17 Surefire Signs Your Ex Still Loves You (And What To Do About It)

5 Essential Things You Must Do After No Contact (If You Really Want Your Ex Back)

what to do when your ex is dating someone else

The weird thing is when we broke up he got with this girl from his job and he told me he got a lot of bad things going on in his life. I havent sent any messages to him and have been posting positive things,etc. We didnt speak for a couple weeks but he seems suprised that I have made improvements for myself almost suprised and he said it hurts him that I am doing better without him. Elizabeth Stone May 1, at 2: To my great shame….

How to heal the heartbreak of feeling replaced

My ex broke up with me 3 weeks ago he was afraid of the next step. And you should never end these serious conversations by talking about getting back together. Amor January 18, at 7: For her realization and not the devil win. My post this week kinda addresses what you are describing.

We are all vulnerable to being manipulated and being manipulative. Your emotions will go up and down and all over the place depending on how the other person chooses to react or respond.

The other type will just try and find another mind game to play, or give up and move on to somebody else. However, some people are more vulnerable than others. It could be fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of not finding someone else, feelings of inadequacy etc. Mind games players have one and only one motive, and that is to advance their needs, goals, interests or agenda at the expense of the person being played.

Republished by Blog Post Promoter. My ex came back after 2 months of no contact. We text msmed for two weeks then she disappeared.

I sent her several texts she did not reply. Your ex is the same way, as frustrating and infuriating as that may be. Leaving was tough but a relief. And he follows my stories on insta…. I asked him a couple times to leave me alone….. And that sucks so badly I want to through up. He is a 34 year old KID who boke my heart. So my boyfriend broke up with me about three weeks ago, the reasons are many but I was never one of them. To point out a fact he had discussed breaking up a few weeks before but then made up his mind and said he wanted to be with me but then changed his mind the day after!

He even slept with me twice just to break up with me a few hours later. He has specifically told me that we are never going to get back together to later say that there might be a chance for it to happen. He says that he wants to work on himself etc. What a difficult, excruciating situation. I suggest that you add more men to the picture by dating other people.

Let your ex do his thing but make sure you particularly enjoy the company of other men. This is actually easy. He his confused about his own feelings and emotions. I would personally do the No Contact Rule for 30 days. Block him from calling, texting, reading anything on your Social sites and you have to stay strong and not give in. Just have no contact for 30 days.

Because next time he just might losevyou for good. My boyfriend and I broke up May 14th. And we talked again May 18th in person about the relationship. Our relationship has always been great. I know his feeling are true about me.

I have never seen him cry ever and he teared up and cried while we were talking and it confirmed to me how much he cared. I told him I needed to know if I should move on and leave out of state with my family. There was never really an answer he blushes and smiles every time he sees me says how cute and amazing I am and when I last saw him he gave me a huge long sweet hug and said I love you when I left and I said I love you back.

Distract yourself any way you can. But, bring the focus back onto yourself and avoid serious, in-depth talks about the breakup with him from now on. Our 12 year old was so distressed. Then decided to take this woman to our holiday home,and afew weeks later move in with her.

I had two days of this.. He questions our daughter about me,and is desperate for her to meet the new girlfriend. I might have tried to make a go of things had he not upset our daughter so much…. Why, when I hear his name do I get so angry, I could burst? I tried ringing my daughter last week whilst she was out with him, and he picked the phone up and started asking me so many questions….

Low to NC sounds good in your case since you need time to heal and seem so upset. As far as your daughter is concerned, try to be as kind to him as you can and as far as the other woman is concerned, try to ignore it. You need emotional distance from this situation. To the point of hurting each other. I love this man but if i choose him… My children will probably never accept him. He hasnt contacted me since April… I miss him so. Im ready to make a decision but i need to make sure its worth it!

Its a big one to make. I dont kno what to do. I know he loves me but at times like these…he never reaches out to me. My ex broke up with me last month after only dating for one month. He had a bad relationship 4 years before dating me, making him insecure and distrusting of women. I tried my best to be understanding but it started taking a toll on our relationship.

He felt like because I have guy friends that I might end up cheating on him like his ex girlfriend did. So he said to save himself from the potential heartbreak he decided to cut things off. I tried to reassure him that I was not like his ex and I told him he just needed to trust me and I understood it would take time to get to that point. However, he did not want to work it out.

Even though I was heart broken, I accepted his decision, we agreed to be friends and he hugged me tightly before he left my house. A couple days later, I go over his house because we agreed to talk out everything so we can properly be friends with no hidden emotions. I listen to him go first about how he still wants me to be in his life because I am a great person, I deserve better than him, but maybe in the future we can try again. I tell him to stop yelling at me and talk to me like an adult which pisses him off even more and he kicks me out of his house around 1 am.

Wouldnt know when Id have the time to cheat when I was with him every single day… I call him an insecure psycho. I google some relationship stuff and narcissism articles popped up and everything he was saying and doing described narcissism to a T. I sent him the links to the articles and told him that his behavior finally made sense and I had the closure I needed to move on. I told him I was deleting and blocking his phone number.

He had deleted me off facebook. He was really surprised by that. Our mutual friend invited us out to a club a few days ago and when I showed up, he asked me how I was going. He then proceeds to tell me about his life and I just had a look of indifference on my face and nodded. Fast forward to later that night, I was plastered drunk dancing with other guys, he was not drunk but was dancing with girls. He tried to make me jealous by talking with our friends about which girls were texting him and I chimed in saying oh cool!

I genuinely was supportive of him talking to other girls and it really shocked him. At the end of the night, I was so drunk, I was stumbling. I reassured him I wasnt going to drive drunk.

I was just going to my car to wait for our mutual friend to take me home. He insisted on following me around to keep an eye on me. Apparently a girl invited him to a bonfire that night and it was almost over so he got pissed off at my friends and I that we took too long to go. It looked like he was about to cry and actually starts banging his head on the middle armrest in our friends car.. Why is me being supportive of him talking to other girls so upsetting to him when he was the one who broke up with me and stated we needed to see other people?

Why does it make him so upset that I dont care what he does anymore? Is he possibly not over me? I was done with my ex.. I went to his house to talk about it and ended up staying there.. Why does it hurt so much? Once i blocked him, i was free and i didnt even think about him. And now he has figured out a way to real himself back into my life and i cant stop thinking about him. It hurts so much because… pheromones.

Since you had detoxed before seeing him, you stirred all of those chemical reactions back up when you went over to talk. We have 2 grown kids and grandchildren. He is the one who wanted out of our marriage. We see each other at our kids family gatherings for birthdays, holidays etc.

He has had short term relationships. In public if he sees me talking to another man, he will approach us and ask who the guy is. What does this mean? When we met i was married and so was he. I married for love and got cheated on, he got married love but she didnt love him. When we first started dating we talked alll the time about everything. Granted i have 2 kids. We are great together. He doesnt get out till Im happily divorced but he is still married.

He says that they have been split since early His wife doesnt have facebook anymore. He also said he promised her supposedly before we got together that he was gonna go to her graduation which is in Florida. Much farther from where I am. We talked all the time. Even if it hurts your feelings but when it came to his ex it was like walking on egg shells.

After talking to him about how I felt and him telling me that i have nothing worry about I dropped it. His mom called and even told me about his ex and how she was verbally abusive to him and how she never loved him and she was just using him for money. He even told me they never had sex. He said they fooled around but never actually had sex before nor after they got married.

He wants a family and kids and to live out west, travel, etc. He said he thought he could how her how great it would be and then maybe she would change her mind. After that things were great and we had our normal convos and talked about everything and anything from politics to the kids to the future etc. After we started making plans to move to California, everything was set.

He told me multiple times a day how happy I made him and bragged to his family and friends about me and my kids that he referred to as our kids. Treating them like his own. He is stationed in California already so he was going to set up a place for us.

Both of our colleges are there and i have a job waiting for me. Once I got my phone turned back on, he told me that he asked his ex wife if she had extra graduation tickets, he said she said no. Ever since he got that answer he was acting strange and about a week later he asked if we could take a break from dating each other. I asked why and he said he wants to be stable and figure himself out.

Naturally I was devastated and heartbroken. I went to my besties for advice and all they said was forget him focus on your kids. I always focus on my kids all the time but why cant I focus on myself too and have a life and a bf future hubby. Since we split, we didnt talk for about a week. He liked and commented on it. Ever since then we have been talking everyday.

Nothing like we used to and every once in awhile he calls me and we talk for like 5 or 6 hours straight. He still tells me everything. No parent especially a mother should have to do it alone. Please help me with some answers because I am confused by his words and his actions.

I have been living with my boyfriend for nearly 4 years, and I have finally had to face the truth: He still loves his ex and if she clicked her fingers I know he would go running back to her she left him for another guy. My ex does almost everything on that list except drunk dial and have a new girlfriend. He left me a month ago after a period of arguments and lack of communication.

We have a 10 month old son together. He text me back always and we have recently been talking more. I know he misses me and I miss him.. I feel like I lost my best friend.

He talks about the breakup all the time and now seems upset that I am doing ok. I am not doing ok.. When he left it broke ny heart so I feel like I have no choice but to move on.

He is the love of my life and I just want my family back. I am lost and alone right now. I really do want to be with him but my ego is so fagile right now. Anyone have any advice? He told me its hard to see me and not wanna hold me and love on me. When he left he said to let him go.. We didnt speak for a couple weeks but he seems suprised that I have made improvements for myself almost suprised and he said it hurts him that I am doing better without him.

Should I have a sit down with him and confess that I am very much in love still or just let him go like he said when he left? I am pretty desperate for some advice. I honestly love this man with all my heart..

I want my family back and I know he misses his son as he only sees him on weekends now. This is his first and only child.

My ex and I have been together for 9 months. When we first met we know we were meant for each other, we were in extreme happiness and we plan for our future together. We have small fights here and there but we always handled it well. When I first went to USA, things were going badly. I started complain to him a lot and he tried really hard to give me advice. I reached out to him and told him i should stop complaining to him. So i thought everything is fine.

After that he avoid me: The day i came back, we had a talk just to let all our feelings out. He said he needed a break, but a week later he message me saying he was burnt out from the relationship and call it a stop. When i went to his place to pack up my stuff, he cried so hard. He hugged me, we kissed many many times and he said he loves me many times. It seems as though you see nothing but dead ends.

Also, what works to get someone back is often quite counterintuitive. Well that suits it up! My now ex… Freshly an ex, made out with some chic 2 months ago…. Fast forward to yesterday where I finally had a mental breakdown and apparently that was me finally letting him go. He said that he is just not in love anymore. He still loves me and I am very important to him.

He wants to remain really good friends. And people are telling him that just by looking at him, they can tell we will be back together. We were always happy. We still had a great time together. I never knew anything.

When I had my breakdown, he was right there for me. Once he realized I was there. Friends of his told him that I was asking for help with some texts I sent. He feels tons of guilt, I know that. So he always tries to make things easier on everyone.

We both also said the if it happened again in the future, neither would be opposed to it. Also, I forgot to mention that we do still live together and are going to therapy to be able to communicate. We have both been very tense lately…. But we never fought, never had any real issues before this.

We were that cute relationship that everyone saw and wanted theirs to be like ours. So what kind of hope do I have and what is your advice? My first ever real boyfriend and first love broke up 18 years ago. He cheated on me, I was a 18, he was Hes marriage has just ended after he was cheated on, and he regrets not marrying me which I know is genuine. Could it work to be together? We are great together and laugh most of the time, i just wonder what the caution block is for me. Is it normal for a man to suddenly be happier in my presence and forget about the hurt of his wife cheating and the demise of his family unit?

He wants to unite both of our families as one blended family but it all seems so quick. Looking for advice i suppose, can a man carry a torch for his first longterm girlfriend years after it ended? And is it part escapism or can a man genuinely love a woman all these years and why? Stop going to social media for advice i love you but im not sprung over you, just like you can move on so can i,i messaged you so you can stop slandering my name and get that demon out you we better than that, you keep shootin these slugs calling me a 5 year old but you always going to the internet or to ppl for advice you so smart you dumb realize that all you need is god….

Hi, thanks for the article Well, I met my ex online from a chatroom. We never met each other. He broke up with me almost 2 years ago because I showed my face on the camera a lot for other men to view, this is what he just told me why he broke up with me, this made him very upset and made the decision.

Iamges: what to do when your ex is dating someone else

what to do when your ex is dating someone else

I am so confused. Elizabeth Stone February 8, at 3: I feel incredibly lonely but at the same time I know I spent an incredible amount of years with him feeling lonely already at the bottom of his priorities and the silent treatments.

what to do when your ex is dating someone else

Find out what how you can increase connection with your ex by reading this article and Stage 4 of this guide on getting your ex girlfriend back. Lets communicate with her and become better from this.

what to do when your ex is dating someone else

As last resort I will file divorce papers. She came forward with her feelings tp december and I was hoping things would work out but come january i confronted her and asked if she wanted to be together still. Instead ho approaching the fight with this mindset. However, now this week he is saying he is not in love with her like that, but is scared I will hurt him after a couple of months. Do you feel like you're ready to meet her yet?