Tim kaine fight in the streets

tim kaine fight in the streets
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Rep. Dave Brat Calls Out Sen. Tim Kaine on "Fight In The Streets" Comments

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DESCRIPTION: Also, his kid's a violent thug. Corey was a little more aggressive. Outside of this Subreddit, and Reddit in general, we ask you not to behave in such a way that would reflect poorly on us. He was actually well informed and polite..

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#2 Zusar: Why is THIS presidency, CONSTANTLY, attacking it's own Government Departments . FBI, CIA, etc . as if THEY'RE the enemies? Never seen another U.S. President do this to his own people. It's highly suspicious . why? What are they guilty about? Trump and his family spend most of their time bad-mouthing and attacking AMERICAN CITIZENS. I was under the impression that a President SERVES THE PEOPLE. Attacking your own people . shutting down the media . abusing the country's resources for your own personal financial gain . getting rid of people you don't like, on a whim . blatantly lying to the public . promoting divides in the people . ignoring the people's voice and rights . making everything about you . this is how a DICTATOR behaves.

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Corey lost by only a few thousand and nobody thought he would even come close. This is not some conflict miles away on another continent - this is our home. If you outright prepare defenses, the enemy will be alerted to stolen plans and will change codes, crackdown on spies, or do otger various activities which will result in your losing the initiative. You let the attack happen. Hes definitely one of those betacucks who just has some even more betacuck manage his account. Be logical, courteous and deadly. Every good thing is.

Kaine: Democrats Have to ‘Fight in the Streets’ Against Trump.

tim kaine fight in the streets
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They can't win a fair fight legally so they fund and incite right up to the fringe of illegal activities..

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We're not dopey enough to get roped into civil war with a pack rabid weaklings..

  • Tim Kaine (D-VA) said Democrats must take advantage of "public outcry against the [Trump] administration.
  • Former Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine encourages violant protests in the streets.
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Do they know that this is treason and punishable by law? Tim kaine fight in the streets went to a Hillary rally in California to see what was up. Just like his rallies. We've been trying to spread awareness, but it's difficult when the entirety of the MSM and social media is actively trying to stifle our voice. If you are unable to do so - then that means you are supporting this. The war and boss battle is coming.

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