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London St. Pancras . . .

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In spring each year The Photographers' Gallery in London shows an exhibition of work by the This video may help you know what to expect. Standard class seating on a classic Eurostar Book a stay at l'Hotel. Is this proof genes skip a generation?

The London terminal for Eurostar...

Option 2, use www. Eurostar trialled a 'quiet coach' in Business Premier and Standard Premier but not Standard class in , but the trial ended, and there is now no designated quiet coach. Chef Masha Rener, a longtime customer at Lina This Morning viewers shocked by model wearing VERY ill-fitting knickers as she suffers a wardrobe malfunction The show must go on! In this photo you can see the travelator up to the platform, and the shop at the back. Changing trains in Brussels:

The acclaimed Liverpool-born singer-songwriter and musician performs a special St Patrick's Day concert full of his country and Irish material Carnaby Street 15 minutes walk from Mayfair Car Park.

Coinciding with the launch of new film My Generation, which is presented and produced by Michael Caine, Carnaby is hosting Photographers' Gallery 16 minutes walk from Mayfair Car Park.

In spring each year The Photographers' Gallery in London shows an exhibition of work by the This "lavish" exhibition of "baroque bling" The Times is "a tremendous narration of history through objects and images" The Guardian. A new exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery, The Female Gaze celebrates female self-representation through a display of 70 photographs The Club 20 minutes walk from Mayfair Car Park.

In celebration of Easter Mexican restaurant Cantina Laredo Featuring the work of 17 contemporary artists, Known Unknowns at the Saatchi Gallery covers a Opened in , Five Miles is the first-ever craft beer nightclub and fills a gap in the market for late night, quality beer After closing his pioneering White Lyan cocktail bar, which challenged the industry when it opened The Postal Museum and Mail Rail.

More than personal letters, trapped at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ireland for 70 years, can be seen in Voices from the Deep, a temporary display of shipwrecked treasures To tie in with the museum's new temporary exhibition, Voices from the Deep which opens just in time for the Easter holidays, on 29th March , The Postal Imagine who might receive a letter placed in a bottle and dropped into the ocean, design your own bottle and write a letter to send to a stranger on the other side of the world.

Hear stories of the old days this Easter at The Postal Museum, recounting a time when letters on ships could be lost at sea as the crew battled Opened in late , The Perception has taken over the lobby of the W London Located within the striking Mandrake hotel, Waeska serves imaginative cocktails in quirky surroundings.

Chef Masha Rener, a longtime customer at Lina Renowned, award-winning writer and director Tim Crouch National Theatre, Royal Court, Unicorn presents this joyous and imaginative new play for families and children aged nine and above.

Beginners is a funny and moving story that Next to Aldgate tube, Dorsett City is an Asian owned four star hotel with Whether it's an all-singing, all-dancing musical or Get advice and assistance from a London Expert. Phone on Email to a friend. The seat layout is similar to the original TMST but with a few slight differences.

The first freshly-refurbished e Standard class seats on an e One of two bar cars on an e, larger than e New e trains - now in service Eurostar introduced the first of their brand-new e trains onto the London-Paris route in November and all 17 new e trains will be in service by the end of or sooner.

Built by Siemens, the new trains feature free WiFi in all classes and power sockets at all seats. And yes, seat 61 is still the best seat in the house - if you pick seat 61 in the right first class car, that is. Cars 2, 3, 14 or 15, since you ask Click here for e seating plan. How to tell if your Eurostar is due to be an e How to tell if you're booked on an e If you run an enquiry on www.

It will say e next to the train number if the service is due to be operated by an e If it says e, it's either an e or classic Eurostar. Standard Premier or Business Premier. Baby-changing facilities in all toilets A table for two in 1st class An e at St Pancras. All Eurostar trains are completely non-smoking.

The bar accepts credit cards as well as cash. Alternatively, feel free to take your own food and drink, even your own bottle of wine. You're unlikely to have any problem taking a bottle of wine in your bags. Eurostar cover themselves by stating that some or all alcohol may be confiscated if you have 'excessive' quantities on you, in practice there is unlikely to be any problem unless you are disorderly or shipping a whole off-licence.

The bar car also sells Paris metro tickets , individually and in carnets of They charge only slightly more than you'd pay at the metro station in Paris, so if you have to cross Paris to catch an onward train this is the best way to buy your metro ticket.

They are alternately of the UK-type 3-pin and European-type 2-pin, so your seat could have either type, but the seat next to you will have the other type. The new e trains and the refurbished e trains have effective free WiFi in all classes. However, there is no WiFi on the unrefurbished original trains.

You bring your bags with you and put them on the luggage racks. Large racks near the entrance doors easily take large items. Anything up to back-pack sized will fit on the overhead racks above your seat. Unlike travelling by air, you don't check in your bags when travelling by train.

You keep them with you, placing small or medium size bags up to backpack-size on the luggage racks above your head and larger items on the big suitcase racks at the end of the coach just inside the entrance doors. You must label your bags with your name first name and surname , you'll find free paper labels at the terminal if you've forgotten. Luggage limits on Eurostar: In principle at least, Eurostar limits luggage to 2 large items per passenger, maximum 85cm in any one dimension, plus a small item of hand luggage.

There's no weight limit, so you can pretty much pack what you like, and again unlike anally-retentive airports and airlines nobody actually measures your bags or even worries if you have an extra carrier bag or two, as long as they all fit through the X-ray machines and don't cause any problems.

As mentioned above, in theory there's a maximum size limit of 85cm in any one dimension. Which is odd, as no such limit applies to any other British or French train, and there's no real reason for it as far as I can see, as long as items fit through the X-ray scanners at check-in. If you call Eurostar, their staff will repeat the official 85cm limit, saying you should use Eurostar's baggage service which is of course useless for anyone continuing by onward trains beyond Paris, Brussels or London as your item will only be available for collection with 24 hours of the Eurostar's arrival.

But in reality nobody measures your bags at check-in, and in practice people do indeed take guitars and items slightly over 85cm with them onto Eurostar, as they do on any train. Eurostar's policy on taking musical instruments is at www. Basically, if it's under 85cm long, no problem, but over that and you pay a child rate for a seat next to you.

Though in practice nobody measures things so you will probably get away with taking a 90cm guitar as regular luggage and simply putting on a rack above your seat.

I can understand the official policy with a cello or double bass, but it does seem a nonsense that you have to pay for a guitar when it's perfectly normal to take a guitar free of charge on any other UK or European train. See the paragraph above about items over 85cm in practice as well as theory.

Prohibited items that can catch you out: As well as the obvious prohibited items such as firearms or explosives, Eurostar prohibits any knife with a blade over 3", which has been known to catch out people returning to London with a nice set of Sabatier kitchen knives they bought in Paris. Eurostar offer a checked baggage service for extra large items, which costs extra, see the Eurostar website baggage information page. Until late ice axes were not officially allowed ion Eurostar, but in practice were no problem, as traveller Cedric Quayle reports: I go to climb and always have my ice axe with me on these journeys and never thought about it until I spotted your note that they are technically not allowed on Eurostar.

So last year, I was in London in good time and asked to speak to one of the x-ray inspectors at St Pancras where the luggage is checked over. After a few questions as to where in my luggage the ice axe was packed at the bottom of a large case he said that should be fine. Evidently they take a common sense view and the two journeys I've made since my enquiry as well as all those before have never caused any query at the x-ray machine even though the axe is, of course, entirely visible to the security staff.

Eurostar officially changed their policy in late , and ice axes suitably tucked away in your luggage are now allowed officially, as well as in practice. Paris Gare du Nord has left luggage lockers consigne in French downstairs under the main concourse just off the end of the Eurostar platforms and to the right. Brussels Midi has both luggage lockers and a staffed left luggage facility near the Eurostar check-in and Thalys reception.

See the Taking your bike by train page for information about taking bikes on Eurostar and other European trains. Unfortunately, you cannot take dogs or other pets on Eurostar trains, except for guide dogs. See the taking your dog by train page for advice on taking your dog or pet to Europe by train. Eurostar can provide assistance to passengers with special needs travelling from London to Paris, Lille or Brussels. If you are confined to a wheelchair, there are wheelchair spaces and wheelchair-friendly toilets on each Eurostar train.

There are also special fares for people travelling in wheelchairs and a travelling companion. Electric-powered scooters can also be carried, subject to some maximum dimensions, in the baggage area on each train. For more information about travel with disabilities specifically on Eurostar, see www. For more information about travelling by train throughout Europe if you have a disability, see the Travelling with Disabilities page.

The train manager makes his announcement that your Eurostar train to Paris is about to leave, the door alarm sounds and the doors then hiss shut. As you settle into your seat, the brakes hiss off and the Eurostar very gently eases itself out of the magnificent arched trainshed of St Pancras International Station.

Within a minute or two the Eurostar enters a covered bridge across the tracks leading out of the adjacent Kings Cross station, which becomes a long tunnel under east London taking the Eurostar east and south. A Eurostar boarding at St Pancras About 5 minutes after leaving St Pancras, you'll see a glimpse of daylight and the platforms of Stratford International station, only served by the domestic high-speed trains.

Around 8 minutes after leaving St Pancras, the Eurostar train emerges from the tunnel and starts crossing the wastelands of east London, past warehouses and run-down housing estates. The Eurostar now plunges back into a short tunnel for its own crossing underneath the Thames, emerging the other side in the county of Kent. Some Eurostar trains now call at Ebbsfleet station in north Kent, near the M25 motorway. Just minutes after leaving London, the train crosses the most dramatic structure on the new high-speed line, the viaduct high over the River Medway.

To the right of the train as it crosses the viaduct, you'll see small boats moored on the muddy riverbanks far below you. To the left of the train, over the top of the adjacent M2 motorway bridge, you can see Rochester Cathedral and Rochester Castle in the distance.

Now at last you're in green and pleasant rural Kent, with villages nestling at the foot of the chalky hills to the left. A few Eurostars still call at Ashford International station, a major railway junction in east Kent, but most Eurostars now 'fly' over the town on a huge flyover, with the station way below you, the town centre to the left and the old Southern Railway Ashford works to your right.

Just 35 minutes from St Pancras, the fields and hedgerows of east Kent give way to the roadways and check-in lanes of the Folkestone Eurotunnel terminal. This is where cars and lorries are put on the Eurotunnel car-carrying shuttle trains to go through the tunnel to France.

Your Eurostar train passes through the middle of the terminal non-stop, and the train manager announces that you are about to enter the Channel Tunnel. Passing through the Channel Tunnel takes just 20 minutes, and is something of an anti-climax.

The Channel Tunnel sometimes called the 'Chunnel', but usually only by Americans is just like any other rail tunnel, only a bit longer. As a precaution, the yellow fire safety doors between each pair of coaches are closed during the tunnel transit, but you can still pass through freely if you want.

You still get phone reception inside the tunnel now, with mobile data too. Entering the Channel Tunnel near Folkestone Leaving the Channel Tunnel near Calais The tunnel is dark, so nothing to see, and no, you can't see the fishes But the Eurostar soon bursts into the daylight again at up to mph, and you're now in France.

You'll see the French terminal for the car-carrying trains away to your left. If you look to the horizon on the left, you can just see the distinctive clock tower of Calais town hall.

Unlike conventional railways, the high speed line follows the contours of the land more like a motorway, and you will feel the Eurostar rising onto the hills and settling into the dips. The area of Northern France crossed by Eurostar is largely flat farmland, dotted with villages built around ancient stone churches. The variety of church spires you can see is remarkable! The Eurostar may call at Lille or simply pass through on the centre tracks.

The line to Brussels curves off to the left soon after Lille. Paris is now less than an hour away The high-speed line to Paris ends just short of Paris Gare du Nord, and the Eurostar passes seamlessly onto a short stretch of conventional line to complete its journey into Paris Gare du Nord, the historic terminus where the traditional boat trains from Calais or Boulogne used to arrive.

The Gare du Nord is also the station for trains to Brussels, Amsterdam, and Cologne in Germany, and you will see red and silver Thalys trains arriving and departing from these places.

When you arrive in Paris at the Gare du Nord, you get off the train and walk forward straight off the end of the platform onto the main station concourse, and either out into the streets of Paris, or turn left and head downstairs to the metro. There are no checks or other formalities to go through, you just walk off the train into central Paris, it's that easy! For the taxi rank, walk off the end of the platform onto the concourse, turn right and walk out of the side entrance.

This video may help you know what to expect. In Paris, you just walk off the train onto the station. The magnificent Gare du Nord Eurostar trains from London to Paris arrive at the Gare du Nord, but your connecting train will probably leave from one of the other Paris stations. Left luggage lockers are available in Paris.

Changing trains in Brussels: These recommended times are the minimum. Left luggage lockers and a staffed left luggage office are available at Brussels Midi 24 hours.

You can still travel from London to Paris by train and ferry if you want. There's also an overnight train-ferry-train option where you can leave London Waterloo around This is not a bad option if you need an alternative to Eurostar.

Indeed, this can be a good alternative even with Eurostar running normally, see the London to Amsterdam page for details. You can then use www. The journey involves a train of historic British Pullman cars from London to Folkestone, a transfer by coach via the Channel Tunnel shuttle train to Calais, then a superbly-restored train of Wagons-Lits sleeping-cars in day mode and restaurant cars and lounge car from Calais to Paris. See the Venice Simplon Orient Express page for details.

It is essential for regular European train travellers and an inspiration for armchair travellers. Published since , it had just celebrated years of publication when Thomas Cook decided to pull the plug on their entire publishing department, but the dedicated ex-Thomas Cook team have set up a private venture and published the first edition of a reborn European Rail Timetable in March You can buy it online with worldwide shipping at either www. More information on what the European Rail Timetable contains.

You can find a hotel in London, Paris or almost anywhere worldwide at www. It has been named as the World's Leading Hotel Comparison Site in the World Travel Awards and I highly recommend it, both to find hotels in even the smallest places and to check that another retailer isn't selling the same hotel at a cheaper rate.

You can usually book with free cancellation - this allows you to confirm your accommodation at no risk before train booking opens. It also means you can hold accommodation while you finalise your itinerary, and alter your plans as they evolve - a great feature I use all the time when putting a trip together. Oscar Wilde spent the last days of his life here in room 16, famously quipping, "My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death.

One or the other of us has to go. Fortunately the wallpaper is now all in very good taste. The hotel has been used by many famous people since then, from Sinatra to Mick Jagger. Rooms are on the cosy side, but they are beautifully decorated and have character that bigger and flashier hotels lack. Book a stay at l'Hotel. Book a private transfer from station to hotel. Room 14 at l'Hotel, next door to room 16 in which Oscar Wilde spent his last days The distinctive light well at l'Hotel.

Each floor has its own circular landing. Hotels near the Gare du Nord with good reviews: Hotels near the Gare de 'Est with good reviews: Mother, 53, and her year-old daughter are named as the Too hot to trot! Thousands of glammed-up punters let Woman who was viciously beaten by baseball player ex in Duke of Devonshire spends Driver finds expensive 'leather' Mercedes seat is Nun says she's left with nothing after bitter Father, son and a friend are charged in 'worst case' of May says Britain will 'consider our next steps' after Motorist who was filmed hurling abuse at a patient's Jurors are shown the moment 'emotionless' Atlanta lawyer Comments Share what you think.

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Discover what's on in London with our comprehensive guide to the best events. Mrs May and Mr Macron held a joint press conference tonight as the 35th annual summit came to an end. Debit cards are free, but there's a small charge for paying by credit card.

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Relieved Elizabeth Hurley heads to London airport All children under 12 must travel accompanied by an adult, and unaccompanied children from 12 to 16 require a consent form signed by their parent or guardian.

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Unfortunately, you cannot take dogs or other pets on Eurostar trains, except for guide dogs. In the fares chart below, fares shown with a upmarket speed dating london in upmarket speed dating london vary lonxon air fares, rising as departure date approaches, with limited availability at each price level. Motorist who was filmed hurling abuse at a patient's He said he had also sold off the hot tub, which was a source of online dating cowboys cowgirls of the noise. On the other hand, you get more people walking through to get to the bar. Standard Premier 1st class leisure.