If you catch your mom cheating

if you catch your mom cheating
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DESCRIPTION: I don't know what to say except be careful about projecting any anger you might have regarding this on other people especially girls or on yourself. The disadvantage is the elephant has to be dealt with. By the way, in many respects, you and if you catch your mom cheating whole family were betrayed also. I think there's catchh big difference between cheating in a long-term marriage and cheating on a boyfriend or girlfriend, and you just nailed it..

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4 Ways to Cope when You Find out Your Parent Is Having an Affair

I would have approached my mother, and told her that I am in a very uncomfortable position due to her actions, and I would like her to fix it. The entire point is that it is up to the dad to decide if he wants outside support, its not up to OP. Wait - your parents are sleeping in separate rooms and have been for 5 weeks? I don't think so. She will likely beg op to keep it a secret. I have no idea how many partners they have or might have had after that.

Please Remember To Remain Kind and Civil.

if you catch your mom cheating
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Certainly should never consider doing anything rashly, having just found out about this and acting in the heat of emotion. If he reconciles, he loses respect all around..

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  • Mar 16, - Someone recently was at a club on Lagos Island, just as he was getting off his car, he spotted someone very familiar and was sure his eyes wasn't playing a trick on him, so he got off quickly and followed behind them and behold, his something years old – STRICT dad was with a young lady barely his.
  • Jul 4, - I don't know if I have the courage to ask her again and I am afraid of what she would say. Also I know that must people cheat on their marriage but this is being going on for 4 years and that's what scares me, also I don't want to tell my mom that I know because I'm afraid of what would happen. I don't want.
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Was your mom stay at home? Maybe not the one you want. The children themselves could be yoru by their peers for having parents with a non mainstream lifestyle. Op will feel like shit. Any form of abuse is not permitted.

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