Seinfeld episode about george peeing in the shower

seinfeld episode about george peeing in the shower
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Kramer, Hennigan's & the red dot

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DESCRIPTION: Alright, I'll pick it up, but it's the last time I'm doin' it! George is in trouble when the pilot sees him urinating in the shower at the same club. Can I have a sip of your water?.

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Seinfeld Scripts - The Wife

New scene - Jerry and Kramer in Jerry's apartment. I thought he was with you. Are you ashamed of your uncle? It has to be ready! Uh, how much would it cost to clean this?

What episode of Seinfeld does George pee in the shower??.

seinfeld episode about george peeing in the shower
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Hey, what happened to you? Haven't seen you in a while..

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So you're gonna let me get suspended for shower urination?.

  • George is caught peeing in the shower, at the gym, and explains why he In the low flow shower episode he.
  • Seinfeld George pees in shower. "Apology" scene from "Seinfeld" The Apology (TV Episode
  • Elaine confronts George about peeing in the public gym shower.

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