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t-34-85 matchmaking

Meantime I am going to continue playing the Tigers, and will try out the T The regular Tiger is just under half-way to researching the top engine, and the Tiger P will now be researching the upgraded turret. I go into arty-mode, and make what amount to a couple of pot shots at enemy tanks as their cross the wall around E Despite the somewhat unsatisfying nature of a record, there were actually some interesting games.

The semi-random thoughts of Lewis Maskell

The other main thing that has happened in May that I have completed a number of tank research projects that I have been engaged upon for some time. Premium consumables are included, so it may be time eke out a small stockpile of those. To keep things ticking along however I sent another mission to Minmus using my now proven design, which was another success. It only applies to random battles. However, in theory these generally sound like improvements to the game.

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That heavily sloped front however massively increases the effective armour, especially at range. Given AP shells lose penetration the further distance they travel, once you are a few hundred metres away it becomes quite possible to bounce enemy shots, especially if you make what use you can of the depression of the gun to increase that effective angle even further. You do not have the gun depression to do hull-down tactics quite like one of the US tanks, but those small bumps in the ground and gentle slopes can be surprisingly useful even so.

Once an enemy gets up close, however, the armour is much less effective — and once you are flanked everything you meet will be able to inflict a lot of pain through your thinly armoured sides and rear. Keeping the enemy to the front is therefore quite important. This is made easier by the fact, with the upgraded engine, the Jagdpanther is actually a very manoeuvrable vehicle. It is not uncommon to outpace other tanks, or to keep pace with some of the mediums.

While it is not as speedy as the Stug III, it is still quite easy to over-expose yourself. Indeed, I would say this attribute is the chief cause for many of my struggles in the Jagdpanther. I am still not as good as I should be at dialling back the aggressiveness a little.

Those heavies have the heavy armour for a reason, so it is good idea to let them take the enemy shots. A dash to a good opening position is all very well, but too far forward is lethal. Far better to still be alive and then, later in the game, dash to a new position that helps flank an enemy heavy.

In a more purely defensive setting it also allows you to firebrigade to some extent — to relocate to where you are needed most at that particular time. Not so large that you cannot hide effectively in bushes, but not every bush will cover you. Likewise you are a reasonable target for artillery, so moving once detected is generally a good idea. The Jagdpanther is the first tank in which I have the commander trained with the Sixth Sense perk, and there is no doubt it greatly helped by games when it came into play.

I thoroughly recommend researching that skill. Otherwise the camouflage skill is also useful, but for the commander I would probably recommend Recon of the second skill as view range is vital. To increase mobility Off-Road Driving is something to consider for the driver, but would perhaps be less useful in a dedicated sniper.

The Jagdpanther has two very good top-tier guns, and it really is personal preference as to which one to play with. One delivers a higher rate of damage per minute, the other has much higher alpha, while penetration between the two is almost identical.

There is one other difference — shells for the 8. Your intended tactics, I think, generally dictate which of these guns you should use. If you intend to be more of a pure sniper then the 8. Also ammo costs are far less, which is a good thing since at range you are likely to be having more misses and bounces. Meanwhile if you are intending to fight at closer ranges the extra punch of the That extra damage is more likely to destroy an already damaged enemy tank, and intimidate those not destroyed into playing coy.

Accuracy is less important at close ranges, and the quicker aim time means less time feeling vulnerable. After playing around with both I eventually chose the If in doubt I also think this is probably the better choice since sniping is still very much an option with it — you will just miss a few more times over the course of several matches than you would with the 8.

Regardless of which gun you choose, however, you should be able to damage anything you encounter — though the higher tier tanks require some flanking and so on. I had a fairly successful record in the Jagdpanther — matches with 90 victories which puts my win rate in this vehicle more or less in line with my global win rate and enemy tanks destroyed. While that sounds good, there is a sense in which I find myself a little disappointed.

One symptom of this is that I never got the Ace Tanker award, even though I know there is a certain amount of luck involved with that.

No battle really stands out though. I have had quite a few good moments, but nothing consistent. The more I look back on those battles I think the more I realise I should have stepped back and done this sort of thinking whilst still playing the tank. Lesson to learn for the future. Despite all of this the Jagdpanther was quite a fun tank to play, even on my exceptional losing streaks.

Well, I was going to write up a totally different battle this evening, but I have just had a somewhat surreal experience that clamours to be written up now, while still fresh in the mind.

It is a standard game. My first reaction on seeing the map and starting location was to curse the tank gods. It is quite possible the south-east of Port is my least favourite starting position for an SPG on any map in any mode. Still, no point moaning, so after a certain initial indecisiveness I head further to the south-east corner of the map discovering the process some destructible buildings I previously thought were not — which mostly signifies how unfamiliar this portion of the map is for me.

I go into arty-mode, and make what amount to a couple of pot shots at enemy tanks as their cross the wall around E I exit arty-mode and setup best I can to take my one shot at him.

He comes careening around, and I wait as long as I dare to press the fire button to increase my chances. My aim is true enough, and he bites the dust. I immediately move away, a good thing as the enemy SU-8 sends a shell very close to where I was.

The larger battle, as often happens, has developed into two fights. One is around E, and the other G7. At the first my team has the numbers, and is pushing the enemy back and taking out the enemy Jagdpanther in the process. Around G7 however the situation is reversed, and not aided by our KV Meanwhile an M6 is moving down than H-line road towards me.

My plan is simple enough. He plays chicken for a bit, but I manage to restrain myself. Then he ekes out a little more track than I think he realises, and I fire. He does not die, but most of his remaining hitpoints are gone and he is tracked. Even better, as soon as he has repaired he withdraws.

In reality that was a mistake — I was still reloading so if he had moved forward and taken his shot I would likely be dead. However, he did move back — and the entire sequence meant my team-mates had just enough time to join in. An enemy AT 2 however tries to flank our position, coming round the building in H4.

If I can take advantage of the various earnings bonuses I hope to end the week back above the 4 million mark, but time will tell.

Meantime I am going to continue playing the Tigers, and will try out the T I suspect how this update will be viewed long-term will depend on how one views the role of SPGs in the game. Given that I discussed in some detail the changes in 8. Firstly there is the changes to artillery, stretching current lines to Tier X, and alongside it adapting SPGs to the regular matchmaker.

According to For the Record this has had an unanticipated side-effect of matches where the top-tier tanks of one team are all arties and are other tanks for the other team. Depending on the exact team setup this can make a battle very lopsided to one side or the other. Conclusion — changes to the match-maker are complex, though personally I think this one should have been anticipated. However any fix is likely to have further unforeseen consequences — remember the matches with hordes of light tanks following the arty hard cap.

Secondly guns are more accurate now, with shell dispersion changes meaning fewer shells now fall on the outside edge of the aiming circle.

To prevent SPGs from being too powerful their accuracy was nerfed, but with the intention their overall accuracy should stay about the same. While this makes hitting weakspots easier, shell normalisation was also decreased, which makes angling armour more effective. The nert bat also swung very heavily against the HEAT shells used by various mm howitzers. Premium shells have also been generally made more expensive , probably in an effort to slightly discourage their use in random battles.

Another armour boost is that tracks now count as spaced armour, in effect boosting the armour of heavy tanks. While these will not be effective against a direct hit they will likely have a dramatic impact against splash damage. A new bonus is given for successfully tracking an enemy, if a member of your team subsequently damages said enemy.

This should hopefully encourage teamplay. A number of tanks have had their repair costs changed , and a very large number of tanks have had their profitability changed. As to profitability, most non-SPGs Tier VI and up have had their earnings boosted, the boost being largest for the top tiers.

Also however the lower-tier premiums have also generally benefited from an earnings boost, no doubt it an attempt to make them more desirable to purchase. The camouflage granted by bushes has been reduced to balance TDs becoming too powerful. The camo skill remains unchanged so that is apparently still relative.

Note however that some elements of the camo change did not make it into this update, but given the above were in the official update notes I am going to assume these were until demonstrated otherwise. A new map is added — Sacred Valley , which is apparently set in Korea. Encounter mode was added to Mines , Lakeville , and Redshire.

Widepark, Murovanka , and Airfield had a graphical upgrade. Balance changes have also apparently been made to Fjords and Westfield. It seems that 8. I have been waiting to say anything on the 8. Chiefly this is because it was clear these were going to be very extensive. Indeed one can make the argument that all the changes in 8. Either way, this is big news. As always I am not intending to try this out on the Test Server myself — I do not have the time — so it is generally gleaned from the patch notes and the comments of others.

Before I start looking at the various elements though I think it is useful to keep certain thoughts in mind what is going on here in 8. This had an effect of somewhat decreasing the value of armour in the game. Certain instances of premium ammo — specifically HEAT ammo — were shown to be very powerful indeed when widely and easily available. Finally they are continually trying to rebalance the game for randoms, whilst keeping an eye on e-sports.

So, what actually is going on? Well, the first thing we ever knew about the 8. However, that is not the first thing I wish to talk about, which is the change to the accuracy mechanics in game. In essence tanks and tank destroyers have been more accurate. The change is reasonably substantial from what I understand, and I think it will largely benefit two groups of being.

Firstly it will benefit snipers at range, who are trying just to hit the enemy. With few shells landing at the edge of the aiming circle, more tanks are going to hit at a distance. Cover will become more important. However, this change only applies to light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, and tank destroyers. It does not apply to SPGs, and this leads me onto the second major change of 8.

Many were expecting a nerf, and at first glance this is exactly what we are getting. Most noticeable were fairly massive accuracy nerfs. Now, there is something slightly curious here, however. How to square this circle? Well it could just be false advertising to prevent an arty-revolt — though I doubt this because it would be very self-defeating.

So far however I have not seen a good explanation to explain this statement, though I must admit I have not had the opportunity to search very hard for it either. However, from comments from the test server this does appear to be the case. This is meant to make it harder to hit tanks on the move, and in general I can support this. However, one must remember the trajectory of those shells — they often come in from above and land on the top of the tank — and the armour on the top of a tank is often much, much weaker.

What this will do is reduce the effect of splash damage, and of direct-fire HE. This is involving the addition of a nine new vehicles across the four nations currently with SPGs.

I know the intention is for this to allow the rolling SPG hard-cap to be removed. When some of the arty changes were first leaked the news came down that there was a buff for SPG players to balance out the nerfs, and it is true there is an across-the-board buff for SPGs.

It is not a buff to gameplay, but to results. Overall I think this is a good change for both classes, but for SPGs it is more necessary. In terms of the mechanics HEAT ammunition is going to become far more ineffective against spaced armour and against tracks.

Iamges: t-34-85 matchmaking

t-34-85 matchmaking

I am still not as good as I should be at dialling back the aggressiveness a little. It is the first historically-themed special offer we have had for quite a while, and with it there is a wide variety of British, German, and American tanks involved in the offer. The Jagdpanther has two very good top-tier guns, and it really is personal preference as to which one to play with.

t-34-85 matchmaking

Also ammo costs are far less, which is a good thing since at range you are likely to be having more misses and bounces. Import complete software setups.

t-34-85 matchmaking

It was also entirely due to desperation. Chiefly t-34-85 matchmaking is because it was clear these were going to be very extensive. Meantime I am going to continue playing the Tigers, and will try out the T I know I love my KV-5 which is no longer available in the store. Now, there is matchmaoing slightly curious here, however. Import complete software t-34-85 matchmaking. Westfield … I am not so sure about.