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Why you should NEVER hit the snooze button on your alarm clock - and always get 8 hours of sleep!

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We met online, fell in love, fought tooth and nail to stay together, finally met after FOUR years of knowing each other and I moved here to be with him just before our fifth year together. But you know what? I could be buying my child something instead! If your kitchen gets too warm, you can keep it in the fridge but make sure you wrap it up tightly to prevent any odours from spoiling the taste or condensation from spoiling the texture. By forcing athletes to rise early, coaches may be innocently denying their charges of a game- or medal-winning performance advantage. Hmm… pinky to mouth like Austin Powers.

How to easily tell if you have a problem with marijuana…

I am not married but I do feel marrying someone foreigner is better than marrying some from your own culture. I have being smoking weed for many years and it has got me nowhere. It can also help with working out. Emma Roberts enjoys a cigarette Peter Andre's wife Emily heads to work at local hospital You are who you are, if you are a nerd and smoke your a nerd that smokes.

I am now 37 and my health and mental state never quite recovered to what it once was. Thanks for the kick in the ass Vic, I am living proof that what you say is correct. I have being smoking weed for many years and it has got me nowhere. I live in a small room on my parents property, I have a , actually job I hate.

I am addicted and have tried to stop many times but just end up back. Maybe I am weak and have no will power but after all the shit I have being thought it seems like my escape. Fck I really need to kick myself in the ass and stop this. I have lost people because of my habit. It does suck the motivation from you and it does make you feel paranoid and worth-less yet we also quick to hit that toke.

I am the lowest part of my life right now and I blame the weed but myself too for not being stronger to over come this addiction.

Just my little story. One of the biggest problems with smoking weed is that it weakens your will to refrain from bad behaviors you otherwise would not have induldged in.

Jacking off, binge eating junk foods, playing video games for hours at a time, etc. Thank you Vic for you clear and elaborate statement. I per Cent agree with you from personal experience. Rare to hear this point of view nowadays with everyone talking about how weed is a miracle drug for all kinds of ailments. It probably actually heals nothing.

A few times a year maybe. It makes you a nicer person. I know from experience when I was a daily smoker back in high school and college.

Pot does serious damage to your short-term memory, and daily use makes you an absolute lazy piece of garbage.

I am by nature a lazy person, constantly fighting against that nature, but when I was a pothead, that was the laziest I ever was in my life. The conspiracy theory side of me believes that the globalists are pushing pot legalization to help dumb down the population and make it easier to control.

I smoked weed when I was young for years and while it was fun in the beginning it became addicting and the fun wore off and I was left with an addiction problem. Life felt boring without getting high. Unnaturally increasing your brains dopamine with drugs is very unhealthy and leads to depression and anxiety disorders. Like Vic said the drugs often put in place the very conditions you claim to use them to treat.

I smoked weed once 5 years ago when a pothead friend and his gf decided to get me high. I hated it while both of them got high quick and started mumbling gibberish.

I got it since smoking weed a couple years ago, only did it a couple times and realised it was a drug for losers. Dissociation, which is the word you want to use, is just one symptom of anxiety disorders, which is the feeling of detachment from your surroundings. On a semi-related note, I believe this is the experience that those addicted to conspiracy theories feel. This is a large reason why the people who watch conspiracy theories are so rarely successful — they feel everything is fake.

If everything is fake then nothing is worth your time. I used to have anxiety and the weed triggered it man. Never been interested in Conspiracies. Just a perception thing. I personally graft all day everyday building my body and business, even in the face of this stuff. I only asked since i believe you mentioned before about Brain fog which is similar and the fact that in your podcast you said when you first moved to China and you were physically there but not mentally. For all concerned, this is the definition of depersonalization: Subjects feel they have changed and that the world has become vague, dreamlike, less real, or lacking in significance.

I come from Humboldt County, CA. Believe me, I have seen the long term affects of habitual weed use. I have a cousin who has to write down any number that contains three digits or more because his short term memory dumps it if he loses focus.

He went from the back of the store he worked at to the front register and forgot the passcode to one of the systems. The code was the 4 digit street address. Weed kills your soul and drive.

But after that the damage is obvious. Just an over-inflated sense of superiority because they feel enlightened while high. Many are content living in filth and shit with Buddha bobbles strewn about their house and Himalayan prayer flags festooning their porches as they lurch towards subsistence on the government dole. Others, seeking a way out, or at least something that feels less numb, will end up turning to crime or hard drugs.

The homeless are everywhere here. Chasing bud till they are living in bushes on the side of the highway. I have a hard time seeing stoners a human a lot of times. You have to get off them quick or they will take care of the end user themselves. Weed is a slow poison that hits your soul. Then fries your brain. Many people who live the way you describe do so because they truly believe, whether erroneously or not, that they are better people when they are on drugs, or perhaps they fear the pain and misery that has overwhelmed them in the past when they are straight.

Other drug users are high achievers in society who are able to keep thejr drug use hidden by their middle class privilege. While daily sobriety is definitely an ideal, it is nowhere near as simple as just saying no.

Society needs to be extremely creative and compassionate if we truly wish to minimise the harm that drugs cause our society, as it stands now, a monster has been created by the legalities surrounding this issue that can only begin to be tackled when the powerful black market incentives are removed from the equation. Even the Diaz Brothers manage to kick ass even when stoned…is there a particular secret to their success?

This article hits home with me in a vary big way because I am a long time pot user. Shortly after getting out of the Marine Corps, I moved with my best friend to The SF Bay Area, one of the world capitals for stoners, and then went right back to smoking again.

Weed is harmful guys. Take it from me, a life long marijuana addict. For years after getting out of the Marine Corps I would take multiple smoke breaks everyday and I would basically stay red-eyed and high af, just floating through life, never having the drive or ambition to build something or even to go out and get laid.

It was sad but me being a lover of pot, I surrounded myself with people of the same mindset who never actually did anything with their life. When you are high, you can literally just sit in your room and stare at the fucking wall for hours like a damn zombie and not even care!

Think about that guys. Coincidentally, I started to have major anxiety and panic attack issues. Some of my family always thought that it was PTSD from fighting in Iraq, because I did see and do some pretty awful things out there, many of my friends got blown to pieces and died and so on but I firmly believe that my anxiety came from a subconscious voice inside me telling me this: My heart rate would speed up and my fight or flight emergency system would kick in and I would feel like my heart might stop at any moment.

Looking back all I can think is Dumbass, Dumbass, Dumbass! Think about it this way. To succeed, you have to not only perform at a high level, but you have to do it consistently. Day after day after day, basically for the rest of your life, you have to be able to get up and crank. You cannot take more out of any system than you put in for any length of time.

This is true physically, mentally and spiritually. Here are two examples in my case:. First, my normal schedule is something like this. Up at six, in the gym from seven until 9, then work, with pauses for meals, meetings and so on, until 10 or 11 at night.

Before going to sleep, the last hour often although not always includes one big hit of high-quality weed. There are all kinds of strains, with all kinds of different effects — Blue Dream is a current favorite.

I spend the last waking hour of the day making my to-do list for the next day, brainstorming, listening to music and basically disconnecting from my day. The high is a major part of that. Otherwise, I have a real tendency towards insomnia, and nothing destroys the next day more than only getting 2 hours of sleep. There are definitely downsides.

It can take the edge off my memory, mostly, and it sometimes makes thinking through hard or complex stuff a little more difficult. It can also help with working out. I would never lift while high. Edibles are perfect for this.

Humans are humans, and have ups and downs, good things happen and bad things happen. They get their hearts broken. The goal is to manage the ups and downs in a way that minimizes their severity, allows you to leverage the ups and manage the downs to maintain your overall momentum. They speak about how the weed you puffed in the summer of love was far more natural, organic, and also much less genetically modified to be super strong and also more addictive.

I absolutely agree with your article. I used to smoke weed in my college days. It did nothing for me except ruin my life completely.

Stop lying to yourself and quit while you still are on top of things. Listen to the article. I wish I could agree Vic, but sadly I see the exact opposite. I have business partners that get high every day. Their work ethic is remarkable. The creative shit that comes out of their mouths helps them problem solve and see the issue in a complete different manner.

I cannot argue with this. Vic is right guys. And not a single fact was produced. Anecdotal evidence is not evidence. I would wager most highly successful people have some form of drug habit. Being straightedge is just a formula for a boring, moderately successful life. I just smoke weed for better sex. Of course, that facet is made obvious by you posting an image of steroid-induced vein popping. Most successful men have their vices and drink alcohol. Just like the rich CEOs are snorting crack.

I fully agree that the pothead lifestyle is for losers and screws with your dopaminergic system, leading to lower quality of life. I also think there is waaaayyy too much high octane marijuana being smoked on the regular these days by the young— millenials and gen z.

And this whole pothead lifestyle and culture and marijuana obsession has gotten too much of a foothold in our degeneratw culture. All that said, marijuana is not inherently bad.

It can be used positively and negatively. Positively though is not habitually, and in smaller amounts. For me weed has never been a common thing. A small amount once a month or so. There are plenty of very successful people who use it similarly. That said, I do see way too many idiot youth smoking extreme amounts of THC.

I know successful people who snort cocaine. I am sure they would justify their addiction the way you justify your addiction Roberto. Just because some of you can succeed despite handicapping yourselves with your addiction does not mean your drug is not harmful.

You reach more people online than you would ever reach visiting schools. Swinging the hammer of truth once again Victor. Weed is shit, met guys from school that are still smoking it and guess what?

Humans are notorious liars, as well as being prone to exaggeration and generalisations. Sometimes we are known for using our intelligence to rise above these foibles to get to the truths underlying our preconceptions and predjudices. Onwards and upwards, only together will we thrive! All of the benefits that one can get from weed can also be derived from CBD without any of the psychoactive effects or perceived laziness.

But people who are way smarter than any of us here and far more successful and who have actually done the research beg to differ on there being positive effects. You are being cucked by lies and deception. All you clowns are the same, you are highly subjective, one-sided, narrow thinking and when truth is presented to you, lying to yourself and becoming self delusional is your way to cope with things.

The MRI scans have been done and the link between heavy marijuana use and brain damage does exist. My dad was in the medical field for 16 years and worked with one of the richest companies in the world. He worked on Roches multi-million dollar labratory system across the U. Most people are in denial about what was taken from them by pot… just like being circumcised at birth. Most people dont know how to cycle caffeine, they need their 3 cups a day to survive etc.

Nicotine on its own is a great nootropic, either with gum, patch, vape, or swedish snus. But it comes at a cost — it is habit forming.

The point is to recognize the substances that are actually performance enhancing. Marijuana sucks, and the way most people consume it sucks. It is a great adaptogen which is helpful in the modern environment of stress.

Funny how soldiers actually in war never seem to have PTSD, they only seem to have it when they sit in their bedrooms all day. They have too much time on their hands and they overthink.

Drugs like MDMA do not heal that, activity heals it. Maybe its society and not them. Pot lowers Testosterone as well as having links to Erectile Dysfunction like cigarettes. My observations are similar to yours. I also see it that people use it as some sort of escaping from reality because it is easier to just get high when you are a boring loser without a life than to take action.

I have read a lot of stuff on this topic and if there are benefits like enhanced creativity, for example, I would personally only use it after the age of 25 to avoid any potential brain damage when young and only very, very sparely, like once every couple of months and only as a TOOL. Who knows if it actually can work as a tool with benefits. Your reasoning that weed actually leads to these problems in the first place sounds very plausible, too.

Thank you for this. Give me a break. They give you their phonebook-long list of conspiracy theories and other non-sense on why it is illegal and why it should be legal. While never addressing the true issue, weed is BAD for you.

I love these articles, attack them at their core, their precious addiction. Wrong, people who smoke weed do it regularly at least weekly. Anything and everything is addictive and if you do not have emotional control you will become a degenerate no matter the vice. This is why I laugh at the sXe crew. They have swapped out drugs for another destructive habit: So now collectivism is their drug.

If you absolutely have to smoke a joint, do it to relax when you have nothing better to do. This is why Vic is the man. Keeping it real and spreading truth. Theres so many areas where you hit home, too many for me to reiterate.

I will attest to when I used in highschool because of my brother, most of the time after about the first times smoking, it did nothing but:.

The mind is highly intoxicated under the influence of marijuana and you CANNOT function normally socially with people as your brain is in an entire different fucked dimension.

They have already done the MRI scans on marijuana addicts, and they have done the studies and vast research… Their is a common denominator with these heavy addicts and brain damage.

Id say this is the one and probably biggest demonic lie the media and the devil medical and pharmaceutical cult keep hidden and swept under the rug. Hey man, your site is great! I have a question: Smoked weed on and off for 20 years although normally bake with it to avoid the smoking part.

I have a well paying job plus a part time business and am more ambitious than ever. I have a family and exercise daily. Weed does not make you a loser, nor does it rob you of ambition. In the last 20 years while using pot a lot I have: I see weed as spiritual gift.

I smoke just once in a year alone in dark room for introspection, insights and new perceptions. If you use thc after a certain age, I think it was 23 them it is safer as it does not affect your brain development so much. THC can reduce ambition and drive but at the same time increase creativity and allow for subconscious thoughts to enter your conscious mind. If used in moderation for a specific purpose thc might be ok, e. What are you thoughts on Joe rogan then?

What is your opinion? Joe Rogan is great until he gets high, then he turns dumb. Hi Victor You really got me thinking with this one. You are correct, marijuana destroys ambition. While there have been a few great artists whose creativity has been enhanced by drugs, that has usually been at the cost of highly disrupted and difficult personal lives.

It is very clear that a more ambitious society is a better society. But our world looks for the quick fix, valuing immediate pleasure over building long term results. Challenging that bad hedonistic mentality is itself reason to discourage if not prohibit dangerous mind-altering drugs. The dilemma on prohibition is that we allow the popular vices of drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

It is not clear either that the illegal drugs are worse than them, or that banning drugs is the best way to curtail their use. Maybe let the losers make their own bad decisions, as long as most people have access to good information about the dangers, as you present here. The best way to curtail drug use is to have public discussion of the problems you raise here, with clear simple advice from respected role models like you.

Unfortunately, that discussion is often mocked by the political and cultural left morons, and sensible clean living has the image of being mainly restricted to isolated conservative pockets, and does not get much coverage in the media. The important life-changing advice you convey here is even portrayed as the views of an isolated puritan. People speaking out against drugs get treated like killjoys, severe destroyers of simple pleasures. The truth is that living clean produces far more pleasure and benefit over the long term than drug use.

It is partly the ability to achieve to your potential, creating a life of stability and wealth and productivity. There is a moral question here, about the value we place on discipline, and how heavily we discount future success compared to current pleasure. Your Thirty Days of Discipline is a great shock therapy for anyone who is turning into a lazy slob. Not using drugs just to get high is part of the same disciplined mentality, looking to long term results.

The discipline of focussed physical and mental suffering through pain is the only way to cross a higher threshold of achievement.

Endurance builds character and determination. Ingesting marijuana in any form will only harm your discipline and focus, and turn you into a weakling with no will power. I used to smoke weed in high school. I could tell what kind of weed I was getting just by smelling it. You know, weed makes you feel really good most of the time. There was nothing better than going back to the dorms after school and roll one. God, I hated my life so much. My only problem with weed was that it made me lazy.

So, after a while, I realised if I only put a very small amount of it in a cigarette, I could still get high and something amazing happened. It made me motivated. Weed in small quantity makes one motivated even for very monotonous jobs. Then something horrible happened. When I was high only a bit, I felt motivated, but being deprived of it I felt depressed and would lie in bed all day.

It became obvious weed only temporarily solved my problems and I could instantly quit. They care only about a solution to their problems, not the cause of them.

First times can be awkward, especially if the girl is inexperienced, and having an orgasm while high is amazing, so after a session while being high, usually the girl wants more.

Victor this is my issue. Along with other party drugs and LSD. I used to consume pot like a smoker goes through a pack-a-day, seriously, fellas.

I think you guys get the picture. Pot was the number 1 reason my 20s were flushed down the toilet. It made me LAZY and worse then that, never give me the right of mind to set a clear goal.

Instead, I floated around in community college for 5 years. I sat in my apartment, smoked pot, played Xbox and watched porn. And pot is very addictive and a pain in the ass to quit. Between school, building my credit score, buying a house, graduating from college and finding the right job, it took my 4. I now HATE pot, it will destroy your life potential.

I suffer from PTSD and weed has had a tremendously positive impact on my life. I smoke every day and I have never been happier. Going to smoke some weed? Uncle Vic i love this post i bought your new book Vol1 and its amazing, red monkey is amazing to for business and social situations! Want to know why? I wasted about 3 years smoking that goddamn bullshit. I could have already created an online business kicking ass, bullying the weaklings at the gym and throwing hippies in wood chippers but instead I just turned 24 and I find myself being satisfied with fuck all.

I have been cleaned up for about almost a year but I was in the 9th circle of hell for too long I had to find my balls but it only took one day. Delete this comment if you want, but as usual I am going to buck conventional wisdom and stick to scientific facts. Marijuana affects the Hippocampus by increasing the electrical conductivity of the brain or G-factor, the core loop operating system of the brain, and for those with innate schizophrenia the left hemisphere to absorb new knowledge and information into what is already known, it is actually as simple as looking at the the chemical geometric structure of THC as an electrical capacitator, diagram link below.

If you smoke shitty weed, buy weed, or smoke a joint you are doing it wrong, if you smoke marijuana in unhealthy fashion you will increase the mental mucus and that is bad for you. You need to suck the crystals off of the stem, consume it, as well smoke it for the fat to be absorbed in your brain tissue to actually make you smarter much like fish oil. Otherwise you will throw your brain out of balance temporarily without every growing your G-factor. None of these links are mine or provide monetary gain for me, but I hope this finds and helps someone out there.

Lots of losers smoke weed, lots of losers drink beer and coffee, the more refined and unnatural anything you consume the worse for you it is. If you like to consume poison and want to poison your liver and kidneys do it, but recognize the simple electromagnetic effects THC has for the body.

This is the most hilarious thing I read, totally agree with you man blaze weed for life! And yeah no succesful CEOs or athletes enjoy smoking weed right?

I go to the gym six days a week. Have been way more confident, striking conversations with beautiful women. I feel fucking great. I pigged out and ate a bunch of stuff that made me feel sick. I felt like a brain dead zombie and was just mindlessly on my phone for several hours. Mate, please do more of those. I used to smoke and every point you said here is …. The only Problem with weed is that the repercussions are mostly longterm, and it is difficult to notice it over a short period of time loss of Motivation, lower Self-Esteem, Missing opportunities, loosing contact with family and beloved ones, and most importantly loosing Self Discipline.

Weed is a sneaky bitch! Makes you feel relaxed and euphoric and makes you laugh and silly and makes sex even greater and art and music more beautiful and on and on…. I know people who have smoked themselves stupid. I know losers who have never smoked. And I know successful people who are daily or occasional weed smokers like myself. Thanks for such straigh great points!!! Starred this article to read again in future. I am quitting weed myself. That shit sticked too long with me.

Everyday toking is for losers. I might be doing fine on avarage, but to have great health and body and interesting lifestyle… Just forget about it!

Weed is drug and everyday toking is addiction. Btw fuck the average! Become better and better! Thanks for the article again! I have slowed down my rate of smoking immensely and do see a positive change however battle my insomnia is why I sleep sativa and indica hav diffrent bodily and mental effects.

From the desk of Victor Pride Subj: Marijuana actually is bad for you, mmkay — Many times now I have received comments praising the effects of marijuana.

You should get stoned and drop out, man. I will show you the 8 worst effects of marijuana in a moment, but even if you forget the rest of the article, always remember this: How to easily tell if you have a problem with marijuana… If you think you or someone you love is a marijuana addict, use this test. Is marijuana actually medicine? Just like in Denver… Marijuana is legal in the formerly great state of Colorado.

Marijuana use and abuse is an endless cycle. Brain scans showed the cannabis users had significantly blunted dopamine responses compared with the controls who had never taken the drug. Research links marijuana use to mental health problems: The most commonly reported side effects of smoking marijuana are intense anxiety and panic attacks. The people most vulnerable are those who have never used marijuana before. Too often cannabis is wrongly seen as a safe drug, but there is a clear link with psychosis and schizophrenia, especially for teenagers.

A study conducted by researchers from the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology at Dalhousie University investigated the link between cannabis and mental health problems, including depression, suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts , in school students attending four high schools in Canada.

The students were surveyed in grade 10 and The researchers found that heavy cannabis use alone predicted depression, but not suicidal ideation or attempts, among high school students. Read more about the harmful effects of weed here and here. You may also like. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Comments Good Shit Vic. Is the system basically 1. On the right track. Be selfish for real. Good Job Vic by pointing it out to the idiots who get high. Weed will also make you paranoid depending on where you live.

My one and only time of trying this poison was at 17 when I put it in a blueberry muffin.. There is no doubt about it, this shit is vile poison and nothing more, take it from me. And you only get one of those!

Cheers for spreading the word BnD. OK Victor, I can see your mind is closed on the subject, but I respect your opinion. I do Muay Thai and boxing. Hit the gym daily. Have a nice physique. Traveled to over 20 countries. I smoke weed times per month. Just my 2 cents. Roberto, Enjoy the ride. Do you actually say that as if it were an achievement? You could probably be making k a month, had you not been smoking weed.

Or you can invest your time doing the 30 Days of Discipline program. Keep up your amazing work, Victor. You are an inspiration to many men. I know what you mean. You should look into Nikola Tesla and his theory about people with too much muscle mass. Study finds exercise activates our cannabinoid receptors But I guess you guys are allowed to boost yourself with testosterone, steroid and all that crap but weed is the devil. Smoke some and chill out for a minute.

I have to agree on something though, if you spend your day smoking then yes you are a loser. Its all about balance and knowing what works for you. Thanks for doing all of the research on this.

All the best, D. There is BIG money in rehab. Uncle Vic can yell at all the little stoners and make them lift iron to sweat out all the THC. Lol, appreciate the hyperbolic humor but yes, you would. I never smoked weed and I absolutley never will. You are a true full colour artist in this world. Each cannabinoid brings its own profile and effects.

At least in my case, but I was never a lazy ass hole to begin with. I did not use cannabis and then all of a sudden I have scoliosis and pain… I have pain due to scoliosis and the cannabis helped the ailment… You just said leave the cannabis also and the aliment goes away — but the reality the ailment was first, cannabis was introduced to my life, aliment go away.

We are talking about: Go a month without weed. How is your pain? Go another month without weed and also without yoga? Did either actually heal you or did you just pacify your disease? Get a scoliosis x-ray after the two-month mark, did your curve improve? Let me know if your back pain starts creeping back. Masterfully crafted piece that will convert those who can see through the haze. The problem with this article is that it is so black and white.

It flabbergasts me how weed is viewed as harmless. It is one of the worst. The article was well thought out and had sources at the bottom good. If it insults you, well, too bad. Make a point to put it in. Add a note to lifters too. Funny but not backed by any scientific research. Vic, what about Kratom, what is your opinion? So no red monkey then? Speaking of harsh drugs…. Red Monkey is side effect free, that is the great benefit. Have you changed your stance on that?

I do support that premise that you should never drink alcohol. I would like an article on alcohol Vic. Then what do you do for fun Victor? What exactly are you going to achieve by just keep making money? Workaholics are pyschotics too. DR weed does have medical benefits, just not to lazy worthless stoners. My response to this: This article is spot on, people should listen, I know from experience. Great article as always Uncle Vic, My brother and mother smoke weed all the time even together.

You the man, and I applaud you for this article. Great article as usual! So it was good to see you talking about this. All you ever need is to look at the bodies of weed users. Every single one of them. If that is what you want to look like, then go ahead.

And then your problem gets more painful and deeper. As always great writing Vic. Thanks for what you do, bro. To add my 2 cents… I was terribly addicted to weed in my early to mid-twenties, to the point that I no longer even enjoyed it — yet STILL smoked while experiencing terribly painful heart palpitations with each session. So boys…listen to Uncle Vic and flush that green shit down the toilet now. Listen here boys because this is the truth: Weed is for suckers and people who have given up on life.

You always hit the nail where it hurts and where it should hurt. Thanks for writing the best blog on Earth brother. My entire life I hated being around any sort of drugs, even aspirin, coffee etc.. You already know the secret, it does nothing for you and takes everything from you. A lot of religious people believe it opens you up to demon possession.

Ever wonder why alcohol is called spirits? All is as you said it would be. My pot smoking in-law: Hot shit Vic, every guy needs to read this post. Hey Victor, You are right on with this. Listen to Victor, boys. This article is real, true and correct. Thank you for posting. This is a great story Cody. Thank you for sharing it. Here are two examples in my case: This article is about marijuana. Try your best to remember.

Since when is taking drugs a good thing? I truly think you should go all over the country, visiting schools to save the next generation. Marijuana users are notorious liars. Vic, I get that you think you know everything but this claim holds NO scientific truth.

Now… All of the benefits that one can get from weed can also be derived from CBD without any of the psychoactive effects or perceived laziness. I have never smoked weed in my life but probably all the people I know have.

Thanks for the food for thought Victor. I will just stay on my path of no-weed for now. I guess I will rewrite that: I will attest to when I used in highschool because of my brother, most of the time after about the first times smoking, it did nothing but: Those things all equal marijuana now do they? Put down the pipe and get a grip on reality. Ok as a former pothead let me speak from experience. As the most intelligent and talented rapper alive today sang: Im just curious though! Spot on, Victor, You explained it similarly how I always tell it to potheads.

Thank you for explaining this in detail for the masses. And smart guys and gals , take note, and do not use drugs. Thank you Vic for changing me into a better man! I LOVE it when other people around me, particularly other men my age, smoke weed.

It means I have less competition around me and I encourage it. Marijuana affects the Hippocampus by increasing the electrical conductivity of the brain or G-factor, the core loop operating system of the brain, and for those with innate schizophrenia the left hemisphere to absorb new knowledge and information into what is already known, it is actually as simple as looking at the the chemical geometric structure of THC as an electrical capacitator, diagram link below https: I just threw all my weed and smoking things in the dumpster.

There are exceptions to every rule. I say — everything in moderation. Makes you feel relaxed and euphoric and makes you laugh and silly and makes sex even greater and art and music more beautiful and on and on… I know people who have smoked themselves stupid. Some people can do it. Hey Vic, Thanks for such straigh great points!!! Trackbacks […] For 2 months I smoked weed every day.

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Indian girls raised in the U. For some reason, Indian girls in the U. Despite their wealthy, cushy upbringings, Indian girls almost always become ardent feminists, swallowing the cultural Marxist program whole. SJWs like Beejoli Shah , who invent stories about being raped , are representative of the average Indian girl and the noxious ideological soup she bathes in. In particular, Indian mothers control their sons with guilt trips and shame , which is why so many of them become sackless weaklings and Indian Race Trolls.

Iamges: why you should never pay for online dating

why you should never pay for online dating

I married a Colombian, who is of Christian Arab decent. He was literally a zombie. When coming back to America lived here for 12 years and observing how dating and marriages in my own culture is very different then it was overseas with both couples was a real culture shock.

why you should never pay for online dating

Whether they grow up on a farm, in the city, poor or rich, they just have an air of sophistication about them.

why you should never pay for online dating

But back to the matter at hand, I started looking at women in public places and realized that they were mostly far more attractive than anything that was vating up in my OK Cupid or plenty of fish or any of the other sites. You can grow and harvest the stuff to make paper, rope, fabric, fuel ect for a fraction of the time and price it takes using other why you should never pay for online dating. I smoked weed once 5 years ago when a pothead friend and his gf decided to get me high. He finds me attractive. So get over yourselves guys. I believe the mix of cultures makes the relationship fun and sometimes complement one another. Back to top Home News U.