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My grandparents lived on Waverly, and we lived on 25th Street, very near the Esquire Theater. Check out the St. Louis, family, friends and hometown pride are forever in my heart.

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He has sinced passed away. The tableside preparations are sure to impress at restaurants like Dominic's. Annie McHale Jul I loved ESL, a lot of good memories with friends and family. The Wetstone's and Jarosik's lived next to us. Just wondering what ever happened to that mythical figure.

The drug store sold rock candy. What great great memories. Is anyone out there that went to Morrison in the 60's? Looking for Donna Nichols and Gloria Cawvey. Reese Plickebaum May I lived across the street from Jim Foster. I believe he moved to Texas. I am Maurice Plickebaum. My brother Jerry worked at the Neiders dairy on Caseyville Ave. Does anyone know anything about Miss Edwards? Mary's Hospital, , Dr. Best friend was Larry Shaw.

Main Street was booming in those days, even with St. Louis just across the river. Saw many movies at the Majestic. Remember 1st grade teacher Mrs.

Crites and 2nd grade teacher Miss Mann. Last teacher was Mr. Nicholson, in the Annex building. He taught from the back of the class, with our chairs facing forward. Other classmates I remember: Aaron Leach, James Dinwitty? I took the medicine as prescribed by him and 19 days later i was cured from HIV, Dr. I am looking for anyone who knew the McCains or Crossens.

Michael Hagler Apr Like me, she mentioned being born in and attended Longfellow School Rock Jr. She also mentioned the name of Jack Theiss who was a classmate and friend in my homeroom class and other classes at Rock from to Elmo Bush was our HR teacher -- an amazing teacher.

I hope, Sharon, you might see this and respond. I was saddened some years ago when my google searching for ESL revealed a town of social and economic decline and decay. I had a great childhood growing up there. Lived on 18th street just a block from St. Spent a lot of time at Jones Park and at my grandparents' house on 55th Street a block from Caseyville Rd. Longfellow grade school was brilliant.

I recall vividly my first grade teacher Mrs. Kennedy who said her name sounded like 'Candy" and the beautiful Miss Mann who all us boys just adored. I now live in New Zealand, by the way, where I moved with my wife and two kids in - a beautiful paradise and wonderful place to live.

I hope you can respond Sharon. The school was built in the early 's. We had two recess area playgrounds, one for the girls, to the left of the school as I recall, and one for the boys on the right. There were little grocery stores on both sides, the "Boys store" sold us many baseball cards of course and the "girls store" sold, I don't know, almost never went there. We played baseball, home plate was where the silo was that would allow us to slide down to the ground in the event of a fire.

As a first grader, I got conked on the chin by a swinging bat rounding the silo, so I learned that lesson the hard way.

We had a weird tradition, if kids got tired of collecting cards, they would yell "throw up" and throw all their cards in the air, and we would beat ourselves to death trying to get them. Great times, great fun at Slade.

Our 3rd grade teacher Miss Lynch was very beautiful and all of us boys waited for her every day at the front gate. We moved to Dallas in upon my graduation from 6th grade. I would LOVE to know if anyone has any photos of the school. Norman Taylor Apr Miss Lynch was our gorgeous 3rd grade teacher and heart-throb of all the boys, we all waited for her at the front gate every day.

I moved to Dallas in upon graduating sixth grade. If anyone has any images of the school or the city in those years, I would love to see them. Please just post here and I will send you my e-mail address.

Michael was a baker and owned a wholesale pie business and a small restaurant. I'd love to know the names of the businesses or at least the street addresses so I can track down photos.

All I know is that they were in East St. He worked at the World's Fair in as a baker. My mother was born in these are her grandparents and she has memories of eating pie with them at their shop at a young age.

My name is sarah. Paula R Mar Your sister Carol and I were very good friends for a short amount of time when we all lived on 53rd. I still have a picture of us together we took at Grants in the photo booth. We lived a couple houses down from you on 53rd.

I don't remember you, but I do remember Donny. If you see this, and talk with your sister. Tell her re headed friend Paula sends her love. Jennifer Francis Mar Or a man named Jerry that died in a car accident in Jone's park in or 53? Is there anyone still in he area? I am trying to find a very old and dear childhood friend I lost contact with in the early 's.

His name was Steve O'Well he had an older brother named Gary, they lived behind a small gas station a few blocks down the street from the school. Last I heard the both lived in Collinsville and Steve had enlisted in the Navy. If anyone knows either of them please let me know. I have a lot of good memories growing up in ESL. It is a shame to see what happened to the town.

Each classroom was filled and there were two classrooms per grade. The desks in the old section of the building were the old-fashioned rail mounted, desk with a tilt seat, sectioned for 3 or 4 students. There was an ink well hole cut in desk tops but never used for ink while I was there.

Desks in the newer section were free standing with tilt-up desk tops and attached chair. Teachers during my time were Ms. Wilson they were sisters , Ms. Education was serious and fun. It was not uncommon to hear classroom singing, or have school wide programs where each room performed during Christmas.

A picture of George Washington hung above the black chalk board in each room. I have so many memories of these times. Other 2 friends, Sharon and Eleanor Walls died too soon. She help us a lot! We lived N43rd My uncle ran a lumber yard. His name was Robinson. I had an uncle that owned a lumber yard whose name was Robinson. What happened to the Millers. Melba, Carol, Sandy, Betty and Jean. Il to try them and where told they could not get them from the old buyers. They were good but like the ones in ESTL.

Your father his son opened the one in Signal Hill. After grandpa passed my grandma went to work for your dad. Grandma and grandpa sold the store on Bond Ave to a Mr. She worked the Jupiter store in downtown East St. She attended East St. Kathleen Hamilton Jan My grandparents lived on Waverly, and we lived on 25th Street, very near the Esquire Theater. I remember a man who sold tamales on the corner. We also went to the ice cream place a few blocks away--Velvet Freeze? We swam at Jones Park, but with the polio scare, that was closed for many summers.

Louis, which he later moved to the foot of Signal Hill. I forgot the address. Dad was always working it seemed but did close the drugstore on Sundays and we ate out every Sunday. Such wonderful memories of childhood with lots of freedom! Terry Waterman Jan I can't find the actual post, just the Google reference!!

I went to Longfellow school with them as little girls from the ages from about the 2nd to 5th And 6 grades. They were my two best friends back in the early middle 60s. And I think of them often. I wonder where they are and how they are doing. Please contact me at if possible. I also had a A good friend name Neverland. Sorry for the incorrect spelling please help if you can thank you.

Was my Grandparents building and we lived behind it. Where are photo's or our money. Jim Foster Dec Try the early 50's. Neiders Dairy for ice cream? The Spot Tavern with a cork ball cage? If so who might you be? I don't know much about her except that her name is Angela Christine but I don't know a last name. We believe she was born around Washington Park, and St Louis area. We also believe that she was born around and her birthday could be may 21st.

Louis, IL in the 's. Was American Steel the same company???? His last year of teaching was He was a general business teacher at Clark, and he was not fired. He quit his job and moved to another state. I am a friend of the Reynolds' family, and I knew Clyde well. Yes, he passed of pancreatic cancer. Born and raised in Washington Park.

Do anyone have the name of the old black and white building that sat across from Jones Park. Can't find pics of it know where online. Louis High in 72 and Can't remember their last name but their first names were Sandy and Debra.

I believe they went to a Catholic grade school. Yvonne Gorton Aug They would be relatives and I am trying to trace my grandfather's family there.

His name was James Edward Dwyer, born around Anna had a brother named Thomas Donahue there also. This message is for Julia who inquired about a celebration her grandparents attended. I believe that celebration was the th anniversary celebration of the founding of the city of East St Louis. We all dressed up in period attire and had a big ole party downtown on Collinsville Avenue.

We lived in the Lansdowne area at that time and my father insisted we travel as they did one hundred years ago. So we walked the whole five message downtown and back too!: I don't know if your viewing the site any longer. If you are what happened to the Milers on 53rd. Know that Melba married Benny and Carol married Bill. Are they still in the area. What about Gene, Sandy and Betty. You can leave condolences at Belleville News Democrat. Annie McHale Jul Her sister, Edith King, was born in They had an older brother, Larry, who has since passed.

I believe they lived on Olive Street. Their parents were Samuel and Eddia King; they both died when my mother was young, so she and Edith moved from ESL in the mid 30's to live with relatives. My mom 88 and Aunt Edith 94 are still going strong. If you knew them, I'd be happy to put you in touch. Anna Fay Jul They used to be next to Longfellow in I was forbidden 2 go there unless the Mrs. I went to Hawthorne and Lansdowne, we moved in I would be interested in hearing any news of Steve or anyone else from that area and era.

The friends name was Rudolph Jackson they attended rock Jr high together not sure which years my dad is James stewart. I was born at St. In my dad left my mother and me. I only lived there a few months but I remember playing in the street dead end I rode my bike with a family of 3 children.

I can only remember 2 of their names Jean boy and Sandy girl There were 2 sisters that played badmitton in the street for hours. My uncle thought they were amazing and always stated what good girls they were. I don't remember their names but I believe the brother and sister were named Miler.

I remember there was a railroad track and I went T Morrison grade school. Always wondered what happened to the Millers think that was their name. If your out there hello and thanks for making that summer bearable. You crossed my mind a couple of months ago thinking about our conversation setting out in the train yard at GC Steel thawing coal cars. She was 1o years old when it happened.

I am trying to look up my grandmothers family history any info would be great thanks. He was born in Dec Unknown which grade school he attended. He was adopted into our family about He grew into a fine young man.

His character has had a positive influence on so many lives. His life was cut short but is still remembered fondly 50 yrs later. My sister and I are gathering information for a story of his life. Thank you if anyone knew him and could share any stories. His name was Clyde Reynolds.

He was the youngest teacher there and was fired Does anyone know why? He has sinced passed away. There were two sisters JoAnn and Debbie. They had a cousin Joyce. Joyce had a younger brother and older twin sisters. JoAnn and Debbie had a younger sister.

Their father was extremelytall and mother a rather large attractive lady. I am Stacy Bollinger. Went to EastSide with Joyce. I believe, but not sure, that she married Robert Whines. I an on facebook if you want to message me.

I am looking for Melba Miller. I believe you were friends with her brother Jean. Clair and buy a bag of fries with extra added salt, then try to get back to school before the bell. R Pierce Mar My grandparents lived at Audubon and I remember walking to Eiseles and Byderdorfers and even to the show down the block.

It's so sad about ESL. My last memories were when my grandparents needed nursing care in their home and I had to go walk the people home with a.

We moved to Texas in I think it was Hatchers. I love this site. I love reading the comments. It takes me back to a wonderful time in my life.

I believe it closed down in the mid to late 60's. We must be related: Margaret Whitsett Mar Louis in the mid 60's at age 10, I was so very sad. We lived on 73rd St by the firehouse. My aunt owned Orphanage Grocery Store. We had family parties, bar-b-que's and FUN always. My grandmother lived on 61st St. Even though I spent the rest of my growing up years up the hill in Belleville, I never felt welcomed. My memories of East St.

Louis, family, friends and hometown pride are forever in my heart. Doug Clements Feb I was born there in the late 40's. Related to the Goedecke's. I remember a Willy - who had a few brothers - and his sister I think Elsie. They had a Lumber Yard and used building supply place. I spent a lot of time there. Don't recall where it was -?? Anyone know of them?

Please email me at djcpilot10 gmail. My father is Brian billups sr. Everybody called him Connie He attended Cahokia high school and played basketball I was born in North Carolina but I spent many summers in east Saint during the late 80's early 90's My grandfather attended mount tabor baptist church in centrevile I am reaching out to see if any one know my people..

I haven't been back since my grandma Delilah passed away about 6 years ago.. My grandfather was Joe Billups.

It was owned an ran by Otzi Hartstein. There was a confectionary market right next to Longfellow but I can't recall the name of it. Does anyone remember this and what the name of it was? Pearl Tabb Jan I got in around the 6th grade and then ended up at the "Rock". I was fortunate to play with many of these old bands. A few of the old clubs from that era were: Rosemary Page Gruber Jan Graduated from East Side in ' I remain actively involved in all my class reunions as well as the class of ' Would love to hear from other East Side alumni from the late 50s and early 60s.

And,yes ,Dorothy I do remember you. However, a glass of warm whole milk with No Growth Hormones in the evening can help with getting to bed early. Actually, I've spent a few restless nights myself lately. Since the wife is usually up too it's not to bad. I noticed your comment yesterday morning, but was running a little late for church and could not comment at the time.

An old friend, Larry P Side note: On state st,from 16th to 19th,were rows of two story apt homes. I was 3 or 4 and rememberthe noise of the train and busy main drag. Went Longfellow about the time all kid were getting polio shots. Matter of fact my backyard was the school playground. Lived 3 different homes on 15th and one duplex on Wabasha. Remember going to Longfellow Market alot. Around 4th grade moved to 22nd ridge. That also had a playground in my backyard Peabody switching yards. Went there with a brother and sister by the names Norma and Norman.

Out their backdoor was the school playground. It's strange how much things changes in 6 months. Back to Park which was 1 block the National Guard Armory. Another name from that school sticks out, Theadour Thigpen. He was a thin black boy who could sing like ,well like nobody i ever would imagine that young could,Still living at 22nd st. Names i remember from there: Bbl with more names. Patricia DeLeon Dec We grew up right behind Tomboy grocery store on McCausland so every year when my sister visits we drive to East St.

Louis for some great memories and noticed they were gone. They hung in there for many years.. They're located on hwy across from Culvers restaurant. I was born in ESL in at St. Our family doctor was Dr. We lived at N. I went to Holy Angels catholic church and school. We moved to Ferguson, MO in after I completed the 2nd grade. My grandparents were Edmund McAtee, Sr. Dad's siblings are Edmund Jr. I believe all of the McAtee and Touchette girls went to St.

He then worked for the State of Illinois. Grandpa Touchette also organized a food pantry that started in Gagen's Tavern during the time the grocery store was still open. Dad says that several men volunteers would put together food baskets while drinking beer and cocktails. Later in his life he started an arm of the St. Even though I only lived there until is was 8, I still remember many places and businesses.

Going to Price's for a malt. My dad describes the Nightmare Burger as a two-patty burger with melted cheese, chili, onions, etc. Grandpa and Grandma McAtee lived just a couple houses down from Harold Price on 34th street who owned Price's as well as the corner liquor store. I remember the liquor store had a small selection of candy and grandma would give me and my brother some change to spend there. Price was murdered when checking on the burglar alarm at the liquor store.

I remember swimming in the Jones Park pool and at night going to look at the beautiful lighted fountain. This was a fantastic park at the time. I'm proud of my family and our roots there.

We were the first of our family to move out of ESL. The rest of the family moved out shortly after to towns such as Collinsville, Belleville, Smithton, Highland, Mascoutah and St. Written on December 23, Susan Smith Dec Donna Hoover my name is Susan Smith.

I lived at Russell Ave in Parkside subdivision from abouttil my father died in I went to Parkside school held in two separate houses at the end of a dead end street. Can't remember the name of the street?

My 3rd grade teacher was Miss Wolfrum and my 4th grade teacher was Mrs Ferguson. I remember the flood and people being helped out by boat when the Harding Ditch overflowed. I had a very bad reputation but I was a pretty good girl in reality. My email is gigisquirrel yahoo.

My dad was born in East St. His father was a moulder at "the valve plant," according to the census forms for Does anyone know what that was, and how I could find information about it? Gary Cobb Dec I used to hang there and remember Gus, Rose, and several I can't recall their names. You can also call me at and leave message. Yolanda Frye Nov She lived in the East St. Louis area back in the 's. Hester was murdered by her husband in approximately He was never arrested and eventually committed suicide.

Hester was my maternal grandmother. I was told she was buried at a funeral home in east St. Louis but the funeral home burned down. Yes, I did go to Morrison.

I didn't live on 61st and State Street but I had an older brother that lived on the south side of 61st street. It was a dead end street and he lived in the last house on the left. I was over there a lot. I lived at the time on 53rd and State. Between State Street and Summit Ave.

That name does ring a bell. Jojo BirdstheWord Evanss Nov You can reach via: Bob Murray Nov Saw your name and wanted to say Hi, Retired now for two years.

Glad we left Granite City Steel when we did. She taught at Jefferson elementary around ish. If anyone knows of her whereabouts I would really appreciate the In formation. Janice Pfeiffer castiller Nov Patty would be about 68 and Dorothy They lived with their grandmother on Warren Ave in Washington path in the 60s. Joan Hopper Nov The man worked at a corner grocery and bagged groceries. He had an aunt that lived in the apartment complex close by. The apartment is now torn down.

He wore white shirts and hair slicked back. May have been cuban or italian. Name may have been Jim Please contact me at campdwyernurse gmail. Don't have much of a life anymore. Family and friends are mostly gone. Going on 86 years old. Don't ever forget your roots because they help moldyou intp the people you are today. There were 3 restaurantto get lunch. I believe one was Riedels and they had the back door open.

It was on about 61St. That were my questions. Was it Riedels and Dizy Deans?. Miss the old neighboorhood. Good schools and good teachers Ms. Cameron and Ms Brinkman. Got involved with students and their lives. As it should be.. High yearbook from or 69 they want to sell? Also a East St. Louis high school yearbook from or ' My email is piscesyes1 yahoo.

Carole Grenawalt, Smith Oct There were so many girls that I was in class with and we went to the same elementary then junior high and ended up at high school.

Then there are some that was at the juior high and high and then a few I met while in high school. I am also trying to find a Donna Woods who lived on 47th st. Then Sharon Goosby who used to seat in front of me in the art room and talk but I was the one who got call on.

Looking for anyone who was in any grade with me. I left many years ago and still have memories around those years.

My name was Carole Grenawalt, I'm on classmates but haven't join in sometime. I got in touch with my cousin Shirley, I was so glad to talk to her again.

Still looking for those who sign my 65 year book and we didn't get our 66 sign because of late shipment. I had been married for almost 48 years and lost my hubby a day before Easter this year. I am trying to go the 50th on June 11th but I hope its not costly as the seniors of 65' couldn't attend at that cost.

Thanks for letting me write my two cents on your blog? I'm on facebook, cegy gmail. Clair Avenue in E. That was a winner!!! Walter Boyne Oct Great townat the time, outside of a graft-ridden government. Had a small but good stock of airplane models --Megow and Comet. I hope they had restfull senior years. Boyne had offices at 5th and Missouri; brother Bill Boyne was editor of E. My mother is Rita Neer, also born Christian Welfare in Her sisters were Judy and Joyce. My father, Theodore Vogt born in , also Christian Welfare.

His brother Eddie still lives in Ill. His sister Roseanne is in cali. They grew up in Fairmont and Washington park. You can send me an email to return. We lived in E. Louis from to about Mom and Dad bought the house new when they had their first child. The subdivision was built in the early 50's. We live on Delmar Drive at 71st and St Clair. Had 7 kids in the family, with one on the way, when we moved to Belleville.

After growing out of the house, my dad built one in a new subdivision, on Highwood Dr. I was going into 7th grade, and missed my old friends. Loved my childhood in E. Lots of kids to play with, and tons of fun and fights, LOL. My dear neighborhood friend, Debbie Ellsworth-I never saw her again, and missed her terribly-although I did see her brother, Harold, from time to time, when he came to hang out with my brothers. Philip grade school from , then unfortunately my parents pulled us out, and started driving us to St.

Albert the Great, because the new house was being built and that was going to be our new parish. My best friend was Darleen Debny. I keep in touch with her and see her occasionally, to this day, although she moved to Wisconsin in the 70's.

Philips is still in existence today, as Sister Thea Bowman school. In fact, this is how I got here to this site, this time, through the search engine, looking to see if St. Philip's was still in existence. We used to go from our house to the little market on Marybelle, finding bottles to cash in for candy and other goodies.

I moved back in the house around , with my son, and unfortunately had a house fire. The house was torn down and there is a mobile home there, now. Many times, I have driven throught the neighborhood for old times sake.. Sanford White Sep I lived on 25th Monroe Ave from about Not too difficult of a life there considering what some folks have had to deal with in their lives.

All the stronger for it though. Contentment yields a calm heart, but it's something the world doesn't teach or experience anymore. It has been over 3 months since anything has been posted and that has never happened before.

It would be a shame if it was dissolved but I can certainly understand if all postings nered to be read before being sent. Lincoln Senior High School graduates from class We are celebrating our 50th class reunion in October.

Here is a the information: February 17, Happy New Year and well wishes throughout the year to all classmates!! The dates selected for this gala affair will be October 16th. Saturday eve, October 17th, will be the main event as a banquet dinner in which classmates may come in black dressier attire.

Sunday will be church services, whereabouts will be announced at a later date. The balance will be expected to be paid no later than August 30th. Checks or money orders should be payable to Class of 65 Reunion and mailed to one of the classmates below.

Classmates may contact Dorothy Murray Tolson, email: The address is Tudor Ave in East St. Man named Jim worked there In Wore white t shirts and hair brushed to back. Family may have lived in Pruitt Igoe homes. Store near cass and Mullanpy st. Don Druse Aug Often wondered about him. Mike Tottleben Aug I remember Miss O'Reilly well. I had homeroom with Mr.

She used to open the adjoining door in the back of the room and monitor our class from behind, and if she caught you talking or chewing gum, she'd give you a few slaps on your back.

She sure put the fear of God in ME! If I happened to see her in the hall, I would walk way around her. Can't remember what subject she taught Chris Kassly Reinhart Aug Yesterday I was showing off my East St.

Does anyone know where I can acquire another? Are they still around? Had some good times! I like your pictures! They bring back memories. Email me if you like.

I knew Ace Hart and Bob Muckenstern. Also big Sidney Smith. Are any of those clubs still in business? Feel free to email me. I would like to know if she ever intends to get the books that she took orders and MONEY from 3 years ago.

Did you go to Morrison? Did you know a Judy Small? Black, 67, of East St. K Heard Jul I currently live in the Belleville area. I am proud to be from East St. I grew up on 13th Gary,12th St. Louis Ave and later North 36 St. I went to the Morning Star Baptist Church. We had the baddest church choir around. Do anyone remember the radio broadcast ever Sunday evening. Every Sunday evening we had to go to church to the broadcast. I thank God for my mom making us go to church.

I wish more parents raise their children the way our parents raised us. I believe it would be a lot less crime. Proud to be from East Boogie. Pop was Willie and worked for the railroad Mona fried the best chicken and cornbread ever. She was a stay at home mom and voluntereed at St.

They has 3 sons, Bruce Bull. Those boys were strong as ox and gentle as a lamb. They protected my mother and myself and took care of all of our repairs.

Mona kept plenty of grub on our table as well. They kept our family afloat for many a year and I know if they are no longer with us the pearly gate will never squuek because those boys are on top of it.

Mona would not hear of a growling tummy and Willie would supply the funding. May you all find peace where ever your perfect selves call home. After75 years your love and repect willcarrying on for many years through the stories told down.

Donna Hoover Jul I remember Parkside school, the year streets flooded, being pulled around neighborhood on sled pulled by cars. I, too, graduated in Who was among the group. Only lived in ESTL for 2 years. Really didn't know a lot of people. Lived with my grandmother on Kansas. My grandfather was an employee of a furniture store in the downtown area.

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And one of the larger decorative items ended up in an unlikely spot—the Anheuser-Busch Brewery , where a chandelier from the French pavilion hangs above the Clydesdale stables.

st louis dating services

One of them is the Jewel Box , an Art Deco-style conservatory with floral displays that are showered with sunlight thanks to the exterior glass walls.

st louis dating services

A few servicfs the old clubs from that era were: Links to related articles. Canvass The Hill, long distance relationships dating others city's Little Italy. ESL was scorn with racism, but the real issue was that there was nothing to keep the roots, no development or innovated businesses. Just looking for any old friends st louis dating services may come to this sight like: Summer is the servcies to head to Boathouse Forest Park enjoy lakeside patio dining, cold drinks, live st louis dating services and beautiful sunsets. Explore Laclede's Landing N.