Charlie Jarzombek L and Tony Hirschman both qualified at Charlie was fatally injured at the track on the first day of spring, three years later.

One day at Winchester, however, he spun down the backstretch with a flat right rear, got into the infield, and did a little farming. It ended up being a hard hit, but his Drinan midget held up fine. He won all 11 Can-Am shows that year, winning the driving championship ahead of Dennis Hulme. Meanwhile, a bit to the east at Sportsman Park in Bedford, Ohio, the nicknames went to the cars. The oval-track community sure could use a shot of it today.

A former upstate New York stock car champion and current sprint car standout did something a little different last weekend. Jessica Zemken became the first woman in history to qualify for the International Budweiser Classic at Oswego.

Damage to the front suspension took her out of the event. He always seems consummately prepared, leaning heavily on his knowledge rather than a teleprompter. And over the seasons, on his off days, he has leaned heavily on the go-pedal. He has won many, many SCCA races. He had done some off-road racing in the Baja , and he heard that they were trying it on a smaller closed course inside Ascot Park in Gardena, CA, in He went over to give it a shot in a Chevy-powered Jeepster.

In fact, I began competing at Ascot on a regular basis that summer. Cunningham enlisted his buddies Miles and Sam Collier to drive it, and they responded with style. Attired in business suits, ties and all, they muscled it to a tenth-place finish. And, when it came time for the year-old Stirling to get off horseback and into cars, success followed immediately. He broke three ribs, three vertebrae, two legs, an ankle, and his nose and was told he would be in a plaster body cast for six months.

Five weeks later he broke the track record at Silverstone in England. From Formula One at Watkins Glen: He even looked good tri-cycling, when his right front left for the infield. But it didn't last too long before he flipped. Repairs were made and an undaunted Davey brought her home for eighth in the feature. Close to his home though it was, Corey never liked that track. He spent the first half of the season running the car up north at Plattsburgh. Then that Siren-like call of the dirt at Fonda grabbed him again.

Corey destroyed the car. The number of wheels under him and the location of the race track apparently made little difference. He won that show in , , and Peroni unbuckled, himself afire, and leapt out onto the backstretch. Track workers smothered the flamers as he rolled on the ground. Meanwhile, his car continued to motor on, now engulfed, circling scarily around the infield until it stopped and burned to a crisp. Peroni suffered terrible burns to his neck and hands.

I see a message here. It draws upon a cruising tradition along Woodward Avenue, dating back to the hot-rod and muscle-car eras. It is estimated these days that the event draws a staggering 40, rolling collector cars, viewed by one million spectators, perched along the sidewalks.

Cruising the Legendary Strip , by Robert Genat. He has won widely across the Northeast since bomber days back in the sixties and has produced many a modified, all beautifully conceived and constructed. The pace has slowed in Waterboro, ME, over the last couple of weeks, however.

He spent a couple of days in the hospital and was diagnosed with a concussion, internal bleeding, a broken sternum, and fractured vertebra. That body cast will definitely keep him out of the garage for a while. How come it took him the whole Union army to beat up these Southerners, while now it only takes you and me? The story goes that he took an escape road only to discover — too late — that a fence had been built across it to protect onlookers.

Palace of Speed , by Dick Wallen. Pictured in are Nina Mrs. Jochen Rindt, Sally Mrs. Piers Courage, Patty Mrs. Bruce McLaren , Betty Mrs. Graham Hill, and Helen Mrs. By season's end, the first three were widows.

The weather was perfect, the stands overflowing, and the pits full. Sure, that was a show yesterday at the Cup race at Watkins Glen. But how about last Tuesday night up at Autodrome Chaudiere on his way there? A standing room only crowd stood for a standing ovation. They got to reminiscing about tales from the Brickyard. The place was dominated by Hoosier drivers and those coming in from California. We asked Denny what it was like. What he was thinking on the his parade lap at Indy after a hurried climb up the short-track ladder, in front of that huge crowd, side by side with the most heralded drivers in the world, all wrapped with that eerie sense of danger.

Both died way too young — Ollie, after being critically injured in a racing accident, gradually faded away, while Mike was struck down by cancer. John Halloran Photo aaaaaaaaaaa Eldora Speedway. The calm before the storm.

Those were motion picture back-lots off of turn three and four. Indy winner Tommy Milton was star of the day. Incredibly, it would be another 19 years before that speed was exceeded at Indianapolis.

And here, dicing on turn four, were the beauty and the beast. Down low was none other than Indy winner and all-around champion Parnelli Jones. Jimmy had never even seen an asphalt modified before undertaking the project, and he towed the car all the way out from Redondo Beach, California for the event. Upstairs, in the painfully rudimentary, year-old Coastal coupe releasing clods of old clay, was Kenny VanWert, popular upstate New York racer and racing proponent. Arguably the same thing went on in Europe, but a few years earlier.

In this shot from the Monaco Grand Prix on May 18, , Luigi Musso muscles his traditionally shaped Ferrari into a stone-surfaced turn. He managed a second-place finish, but was significantly behind Frenchman Maurice Trintignant in a Cooper. The writing was on the wall. The surface was the highest point, affording fans and photographers a neat, low-angle view.

He busted an axle in an early round and became a bipedal locomotive, pushing his car the whole quarter-mile to qualify — one minute, 35 seconds, at 3. In the final, however, rear end revamped, he whipped Bob Keith for the win at 8.

Then he climbed into cockpits. He astounded the railbirds by qualifying faster than any rookie ever had. Then in the , the day after his 28th birthday, he backed it up with a strong fifth place finish. Here he is — at the interface of fatigue and exuberance. As history shows, he was one helluva race car driver. It is fully inventoried with all manner of things racers can do to transform their cars and themselves — all beautifully, cleverly, and often amusingly packaged in its monthly wrapper.

Kostash, a popular racer and car builder, was from Edmonton, British Columbia. It's a legendary race track with a long history. Action is still alive and well at the Action Track. That Robert Ballou, on bottom, is a hard racer. Always pushing it to the limit, sometimes over. Always worth keeping the camera on. Those names still resonate nationwide among those who read National Speed Sport News and the other racing periodicals of the day. Their starter, double-sized Duane Sweeney, was sure part of the action, too.

Dale Grubba, Patrick Heaney Collection. He was a piece of work. His Elto-powered midget was pretty loud, so loud, they say, that with a following wind it could be heard 20 miles away.

It was also odoriferous. Oscar was quite the mixologist, brewing up exotic fuels — and he loved to lay smoke screens as he roared down the straightaway. He loved the ladies, too. The two were to become friends and colleagues on ABC. Watson, the famed championship builder and crew chief, spotted us and waved us over.

He was tending to a sprint car that night. As you can see, he brought along one of his oldie but goodies from the seventies. His spiffy new TEO got majorly rearranged when a spindle broke the previous week at Fonda, resulting in a spectacularly violent end-for-end. David sure was moving slowly for a few days. In actuality, it HAS a long time. Reportedly its first use in an Indy car came in in the John Zink Special. We know for sure that the Company was helping some midget teams by then.

The Trenton NJ race was always a big one, and you never knew just who was coming to town. Wouldn't you have loved to see this? Jan Opperman, one of the greatest dirt slingers of the time, in a mighty Tant-Mitchell flying 11, this one a spiffy Camaro. James Hinchcliffe looks like he wants one, too. In the winter of , he went to Australia to race, his outrageousness in tow.

At the final show Down Under, he is said to have instigated such a riot among the 30, fans that they destroyed his race car.

He lost nothing, as he had sold it to a local earlier in the evening. Sitting on of this very clean flathead compartment is one neat looking intake manifold with two Stromberg 97 carbs. The Stromberg Company produced them as standard kit for Flathead V-8s to early As hot rodders popped up — and hopped up their stuff, they were drawn to the elegant simplicity of the The design made it easy to mate two or three carbs with progressive linkaging. Over time, as flathead cubic inches began to be maxed out by rodders and racers in the late fifties, four — sometimes six — Strombergs were needed due to their low CFM capacity.

Then, when the larger overhead, more powerful engines became available, newer products like Holley were far more appropriate. Somehow, though, like the deuce coupe, the ole Stromberg 97 lives on, with both original and knockoff versions available and still used by purists. They came through big time, calling Grant King and asking him to design and build a Champ Car with the input of chief mechanic George Bignotti. The next year, sponsored by Topper Toy Company, he won all of them.

Has there ever been a more classic race car? There's definitely brotherly love in the family McKeon, but it's entwined with a lighthearted competition that has been going on for some time. When they bring their cars to Legion NH Speedway this summer, their combined age will be Jack does admit that Mark is a feature winner, but points out that Mark has so little mechanical ability that Jack has to do all the work on both cars.

Meanwhile Mark admits that Jack has been a winner, too, but points out that Mark's two wins came 41 years apart - one at the old Plainville Stadium in Connecticut and one at Whip City. John DaDalt Photo - The brothers call John "the Bladder" since they noticed he can do a full day's photography at the Chili Bowl and never visit the facilities A pipeline was installed around the outside of the track such that drain oil often 10, gallons worth could drip onto the surface to prevent dusting up.

That surface looks pretty racy — if a little gritty — in this shot taken at an AAA event in It would definitely not have been a good idea to get to flipping along the top of those rail road ties backing the wooden fence. And, of all the cars competing, it is said that nationwide the dirt late models are most popular. Craig Whyte Photo, www.

The images Joyce has assembled — and woven together — are absolutely show-stopping. Both spent considerable sheet time after the incident, described as one of the most spectacular at the oval that originally opened in Our friend Mike Petrucci has passed along this neat shot of the three a few minutes earlier, Ray out front with Kevin checking out the stairs and Scotty in hot pursuit.

The following two years were to produce the most spectacular phase of midget auto racing seen anywhere in the world.

After all, the track was little more than a motorcycle Wall of Death. It was one-eighth of a mile, its boards built to a dizzying degree bank, and speeds were unimaginably fast right from the first lap on April 3rd.

And it was unimaginably dangerous. In the semi on opening night, Ken Fowler lost it in his Elto and vaulted the guardrail, as shown above in this fuzzy but dramatic photo. Just one cable kept him from going fully into the stands, but 13 spectators in the front row were injured, and Fowler broke an arm.

Our dear friend and Coastal compadre Jim Rigney passed away on Monday following a tough three-year struggle with cancer. Jim was a pearl of a man, gentle, dedicated, self-effacing, wise.

To put in perspective just how long we knew one another, it was Jim who designed the catchy poster we distributed so widely way back in when we promoted the first Spring Sizzler, the modified race that still today opens the season in Stafford, CT.

Years later when we started Coastal , Jim and his wife Sandy were right there to share with us their depth of knowledge and contacts in the educational publishing industry in which Jim built an enviable career. Together we worked our way through the challenges of changing technology and building a company focused solely on motorsports books. How we will miss him. Rest in peace, Jim. Amazingly everyone made it through OK.

Stergios in the 11 fought through lap-after-lap action like this to earn the win, with Medeiros 50 taking second and Nocella 29 third. Incredibly, after all these years, Barry still puts modifieds on the track, although these days they are driven to wins by Jon McKennedy.

The original Bobby Santos was a big winner on both dirt and asphalt in his day. Teamed with others, his car had won in and The next year he went it alone with top-shelf dirt-tracker Les Wilden at the helm. And the next night at Mason City. And the next night back at the Fair on Thursday. Would you prefer to have that square top 00 or the tow car in your garage?

But the facility also had a long history of open-wheel racing. In a champion hard-top guy, Billy Boo, decided to take a fling in the midgets. He jumped in Harry Wright's Offy, and they were hot from the start. Then came July 4. Billy got to flipping after someone blew a motor and he was launched right atop the wall.

Nobody believed he could still be alive. He had broken ribs, a broken arm, and the top of his helmet was all scraped off. Later when we talked about it and I told him how his arms went flying when he lost grip on the wheel, he said he was just waving to me. He continued at Danbury until the closure, two decades later, and compiled an impressive win list. It also won at Milwaukee the next week. After that the season went bad. The car would finish no more races. This weekend, , bikers will be converging on New Hampshire for the annual Bike Week.

Like all the cutdown guys, it seems, Gavin danced to his own drum, doing what he had to do to get by. Rhode Island racing historian John Monaghan says that Gavin could sell anything to anyone and he provides proof. Becker has also exercised that car at some vintage national events. He returned for feature competition and managed a 15th place. Neither was really injured, but Bill did end up with a costly case of bent chassis syndrome.

Two world-class sprint car wheelmen, Steve Smith L and Jan Opperman, had seen it all in their already legendary careers. But they were all eyes checking out the competition. He is looking around to watch the flight of a rear wheel as it flies high into the crowd.

Floyd finally brought his rocketing car to a halt and thereby escaped injury. You can see now why Bones gets to hang out with all the big boys. It rained from the oil pan. One of its foremost performers was a transplanted Carolinian named D. It all came to a tragic end the first day of summer in when D. He is nicknamed "The People's Champ" for his personality and popularity with the fans but he could also be called Mr.

On more than one occasion in his career he's lost rides to younger drivers, some of whom bring dollars to the table. Most notable was when he lost the Lewis 9 midget ride after winning two championships.

They had a brand new Chevy, one of those ci engines, rated at horsepower, just off the production line, and a truck load of high hopes. They had a horrid qualifying run, however, and started 41st. The 23 starters provided plenty of action, certainly including American driver E. Hayes and his riding mechanic Arthur Johnson. Hayes stayed aboard and steered to a stop. Johnson, however, went for a sky ride, landing 72 feet away, right in front of the aghast crowd that assumed him dead.

He was gathered up by a horse-drawn ambulance and taken away. He began his driving career in and competed at the Brickyard five times, best finish an eighth in It was , and Williams was hauling his way to one of his five Mississippi Valley Automobile Racing Association championships.

Hamilton certainly has an intense look about him. Before Ralph Moody went south and made such a huge impact on stock car racing with Holman Moody, he lived in Taunton, Massachusetts, and was quite the gasser in pre- and post-war racing.

His racer was a Model T, replete with a 2x4 wooden chassis. A few years later he moved very successfully into the midgets, winning widely. On this night, however, a plug blew out of the V-8 60, covering him liberally with scalding oil. Derek Byler hauls his late model deep into the turn this spring at the half-mile in Port Royal, Pennsylvania.

As John Mahoney recorded in , however, the Brickyard attracts all manner of characters — tethered and otherwise — in the swell of a couple of hundred thousand fans. Wayne Helliwell beat Brian Hoar by a whisker. Note the long, smooth Lexan plastic skirts on the underside, allowing the wings to be smaller and cause less drag.

The track, opened in before a crowd of 70,, was an imposing one-mile, ultra-high-banked concrete oval — and it was ill-fated. Coombes was the last to die there. Ironically, it was on June 14, , and the track had already closed.

Coombes had just stopped by for a practice run. Mike Kemp Collection from vintagespeedway. They responded big time. Here two legends, Bill Schindler upstairs and Al Keller show the stuff that made them famous.

In the end, neither, however, was able to outrun fate. Schindler died in a sprint car at Allentown, PA, in , while Keller perished in a fiery Champ car wreck in Phoenix a decade later.

It seems the kid can drive anything, anywhere, and go VERY fast. Years ago, when he was knee high to a hubcap working his way up from small-block supers, we thought he should get some dirt on his goggles. It was perfect that it was numbered The idea was that I would lead him around in our car to show him the ropes. Its best speed on nitro, driver Bill Peterson at the helm, was mph in the low nines. That paint job is historically correct.

Back in the day, the Oldsmobile Salmon color matched the tow car. Both Excalibur and its trailer were painted with a brush. The car caught a rut and flipped — right out of the place, right on top of him, severely injuring him. Located in Fountain City, Wisconsin, the track has been completely rehabilitated and is very racy.

Flaherty had been hired after Bob Sweikert left the ride following a contract dispute. Flaherty looks particularly pensive here, and that squares with his reputation. He was known as a loner, cool and detached, but he was all business out on the bricks. Leaning on his dirt track experiences back in California, he gave that Zink Special some kind of ride, lifting the left front wheel shockingly in the turns, scooping both the pole a new record at mph and the accident-ridden He won at Milwaukee the next week, but was subsequently involved in a horrible crash in a Kurtis Kraft dirt car at Springfield, Illinois, that pretty much ended his racing career.

He originally bought it in high school in Ten years later it was the cover car for the brand new Hot Rod magazine in June of Note the hot set-up custom-cast aluminum valve covers, inscribed. Focus worked then and it still works now. Safety first, you know. But back in , at the Hudson NH Speedway, snow banks were still at the edge of the track on opening day.

As the afternoon sun did its work and the temperatures rose, those snow banks melted and the supermodifieds just kept on racing. Look carefully and you can see the stream of water under and behind this injected direct-drive lightweight super and the spray in the air off its tires.

Nobody seemed to lift that spring day and there were no big crashes, either. That coupe behind him was built in the s by his buddy, a tug boat captain off Staten Island, to run at Weissglass Stadium.

He later campaigned it on the clay at East Windsor in New Jersey. Nonetheless there was need for celebration. Mike says Metal Man was seen parading through town with his ramp truck, with lights and horns, bells and whistles, spreading the good tidings. And the same thing is going on behind Pronger. That was the hot setup. Son of a well-healed diplomat, the young FI driver surely had the bucks to concentrate on racing. Fangio should stay World Champion for another year. In one week they were married, taking residence in a yacht anchored in Monaco Harbor.

History will say they did not have that much time ahead of them. Collins died at Nurburgring, edging Tony Brooks for the lead, barely 18 months later. The circle track guys, represented by Dick Sutcliffe, were none too pleased, and most of a rainy Saturday was spent in argument. In the end Hitz gave Hansen the okay. It might not have been the most popular decision he could have made. The Late Models take the green at Volusia this past February. Racing motors are the music of the night.

Troy Bregy Photo, www. Promising Henry Surtees, son of John Surtees, the Formula One World Driving Champion both pictured above , was racing into the Sheene corner, when a wheel became unthethered from another car.

Incredibly, it struck Henry on the head, rendering him unconscious, and he subsequently slammed into the wall and died. Everyone was devastated, including his parents who witnessed the incident. It continues today, focused on supporting research on brain injuries.

It was the tipping point moment between home-built modifieds and the factory cars so common today. Racing season is really trying to get started nationally this weekend, despite the cold reaching so widely across the North. Those folks in down in Florida sure had a head start. They caught Sportsman shoe Corey Howard on the hammer big time. The extreme side cars will be part of the show, and they sure are extreme.

David Allio caught Todd Lesenko in the act. Lesenko, driving his Canadian-based Dodge Charger Funny Car, dispatched the body during the second round of qualifying for the recent 14th Annual SummitRacing. He had qualified with an earlier ET of 4.

Photo by David Allio, www. In its years of offering up auto racing, the square-shaped track in Flemington, NJ, was known for wild and popular racing. It was intense and dangerous, but sprinkled with levity at the same time.

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Rene would "loan" the Pace Car to the track for the night for a small fee.

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He managed a second-place finish, but was significantly behind Frenchman Maurice Trintignant in a Cooper. Can you imagine what that book will be like?! This is no recent phenomenon.

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Repairs were made and an undaunted Davey brought her home for eighth in the feature. But how about last Tuesday night up at Autodrome Chaudiere on his way there? Upstairs, in the painfully rudimentary, year-old Coastal coupe releasing clods of old clay, was Kenny VanWert, popular upstate New York racer and racing proponent. By he was at Indy. As part of the pre-event publicity, a match race was held at Roosevelt Stadium, and a very healthy crowd watched dirt-track ace Frank Schneider in a Jaguar XK take on Lee Petty in a Dodge. Jessica Zemken became the first woman in history to qualify for the International Budweiser Speed dating phoenixville pa at Oswego. A standing room only dating site filipino american speed dating phoenixville pa for a standing ovation.