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taurus dating horoscope 2016

The best thing is that your home will truly be one now and you will feel more comfortable in it than you ever have. Goto Horoscope - guide to your personality based on astrology and law of nature. Plz pray for us that we become a as a great couple. If you aren't married, you may fall head over heels in love with someone you work with quite suddenly. We won't conquer you. If you like what is on this site, please give to a charity helping kids with cancer or one dedicated to eradicating cancer. If you have the skills, this would be a great time for you to focus your bravery on a career where you can be helpful.


Venus will enter Taurus towards the middle of the month, creating the perfect celestial energy for love and sex. Or you may want to pursue knowledge for a personal or spiritual reason. Don't overcomplicate your love life this month. A man or a woman could return looking for love, or perhaps it'll just be old memories. Well not the best Looking stud and know way over wait. Beauty 36

The Taurus traits show that if they do not get to lead, they will not become bitter about it, but instead take the chance to learn from the situation.

This is a helpful skill when it comes to work or school, as they will likely be picked to be a group leader , or they could even be up next for a promotion at work. Taurus characteristics show that they will make a loyal friend to all that accept him or her.

However, because of these traits a Taurus usually has many acquaintances instead of close friends. This could be caused in part by how generous they try to be. Both Taurus men and Taurus women spread themselves out amongst people in order to make as many friends as possible.

But this can cause them not to have the strongest bonds with the friends that they make. Although materialistic, this means that Taurus personality traits show they are great gift-givers; knowing what their friends will like.

Taurus also likes to party. Their friends are often invited and have a good time. Although they can be self-indulging, they also have no problem indulging others with fun and possessions. Their stubbornness may one day prove to be true, and once proven right, the Taurus will feel much better.

Once a Taurus gets over their laziness, they are likely to be craving an adventure, which is likely to result in great fun for all. Like any human, a Taurus male and Taurus female also has some negative traits as well that can make their life a little more difficult at times.

The Taurus man or Taurus woman can be stubborn. Anyone who wants to convince a Taurus of anything new will have a hard time. This can cause a Taurus to be narrow-minded at times, which can annoy friends and family. Taureans can also be lazy. When a Taurus is lazy, they are really lazy. They may want to relax on days on end, which can also annoy their friends.

Taurus personality traits show that they can be also be materialistic, possessive of what they have, and self indulging. Want your daily horoscope sent directly to your email? Comprehensive horoscope readings are available Find out how well you can get along with your partner by knowing your compatible and in-compatible signs Compatibility with moon signs.

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Iamges: taurus dating horoscope 2016

taurus dating horoscope 2016

While most of it can be handled with ease, many will be challenged to find daily stress taking it's toll in the bedroom. Don't know how many passionate relationships you have ever been involved in, but usually they aren't the norm. The Taurus monthly horoscope indicates seduction by a very sexy and erotic person during the full Moon in Taurus on the 14th and again on the 25th, when lovely Venus conjoins powerful Pluto.

taurus dating horoscope 2016

For the Taurus already in a steady relationship, August may bring up some unwanted issues, especially around sex and intimacy. The energy is on your side and if you have the talent you definitely got this. Down-to-earth Taurus in a committed love relationship with a special man or woman will want to spend more time with their honey this month.

taurus dating horoscope 2016

This will mean that every Taurus should walk a fine line between your relationships and your work life. I hope you will horoacope an absolutely fabulous taurus dating horoscope 2016, with fun and prosperity raining down on your world. Venus brings money, friendship and love. Love can result in bigger and better things with the New Moon. Any behavior that is too wild might have dire consequences.