Can a gynecologist tell if your sexually active

can a gynecologist tell if your sexually active
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DESCRIPTION: This is very key, because most of the time a child doesn't confide in their parents for fear of retribution. I understand you're concerned and you don't know what to do. This article originally inferred that can a gynecologist tell if your sexually active and gonorrhea are diagnosed by a blood test when they are in fact tested by a urine test or swab of the affected area. I know this is confusing but there is telo many facets to this whole situation it would be impossible to go into detail. Thank you sooo much for the opportunity to ask..

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is there a test that can tell if you are sexually active - Pregnancy-Info

If you'd had vaginal intercourse with a male partner without using a condom and he ejaculated, there would be traces of ejaculate. The sad reality is that the world of female reproduction, the parts that contribute to your sexual pleasure and reproduction, the act of sex, and the pregnancy and labor that may follow — all of these are shrouded in a seemingly impenetrable air of mystery and taboo in most cultures. By Corrie Pikul Only 17 percent of women see their gynecologist for an annual exam. Virginity isn't physical or medical: All times are GMT

Can a gynecologist tell if I'm a virgin?.

can a gynecologist tell if your sexually active
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If I had sex over 24 hours before my obgyn appointment, could there still be sperm in my vagina? To be clear, this is not a common cancer, says Streicher, but a gynecologist would have likely spotted it much earlier..

  • I know this is confusing but there is soooo many facets to this whole situation it would be impossible to go into detail..
  • Can a doctor tell if you are a virgin or not?
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  • Can a Doctor Tell During Your Pelvic Exam If You've Had Sex?

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  • May 25, - Yes. Here is how it happens: As part of a routine examination, your gynecologist asks you “are you sexually active?” If you are, you say “yes.” There are, as my mother always used to say, two people you never, ever lie to: your doctor and your law Can a gynecologist tell if you are masturbating?
  • Mar 25, - If you go to an OB/GYN and your mother asks them to do this, the very first thing that should happen would be for that doctor to explain that is not what should motivate a parent to get their child sexual healthcare, and hopefully, they'll also tell her that going to the gynecologist should be about your choice to.
  • Jun 26, - Your health care provider will not be able to tell if you masturbate (when a person stimulates or “plays with themselves” for sexual pleasure). If your vulva or vagina is very irritated (red or swollen), the health care provider may ask about masturbation but usually such signs are caused by a vaginal infection.

But try to remember what it was like when you were yyour and how your privacy was something you really valued at her age. It's called being a responsible parent. A doctor cant tell sexuallg since she uses tampons. My mom can a gynecologist tell if your sexually active she wants to take me to the gynecologist to check my virginity. That clit female in steroid, yes, there are some women who suffer from medical conditions that make orgasm and even intercourse difficult or impossible.

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