Worthless men and the women who make them

Worthless men and the women who make them

worthless love dating a married man

I thought one of my new friends was cute, and after a lot of help from third parties, we started to date. No one said dating a married man was wrong. I am not sure how I let myself get in this situation. Everyone makes mistakes, I am no better than someone. Below are just a few examples of ways to keep your secret love affair a secret: Online Dating in Paducah for Free. I agree with you on divorce if your not happy.

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Couples all over the globe give up on their marriages every year, and they do so needlessly. It's probably just lust. Just Another Instagram by Dan. You only come into the picture when the married person has time to give you at their convienience. He hesitated a few days while we were over and told me later that he had told his wife for the third time he was unhappy and wanted out. His paranoia right now is that his soon to be ex wife will tell his kids dirty details and they will blame him for the divorce.

The married man can deceive you for months, even years, and leave you confused about why there is no commitment. You need to understand that he can only be a minute part of your life. He will never be more than that. You need to have a life that works and that is full enough to withstand the pain of the eventual breakup. If he is living this deception today, can you trust him if you get into a legitimate relationship?

Take into account that you only know what he tells you. Nearly the same goes for dating a married woman. It can never work out and eventually leads to frustration and heartbreak! This can be a very happy and healthy relationship. This load of Drivel sound like a bible thumping blast from someone who got burned. I really wonder which Bible you are reading or which one you have heard of that supports your statement. You might think you are happy dating a married man, but he is never really yours to keep.

No one will recognize you a his wife. No one said dating a married man was wrong. Otherwise dump both of them and find a man for yourself. Would you counsel them as to how to make such a relationship work?? Or would you tell them to put an end to it, perhaps because it violates the integrity of the marriage and the vows shared??

Why on earth would you want to date a married man or woman? There is no substitute for what the Good book says its wrong. Thing is, no one is judging the people who date married men. Dating a Married Man. November 28, at 8: January 4, at He feels shameful that they will judge him. But most devastating is that he feels his kids will hate him. Seems like as his divorce nears hes having doubts about us and is scared. All the while ive been trying to take steps to ensure we support one another thru his loss.

Long story short, if he really loves you he will want to move mountains to get there. It hurts because I feel used and that hes not fighting enough to try. This article, as well as many of the comments here, are making a lot blank statements, false assumptions, and over generalization about these type of situations. A man can leave his wife and not his kids. Where do you people get this idea that wife and kids is a bundle of some sort. Actually, most relationships go nowhere.

Women can date countless men, jump from relationship to relationship and never find their prince. Why then just single out affairs with married men then? From failed relationships with single men! The comparison between the married man and hypothetical single man is simply a false comparison. Let me get this straight, are you seriously comparing the woes of dating single men sans attachment, ring, promise, and children with dating married guys who cheat on their wives?

I actually like what ADA says here. This post makes a major point. A single, committed man can do the same thing to his girlfriend that a married man can do to a wife.

What would you say an unmarried man with kids cheating on his girlfriend? Same as a married man doing it. Attachments, rings and promises mean nothing in this day and age. Well, that would be because of people who are willing to become involved emotionally or physically or both with someone who is already married.

It always starts with inappropriate words: You must not have kids if you think life will be the same with them whether you are with the mom or not. That is a very ignorant statement.

Secondly, there is no comparison to a failed relationship with a single man.. I can see what you MAY be trying to say about the the bundle thing. I have made the mistake of getting involved with a MM who said he was unhappy in his marriage for many years. I told him we needed to do the right thing and end things between us. He hesitated a few days while we were over and told me later that he had told his wife for the third time he was unhappy and wanted out.

She said she was unhappy too and they agreed to separate and talk about divorce. She blasted him a few days later and confronted him about me. She filed for divorce. He said he felt no regret for leaving the marriage but he does worry about how his kids will take it. He said he thinks the divorce is the best thing for the wife and him. So I guess I was just the escape route he had been waiting for for seven years.

He still sees his kids three days a week at his place. His paranoia right now is that his soon to be ex wife will tell his kids dirty details and they will blame him for the divorce. They are 7 and When he moved out or rather got kicked out, the wife sat with him and the kids and told them that daddy had lied to mommy and made her sad so now he needs to leave.

Theyve been going to counseling since the separation and have a great relationship with him. His fear is that after the divorce is final, what will he say to family and friends?

He says he will have guilt and shame having to say he had an affair and so his marriage ended. He feels his wife will tell everyone its because of that even tho they were both unhappy for years. It takes two in a relationship, so I think he should be upfront about that part. He has a lot of guilt and cannot face telling people the truth.

So even tho we are not together, I cannot even be his friend anymore. So now he is hiding one lie with another lie over another lie. Its a vicious cycle. And the biggest lie he fears is with his kids. Out goes our friendship and in goes more lies. Sorry for the rant, but yes….

I wish him the best. The truth always comes out. So much of what you said happened to me…. I just hope I can a handle on the lack of self esteem that lead me to be vulnerable to him in the first place and NEVER allow me to do this to myself again. It is the single most devastating and humiliating experience I have ever been through. I no choice but to let go, but i met a spell lady priestessifaa yahoo.

I left your spam intact sans the email address because I find this hilarious. So instead of taking some pride in yourself and dropping the loser you go to a mighty sorceress and begged her to put a root on the other woman so that you can have the man… If anybody actually uses your services I feel very sorry for them.

Thanks for the laugh. Found myself in that situation. Guys if you are half decent beings — finish one relationship first before starting another. While he got back up but saying he was used financially makes it easy to get her to spend all the time to proof shes not like the greedy. I then messaged him on a fake profile pretending that I knew him n began flirting he ask to put more pics up tryed to set dates to meet I of course pretend caught him n he begged n cryed N said how ugly ahe was that.

If we know you exist, he is lying to us about you, too. Like the mistress my husband cheated with, he told me he was helping her because she used to be a drug addict she was an old friend. He told me that she had herpes and made it out like she was disgusting and he would never sleep with her. He called her a ho and went on about all the different guys she was sleeping with. It is really kind of sad because he had me feeling so sorry for her, I defended her when he started calling her a ho.

It was really messed up. And also, I was giving him plenty of good sex. So they can be seen how they want to be seen, rather than how they really are. It almost always comes crashing down, when the right thing to do would be to work with your spouse and fix your problems BEFORE you take them to someone else. Because he is using you. Nothing about any of it is real. My husband picked his mistress over me. Hi Lou, I think your experience is the exception, rather than the rule though.

I also think this new relationship your husband is unlikely to work as its built out of mistrust. That mistrust will come up again at some point.

But I am better because of it. If he cheated to get her, he will cheat on her. He may have changed partners but he is still the same. I want a particular married man and I know he likes me. But I cannot get this other man out of my mind. If he were to ever give in, I would just melt in his arms. Sounds horrible, but true. Take an anti depressant. I will kill the euphoria and libido. Only heart aches awaits you if you move forward with this relationship.

A lot of men think toooooo loooowwww of women when they try to make single respected women their mistress….. I am yet to recover, though a year has passed. And the nature of the beast is such that recovering with friends and family is ruled out and I have to live in the same part of town where every street is painted with some memory. This article comes with a strong assumption that the end goal of any relationship a single woman gets into should be marriage, or long term commitment.

People have found different reasons for dating across board, most of them we may not find noble from our perspective, but believe me, they are needful. All other impressions are mere sentiments. As a single girl, no law protects you differently whether your partner is single or not.

Know what is good for you, clearly spell out what you intend to achieve or gain from a relationship to enable you get to your dream next level. If the man or woman cannot offer it, then move to the next one.

If sexual faithfulness is our yardstick for measuring successful relationship, then we fail, perhaps why America continuously fails. Couples stay together in developing countries despite polygamy and many cases of sexual infidelity, because they focus on the needful.

I hope it turns out well.. You are in a sad situation. My question to you is, when has he done this before? Was it before you married him? Raise your standards and show her it is not acceptable. Chances are, if he has a relationship on the side 7 months into your marriage, what will he be doing after 10 years?

Am begining to love him that much but the fact that he is married tears me apart because i do not want to date a married man. The only advice i can give u is to mentally prepare to be hurt because it will all end in tears, ur man is being very selfish by not choosing between the two of u as is mine, in a way maybe we should be more strong and delete their numbers and erase them from our lives, easier said than done tho hey?

It is easier said than done from a bystander with lack of knowledge of a situation and very easy to criticize. I have been in a situation for about 9 months now where a married man has fallen in love with me. He knows this and understands but has no intention of giving me up. He thinks I am his soul mate. At this point, he has 2 choices. He stays married and we stay friends or he gets divorced. I honestly love him, as well, and thought he was just lusting at first but now I think differently.

I am seeing someone else but would leave him in a heartbeat if my friend ever got a divorce. So why would you drop your man in a heartbeat for this man who is cheating? You think the cheating ends with you huh? I do feel sorry for you. All of you hoes need to get a life all you are is the 2nd lady does that make you feel good.. I am a wife of a man whos cheating we have problems like all couples but stillvery much in love we talk about thinks other than the kids and have sex everyday hes just a man thats it the woman new he was married and didnt walk away what does that say about her dirty….

U said she was desperate enough to get pregnant! Um hiw about your husband slept with her raw enough and got her pregnant! Hell always cgeat on uou. Youll always blame the other girl and you sound slow. Please leave him along, and go on with your life. Know did it for 5year… wast of times years past by for me to fine love.

You just went through hurt and pain. If you get involved with this married man trust you will be walking yourself down a road to experience more hurt and pain. If you love him and he loves you then tell him when and only when you divorce will I consider being with you. Even tho there are cheaters from both sexes, it seems that men cheat more with single women. Can some married men chime in here and give us your prospective? I am currently having an affair with a married man and I would love to hear some insight.

We eventually decided to just be friends and we remained so for many years, sharing deepest secrets with one another, and helping each other through different stages in life.

He eventually married and had 3 children, and I had a daughter. I met his wife when they were still dating and they both invited me to their wedding, although I declined. We lost touch for about 4 years. We recently reunited about 6 months ago. I had just gone through a horrific break-up, and I learned that his marriage was in shambles. We began talking daily, then daily turned into all day everyday!

He convinced me to meet up with him. He came to my place and I knew then that our connection had moved beyond that of just friends. He looked better than I remembered, we were both more mature, and more attracted to each other than ever before. We met up a few more times, and eventually the inevitable happened: The emotional connection and the forbidden aspect of the affair added to the actual 4-star performance left me utterly weak.

After the sex, I felt incredibly guilty as a woman, mother, etc. Why not just put everything on the table?? I would never do this without his consent, but I know eventually, this will end badly for one of us anyway. We love each other having reconnected after 38 years. We were high school sweethearts. We have not had sex since reconnecting. We are both married. I want a divorce.

He wants to wait for the wife to leave him because he is too afraid to leave and worries about losing respect de his children. It is frustrating doe both of us. I recommend you seek a reading from a psychic.

And Possibly engage in a spell. Do not ever call him again but cheerfully take all his calls. Tell him you love him. It will become clear to you if this relationship will ever be possible. I personally would limit the relationship to phone calls and FaceTime. Try to grow the relationship with just that. The axe is damaging to the soul if you are not married to eachother bg ong to the soul. I believe you do love him and cared for him even before and he the same for you at one time or another.

I believe you both just did what you wanted to years ago and found a reason to do it now. That right there is key to me that he is lying to you and still loves and is in love with his wife. You are his side chick. You are wrong to think that you should reveal what you and he are doing to his wife.

How would she not? She is his wife they have a bond and connection that will allow her to know. Stop the affair and go date single men. You are looking at your past and what you and this man had together and how you felt back then and you are using and bringing those past feelings into what you have done today to make it feel some kind of right because you are trying to recapture a memory a feeling of what once existed between you two.

That was 17 years ago. So now you have sex today exactly what you wanted 17 years ago but never did do. Trust you need to move on and start dating single men and let this man go back to his wife and work out their problems and tell him when he has divorced his wife then come look you up.

He will never divorce her. All you are going to do is leave a whole lot of pain in your path. You must have been cheated on by your husband and I feel sad for you. The man who does the lying and cheating is truly the cause of the entire situation. Again, the husband initiates the outside fling. That is, IF they even tell you they are married.

At the end of the day, it gripes my ass that the wife normally gets mad at the other woman, but gives her husband a pass. And, then when he finally tells her, she has been swept away in all the bliss and lies thinking he will leave his wife. How about when a single woman keeps pursuing a married man? What if she is so proud of it? Yes the husband is cheating but what about these women who will keep doing it?

What if the girl just came up to him and started kissing him. What if she proudly admits this? Im in a similar situation involved with a married man i met him when I was 15 and he was 26 now I am 20 and he is nearly I try to keep away but Its just not working.

If I move on with any other single guy Id feel hurt and emptiness n lost well thats wt married man says. In his eyes if i be the good little side kick i will benefit and have him. Do not comment if your going to judge. He has no control over what you do or decide to do with your life. You are giving and allowing him the control. Until you are strong and willing to move on you will continue to be his side chick. One day you will come to the realization that you have wasted years with a man who is not yours and probably will never be yours.

You will realize and probably say what was I thinking all those years. He has the best of both worlds. No life in that honey. Whenever and however it does ends trust you heart will ache and you will cry for days because you love him and have built your world around him and his lies.

He has used words to keep you there as his side chick. He has manipulated your mind. I have been married for 19 years and together longer. I found out my husband was cheating on me with a coworker mostly long phone calls and lots of text messages!

He never went out on weekends or stayed out at night. When I found out I was devastated that he was not even the person I thought he was! I would have respected him more if he would have left me first before he cheated. I stayed with him because he is trying so hard to be a better husband. We go out on date nights and have gone away on vacations at couples resorts and have had the best sex ever and are more in love than we were for a very long time! Personally I feel destroyed, low self esteem very anxious and I have had some melt downs.

I think anyone that goes out with a married man is a stupid fool who thinks nothing of themselves! Truly you would only get hurt and I have to say in my younger days it would have been worse and I would have never stayed and he would have been left with nothing. We have all forgiven him but not really!

So to the other woman you have ruined a family in so many ways and I can only hope that in the turmoil we can grow! It takes two to tangle and put the blame where it belongs. You married women crack me up with that bull. Always ready to blame the other woman instead of your cheating unhappy husband. Why do women always remove themselves from the equation? Absolutely, marriage is between a husband and a wife. However, that does not negate your awful behavior.

You do not owe anything to that woman but you owe yourself some respect. Wives blame their husbands and these husbands have to endure years of drama in am attempt to mend their marriage.

So they get much more blame than the other woman. If you were unhappy, chances are he was too. Sounds like he is really remorseful about it and trying his utmost best to make up for it but you wont let it go.

You are licking the cream from the saucer but still determined to pour bitter venom into every aspect of this event sort of as a wound you dont want healed because it serves you to play victim. Get some professional help or you will destroy whatever is left of a marriage that yout hubby is trying his best to make up to you with. Do you not know how he is suffering too? That pain has absolutely no power whereas yours, yours has a payback. Do yourself a favour and learn what it means to forgive because only you are holding onto a poison inside that will slowly kill you, him, the marriage….

It is worthless love. Never mind that he lied about everything and I believed him. The town I live in is misogynistic and being a woman who was involved with a married man requires a scarlet letter. Never mind that I had no idea the reality. Your guard has to be up constantly. Not just men, all people. My liar happened to be a man and he crushed me in the end. Going through that now and I cry everyday. I am absolutely heartbroken. It has changed the core of me, my beliefs and my sense of self.

I have 3 amazing kids and have been divorced for 10 years. I dedicated my life to them. They started pressing me to date I met this creep who decided to lie to me for 10 mos about being married and when i doubted him he did really great at trying to make me think I was crazy. I am beyond words.

I lock myself in my closet and cry daily and it just wont stop. The lies, mind games, even met all his brothers.. I am a mom of 3 and I am so hurt, so humiliated. I have been divorced 11 years, same thing. My kids are my life. Crying in front of them. Lost total sense of self. Shaking from the inside out and tears that wont stop. He played so many mind games with me he was making me think I was crazy for not trusting him. How could he do that to me, her, himself? My kids also wanted me to start dating.

I finally had no choice but to expose it to get over this. Its tearing me up in every way. I am hurt, he is hurt and I am quite sure his wife and child is hurt.

I cannot function for the pain. I have called my pastor for help and I am breathing as much as I can. I feel guilt for what i have done to her.

But like you he lied. I guess my purpose now is to find out how and why I was so easily deceived. He knew about my x husband and the abuse i suffered as a result and totally used that against me to make me feel crazy and like I was broken. Please pray for me for this overwhelming sadness and broken heart to ease up just a little. My ribs are sore from the crying and my heart just aches.

And I still miss him. I miss the lies and broken promises. Blame your husbands, not the other woman! Being a mistress is frustrating, degrading, confusing, lonely, and the dishonesty is overwhelming. Women are smart, but our emotions always get the best of us…and they can truly cause us to self destruct in these situations. Sit back and think about how scummy a disloyal married man is.

Why would you even want that garbage? I too am guilty of being the mistress.. He never promised me anything. Never said he was leaving her. Although, he said he was unhappy. I never got dates or flowers or gifts, not even on a special occassion.

But in his conversations he led me to believe that I was important to him. He couldnt understand why he hadnt met me sooner. He was the sweetest kindest thing. We saw each other about once a month and that was me practically begging him. I feel like such a doormat. I bought him gifts. And for some reason I cant bare the thought that he wont want to be with me. I am in the same situation except i work with the man and we often see each other outside of work but only for sex.

No perks, no dates. I too feel like such a doormat bc i also treat him to gifts and i hate it. Many times i have tried to move forward by dating and meeting other people. Ive even tried online dating to get out of my comfort zone in hopes of liking someone else. The thought of him finding another side girl also bothers me for some reason, i hate it.

Its become an addiction. Call it what you want. Completely empathize with you! Many women are pathetic. If the man you want is married go get him or leave him alone and go settle for someone else. A woman sleeping with a married man is not the issue. Same thing can happen with a single man. Been there, seen it. I am a 65 year old widow.

When I was 31 I started an affair with a younger man by 7 years. I had 2 children. It lasted for 13 years and in between he was married, divorced and then remarried and had a daughter who is now a teenager.

I saw him after she was born maybe once or twice. Then 4and a half years ago my husband died, the guy heard, called me and after a few months started seeing each other. He is clearly happy with his life, but continues to regularly phone and visit when it is very safe for him. He makes the calls and I only call if I miss the call. I never call him. Everything is very safe for him. I am feeling a lot stupid.!!!!

He is a long haul truck driver…. I am still fighting for my life and now my world has been turned on its head. My kids are almost adults and they no longer respect their father. Her husband is his bestfriend… he doesnt know about anything. They have also been married for over 20yrs.

Just at a loss for words. I fell out of love and no matter hoe hard i try i can never love him the way i did before. Wished he had the balls to at least end our marriage before screwing someone else.. I know in my heart he was happy with me and we had a great family now why would he do such thing and now regrets it and wants our family to be whole again..

Women do it too. Either way it hurts. When she was 26 and single, he was 41 married with kids. She, a dietician right ou of university. He was an accomplished Endocrinologist. They had to work together and it happened for five years til she decided to go back to university to get her MBA. Distance and time kept them apart for almost 10 years but when she moved back closer, there he was looking to have her back. She was basically his whore. I discovered all this after we had been together for nearly five years and had a child together.

Who wins and who loses here? All in all I feel pretty crappy about it. You sound like a chump. Who c ares what she did before you?!?!?!? You think she was an innocent virgin? I do not need to be judged by strangers who do not know me. I always find myself being the other woman, whether it is intentional or not. But I ended up becoming very emotionally involved with one guy who had a girlfriend, we started off as friends nothing more, but suddenly we became something more.

This went on for 3 years, his girlfriend found out and they broke up twice but no matter how hard we both tried we kept gravitating towards each other. Now recently … I ended up sleeping with a married man and I just feel no emotion about it, not even guilt. Seems like no one wants to get to know me.

Just some insight would be nice. I know what I am, and like i said I feel no emotion about it. I recently met a man who I thought was perfect. I tried, but found myself going back to him. You are always the other woman because you do not see your own value.

You are worth more than you believe. I have the same problem. Welcome to hell on earth for your bleeding heart. I do not see my own value yet to people around me I seem so together and grounded.

And if I am cheated on? What does that reveal about me. Life reflects whether you like it or not. Time to brush off the details that are just distractions and truly ask your higher self for guidance. From what I can tell, you offer men your companionship and body without first requiring their devotion and commitment to you. People like to say nowadays that waiting to be physically intimate is old fashioned and passe, but women of older generations understood men in a way that women today do not.

You need to filter these men according to their intentions toward you. Getting involved and then wondering where it might go is no way to be. If, instead, you first wait to see if they are after you for something serious, whether they will wait because they are truly into you and not just what gratification you can offer them in the moment, you will soon see that those who are just after a good time will remove themselves from your life and those who are about more than that will stick around.

Well unaware as I was at the time, I married a serial cheater. He appeared for so many years to be my perfect match, but lied to me from the get go. When we were both in our mid thirties with three fast growing daughters, the sob cheated on me again, having an affair with a woman in her early twenties who was the mother of a seven and a half year old son.

All I know at that time was that my husband started behaving badly towards me, as he had done once during our engagement period. I put that down to the cold feet syndrome, and he came back to me a month later.

Of course he stopped me from leaving by throwing all my packing onto the floor, smashing a wardrobe door with his fist. Later the cheating started again via the Internet for nine long years. In that time the sex slowed down to silch, and I became sicker. You see some time previous my husband had infected me and I landed up with PID and well the rest is history.

Still it was only when I finally caught him having cybersex did I realise what my husband really was. My Deep Love for him absolutely blinded me to the truth of it. They manipulate and control their spouses with their filthy black hearts. Any woman that takes on a married man, needs to be pitied for her self esteem is most of the time, really low.

She will take what ever attention she can get, and to hell with the wife and family of her new man. Men rarely leave their wives for the bit on the side. I should know as my husband stayed with me for almost fifty years while he led a double life.. The man does not know how to give True Love to another. We started as friends about three years ago. I knew he was married and I let him know I would not get involved because I respect the institute of marriage. But as I learned more about him I realized that he was in a marriage that he never wanted in the first place.

He just never got out of it when he should have. Now it would be even more complicated than our relationship. I struggle every day with loving him. I have no right to. He tells her where he is when he is with me. I have to make the decision to end it. I deserve to be treated better. I know it will be painful but it will end soon because I will end it. Maybe I have thought having him sometimes is better than not at all. Boy was I wrong. I understand how you feel believe me it will be one of the hardest things that you have to do.

But it is worth you giving yourself a chance. I found out that the guy that I was with was married by doing a background check on him. You have NO idea what goes on in the home. This guy keeps going on me. You dont know im talking about. And it is VERY common. Never once have we went from one woman to another and then bragged on this trash.

Look at your language…you are clearly hurt by something or someone. Apparently time has not healed all wounds. I am sick for telling the truth. You only know what they tell you. Yes it is nasty, do you not see all the pathetic comments from people on this thread? And which one of you men would brag about that nasty shit?! I am hurt, nasty, immature whatever you wanna call it. You must not know this world. I find it funny that women like you will destroy a man or woman who cheats while married, but have nothing to say about women and men who begin having sex at Truth is …Marriage is a tax break, not some bs holy matrimony.

Well I guess almighty Jesus forgives all…. I absolutely never said that a single or dating woman who sleeps with multiple men are respectable. I am talking about cheating. Everyone makes mistakes, I am no better than someone. All I am saying is that clearly people all on this thread are hurting themselves! And then expect something else! My entire rant was about respecting yourself and others. Men cheating on women, women cheating on men, all of that nonsense. Yes we make mistakes but we cannot keeps making these bad choices and expecting GOOD to come out of it.

I know people cheat. Would you like your daughter to be sleeping with him? Even if she made that mistake I seriously doubt that you would encourage her to continue that life. Again I am saying to stop the nasty behavior. The fact that people cheat? But we can move on from it right? Yes if we rectify our behavior.

What sense does it make to keep cheating? Would it be okay if your wife was doing it? Or just have an open relationship. At least that way everyone is in the know and thus they are agreeing to take the risk of increased STDs.

But again, you respected your side chick and she was trustable. Like I said some side chicks are sleeping with other men too and who knows who THEY are sleeping with? Wow I cant believe you so called adults now a days! Also how much time did you leave in between your cheating until you went back? How many hours or days in between women is enough for it to not matter anymore? What kind of soap did you use? Did cleaning yourself actually help anyone feel better? But go ahead with that nasty shit.

I hope your side ho was faithful. No wonder this world has so many sexually transmitted diseases. Men and women both. Or was it an open relationship?

Why tell her to hurt her? And usually she was sleep when i got home and I cleaned up in the morning. While you were out getting your side action she could have too! You wanted some new ass, maybe she did too.

While you were out there cheating leaving Her by herself she could have found a man to do the same thing. You tell her so that she can decide whether she wants to be involved in that or not. It was good talking to you. Again I hope that your wife will never do that to you, and if she does please forgive her. So why did you comment?

Damn yall dudes are so butt hurt about the truth. If you had read my post before this one, I was telling a guy how we should stop this behavior and he tried to insult me because I was telling things that happen and things nasty ass people will do to be spiteful. A lot of girls do it but go ahead keep, fooling yourselves.

No wonder there is so much HIV in our community. HIV is rapid in black community due to black women. You all open your legs for any random stray. Look in the mirror you disgusting beast.

And thank yourself for destroying the Black community. Married for 6 years, been together with my husband for I have three children, all by him.

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Guess we actually DO have something in common when voicing our thoughts on messy bitter women…Yo.. This is so true…Relationship with a married man is unbelievable. Yea its the I love you, I never loved her, cant leave bc of the kids, but yet he calls and lets her know he is okay, etc…if he didnt care about her he wouldnt call her he would call and check on his kids. And YES they have sex with their wives…does one actually think they are gonna live in the same house and not speak for months on end, or lay in the same bed with out rolling over and touching one another…Its a hurtful game……..

You do deserve to be treated better. But you are not allowing yourself to be free so you can do that! What if he did leave his wife and married you, will you have as much sympathy for the next woman when you call him and he tells you where he is with her?

Why is it okay for you but not anyone else. Love yourself, there is someone out there who can love you without giving you so much pain at the same time!

This is a really helpful and realistic post. Life is NOT a reality show. Those shows are all scripted after all, and you cannot force real love from the black hole of a dead, divided heart spitting up from an already dead soul union.

New things are new and not made from mistakes-not orchestrated by human manipulations and control! Do not be foolish!! We are not television-okayyy, people?

If you end up figuring it out they will bully you so they can keep their lie a secret while using you as the patsy. This is not fiction. Nothing is ever, ever, ever all about just one person. You, or me, or of any of whomever will read this post. It has not lasted long, in fact, it hardly had started. I somehow foresee how the few days I have experienced will grow into a sad and heavy procession of weeks and months when I will have to put on hold my feelings, desires and dreams.

It is obvious, there is no future, because he is not free. He can give me most wonderful moments, but they will be like rolling bids without a string. I have been seeking for help, support, promising signs that together we will make it work, but really our connection hasbeen coming down to mine and may be his dreams, understanding and acceptance of the situation, but not changing it. And it is HE who can change the situation and bring the freedom for true relationship to flourish.

I can only wait. There are two ways to wait: I have been married once. We have a son, we were not happy.

I asked my husband to leave and he did, never coming back. Later I wanted each one of us to be free, so I asked for divorce by mutual agreement on which he agreed. So, HE can do the same if he is not happy and wants a change.

Iamges: worthless love dating a married man

worthless love dating a married man

We get one life mate, one life, let your wife find someone who she deserves, we all have to hurt people some times, and sometimes it has to be done because you love her and want that for her. So, I told him ,it was a very personal matter and it would affect our relationship so I preferred to tell him in person.

worthless love dating a married man

Today, these types of musings are more about trying to understand and to be compassionate, rather than bemused scoffing. He never went out on weekends or stayed out at night. Why then just single out affairs with married men then?

worthless love dating a married man

So far he is still here but I fear every day he will leave… my advise? I dedicated my life to them. I finally required a bra. I was married for 20 plus years. Why then just single out affairs with married men then? Thanks so much for reading Blonde.